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mand the southern army, 72. ad- the protestant association to those
vances towards Camden, 97, his measures which proves introduc-
general orders at Clermont, 99. tory to the most extraordinary
marches and unexpectedly meets rising3 in London and Westmin-
the British army under lord Corn- ter, iii, 88. he is taken and com-
wallis, 101, engages the British, mitted to the tower, 92. tried
and is defeated, 102. proceeds to and acquitted, 184.
Hillsborough, 106. his broken Grafton, the duke of, suddenly
troops retreat to Salsbury, 108. quits administration, ii. 48.
his exertions in favour of the re- Grasse, count de, engages Sir
lics of his unfortunate army, 114. Samuel Hood, iii. 220, arrives in
these are reinforced, 115. he re- the Chesapeak, and afterwards
ceives private information of con- engages Graves, 251, sails for
gress's having appointed an officer the West Indies, 262, attacks
to supersede him, 121. removes Hood, 284, engages Rodney, 306,
his head quarters to Charlotte, engages hiin afresh, is defeated
and surrenders the command of and taken, 303. lands at Ports-
the army into general Greene's mouth, 312.
hands, 123. meets with a polite Graves, admiral, engages de
return from Greene, 124. Grasse, iii. 251. .

Generals Howe, Clinton and Greene, general, addresses ge-
Burgoyne, arrive at Boston, i. neral Washington, i. 367. takes

the command of the southern ar-
George, the Royal, is lost, iii. my, iii. 124. he disapproves of

the censure passed upon Gates by
Georgia settled, i. 70. accedes congress, 125. the embarrassment
to the general association of the attending his command, 156. his
twelve colonies, 387. 383. at- answer to lord Cornwallis's letter,
tacked by the British troops, Sa- 157. separates his forces through
vannah, the capital, taken, and necessity, 158. sends Lee's parti-
the state subdued, ii. 404. zan corps to surprize Georgetown,

Germaine, lord George, extracts 160. forms a light army and mar-
from his letters, iii. 200. che; with the main army for the
· Gibraltar invested by the Span. Dan, 166. crosses it, 167. he
iards, ii. 450. relieved by Rod- recrosses the Dan, 169. marches
ney, iii. 82. by Darby, 184. 185. to Guilford court-house, and pre-
tremendous torrents of fire disc pares for action, 173. is attacked
gorged on the fortress, from the by Cornwallis, and forced to re-
Spanish artillery, and returned by treat, 174. pursues his lordship
general Elliot, 184. the stupen- to Deep river, 176. marches to
dous works erected against it, de- South Carolina, 189. is attacked
stroyed, 271. the grand attack, by lord Rawdon near Camden and
339. the battering ships set on obliged to retreat, 190. proceeds
fire by red hot balls from the for- to Ninety-Six, and besieges tlie
tress, 340. the captain with his garrison under col. Cruger, 195.
marine brigade hazard themselves raises the siege and is pursued by
to rescue the distressed from sur- Rawdon ; soon after pursues his
rounding destruction, 341. the lordship and offers him battle,
place relieved by lord Howe, 343. 198. he retires to the high hills

Gordon, lord George, advises of Santee, and from thence trans-
pits his opinion on Gates's defeat,

y a number of thein,
199. his account of the miseries and lieut. col. Campbell, taken
attending the war in South Caro- in Boston bay, ii. 73.
lina, 200. his answer to Balfour Hood, Sir Samuel, engages de
respecting the execution of Hayne, Grasse, iii. 220. arrives at San.
240. engages lieutenant colonel dy Hook, 251, attacked by the
Stewart at the Eutaw springs, count, 284 takes the Ville de
242. happily suppresses the spirit Paris, count de Grasse's ship, 310
of mutiny a mong his troops, 245. takes the Jason and Cato, 311,
writes to general Gould, 246. his Hopkins, commodore, returns
account of the distresses of his from his naval expedition, ii. 40.
arıny, 295. a few strictures con- engages the Glasgow man of war,
cerning liim, 391, 392.

41. puts into New London, ib.
Grenada taken, ii. 453,

Hostile preparations in differ.
Grenadier, a British, surprised ent parts of the Massachusetts
and made prisoner by an Ameri- colony, i. 275. it is however ho-
can boy,'ii. 121.

ped, that all differences will be
Grey, general, surprises gene. amicably settled without blood-
ral Wayne in the night, ii. 229. shed, 277.

Griswold, fort, on Groton hill, Hostilities commence between
taken by the British, iii. 249, Great Britain and France, ii. 344:

Howe, general prepares to at-
Hancock, Mr. John, is elect. tack the Americans on Dorcester
ed one of the Boston represent- Heights, ii. 28. is prevented by
atives, i. 154. his sloop Liberty a storm, and concludes upon
seized, 156. a mob collects on evacuating Boston, ib, the town
the occasion, and becomes riot- evacuated, 30. his design for
ous, 157. the report of the com- procuring rice in Georgia frustra-
mittee of the Massachusetts house ted, 38. arrives off New York,
and conncil respecting the riot, 79. lands his troops on Long
159. a suit commenced against Island, 97. surprises and defeats
Mr. Hancock in the court of Ad- the Americans, 99. makes a des.
miralty, but dropped, 162. Mr. cent on New-York island, 110.
Hancock is chosen president of lands on Frog's-neck, 116. attacks
congress, 336. takes his leave of the Americans at White Plains,
congress, ii. 283. is elected go- 118. returns to Kingsbridge, 121,
vernor of the Massachusetts state, takes fort Washington, 124.
upon their new constitution, iii. leaves Brunswick, and takes the

field, 199. returns to Bruns.
Hayne, colonel Isaac, execu- wick, which he evacuates, and
ted by the joint order of lord marches to Amboy, 201. unex.
Rawdon and colonel Balfour, the pectedly moves toward the A.
case of, iii. 202. 205.

merican army, 202, embarks his
Herkimer, general, defeated by troops, ibid. sails with his army,
Sir John Johnson, i. 237 213. lands his troops at Elk fer.

Hessians defeated at Trenton, ry, 215. crosses the Brandy-
ii. 153.

wine, attacks and defeats the
Highlanders, and regulators of Americans, 224. amuses gen-
North Carolina imbody, but are eral Washington, and unexpect.
defeated, 36, 37.

. edly crosses the Schuylkill below

him, 229. makes his entry into a treaty of alliance with his Ca-
Philadelphia, 230. is honored by tholic majesty, iii, 28. his attempts
the officers with a magnificient ineffectual, 148. delivers in pro-
entertainment, 327.

positions relative to an intended
' Howe, lord, arrives at Staten treaty with Spain, 270. repairs to
Island, and sends a Aag to gene- Paris, 544. refuses treating with
ral Washington, ii. 94. proposes Mr. Oswald, till the independence
a conference with some members of the United States is acknow-
of Congress, 107. the conference, ledged in the first instance, 345.
ib, sails with the feet and army, has put into his hands the copy of
213. arrives and anchors in the a letter to count de Vergennes,
Delaware, 230. is allowed to re- 346. gives Oswald a draught of a
turn to Britain, 341. leaves the commission that would fully sa.
Delaware, 367. prepares to de- tisfy, and is jealous of the designs
fend the entrance into New York of the French court, 347.
harbour against count d'Estaing's Jealousiesand prejudices among
fleet, 368. sails for the preserva, the trcops under general Wash-
tion of Rhode Island, 370. sails ington, ii. 96. 109. 113..
for the relief of Gibraltar, iii. 335. Fersey, island, the attempt of
enters the Straits, 342. is attack- the French upon it defeated by
ed by the combined fleets, and the bravery of Major Pierson,
afterward's let to pursue his voy- iii. 182.
age home, 344.

Independence, measures taken
Huddy, captain Joshua, hang- to forward the declaration of it,
ed. iji. 292.

ii. 76. resolution respecting it,
Hughes, admiral, engages Mr. moved and seconded in congress,
de Suffrein, iii. 304. engages 87. the declaration of indepen.
him afresh, 352. a third and dence, ibid.
fourth time, 353. the last time, Independents, the, see congre.

- gationalists.
· Hurricanes at Jamaica, iii. 144. Indian, the Oneida, their speech
at Barbadoes, ib. at St. Lucie, to the New England provinces,
Grenada, and St. Vincent, 145. i. 359. an answer of the Stock-

Hutchinson, Judge, his · Brief bridge Indians to the Massachu-
state of the claim of the colonies, setts congress, 361. the reply of
and the interest of the nation with the Massachusetts congress, 362.
respect to them,'i. 125. when go. Indian chiefs at head quarters in
vernor he introduces the subject Cambridge, 414. congress com.
of the parliament's supremacy in- missioners treat with the Indians,
to his speech to the Massachusetts ii. 175. the Indians destroy the
general court, 212, by his bad settlements at Wyoming, 385.
advice, betrays the ministry into Inquisition, the, abolished in
wrong measures, 282, 283. his the dominions of the duke of
letters are discovered, 244. his Modena, iii. 149.
behaviour while in the colony, ib. Instructions to the commission.

ers at the court of France, ii. 139.
Jamaica petitions the king in to the American commissioners at
favor of the colonies, i. 300. the different courts, 160.
hurricane at that island, iii. 144. Johnson, Sir John, defeats ge-

Jay, Mr. elected to negociate peral Herkimer, ji. 237.

ame, Sir 'Villiam, repulses procure contribution for the be.
the French, i. 237.

nefit of the American soldiers, üle
Yohnstone, commodore, sails 62. forward shirts and stockings
for the East Indies, iii. 230. is to the army, 138.
attacked by Mr. de Suffrein, 231. - whig, their conduct in
takes several Dutch East India Charleston, South Carolina, iii.
ships, 232.

· 224.
ohn's, St. in Canada, taken, Landed country gentlemen a-
i. 427.

larmed, ii. 51.
· Fones, captain Paul, lands a Laurens, Henry, esq. chosen
party of Americans at Whiteha- president of congress, ii. 284. his
ven, and sets fire to a ship in the letter to the governor of Georgia,
harbor ; afterwards lands and 397. to another friend, 447. e.
plunders lord Selkirk's house, ii. lected to negociate a treaty with
342. engages captain Pearson, the Dutch, iii. 28. taken on his
456. is honored by the French voyage to Holland, and commit-
king with the cross of military ted to the Tower, 143. discharge
merit, iii. 180.

ed, 275.
Ireland spares 4000 troops for Laurens, lieut. colonel chosen
his majesty's service abroad, ii. special minister to France, iij.
55. the state and procedings of 154. returns from France, 230.
the country, 459. further pro- his conduct approved of by con-
cedings, iii, 78, 300.

gress, 240. is mortally wounded
Juries, the great and petty, while engaging with the British,
through the Massachusetts refuse 327..
acting under the new regulations, Lee, Arthur, esq. leaves Great
i. 253.

Britain and removes to Paris, ii.

Kalb, baron de, marches to the

general, measures taken
southward, iii. 71. is mortally for sending him on to New York,
wounded, 105.

ji. 14. is detained at Stanford ;
Kempenfeit, admiral, takes a but orders a Connecticut regia
number of French transports, iii. ment into the city, and arrives
277. is lost in the Royal George, there himself two hours after ge-

neral Clinton arrives at Sandy
Keppel, admiral, sails for the Hook, 15. goes to the south-
bay of Biscay, and takes the Li- ward, 34. his letter to the French
corne frigate, ii. 344. engages minister, 132. anecdote concern.
d'Orvilliers, 347. is tried, 421.. ing him, 121. he is taken by col.

Killed, the number, by the fir- Harcourt, 130. inconveniencies
ing of the British from Boston resulting from his capture, 161.
and the neighborhood, i. 418. commands the Americans near
· Kitts, St. taken by the marquis Monmouth court house, ii. 356,
de Bouille, iii. 283.

is put under arrest, tried, and
Knox, general, sent off to the found guilty, 365, his death and
eastern states by the commander character, iii. 328.
in chief, on account of the Penn-' Lee, captain H. made major
sylvania revolters, iii. 152. commandant of horse for his bra.
. L.

very, ii. 316, attacks the British
Ladies, the, at Philadelphia, post at Powles' Hook, 448, joins

general Greenė in South Caroli- appointed to command there, ib.

na with his partizan legion, iii. the royal army lands upon it, ib.
† 159, falls upon a number of roy- evacuated by the Americans, 102,

alists and makes a great slaugh. 103, 104.
i ter among them, 170, aids gen. Loss of the Ville de Paris,

Marion in reducing fort Watson, kamillies, and other men of war,
188, fort Motte, 194, fort Gran- iii. 351,
by, ib. marches to join Pickens, Loudon, lord, his determination
and with him reduces the fort at relative to the Massachusetts gen-
Augusta, 195.

eral court, i. 96.
Leger, St. lieutenant colonel, Louisburgh taken by the Mas.
quits the siege of fort Stanwix, sachusetts colony, i. 81.
ii. 240.

Lowther, Sir James, offers to
Leslie, gen, evacuates Charles- present the British king with a
town, iii. 328.

man of war of the line, iii. 351.
Letter, the copy of one to count Lucie, St. attacked by the Bri.
Vergennes, iii. 346.

tish, ii. 422. d'Estaing attempts
Letters of Hutchinson & others relieving the island, 423 the
sent to Boston by Dr. Franklin, place capitulates, 425.
i. 217.

Luzerne, the chevalier de la,
Lexington affair, i. 310, the arrives at Boston, ii. 449. his
news of it reaches London, 326. communications to congress, iii.

Lippincot, captain, tried for 37. his hint to general Washing.
hanging captain Huddy, and ac. ton, 39. sundry communications
quitted, iii. 316 & 17.

of his before congress, 291. is
Lincoln, general, surprised at satisfied with its being resolved,
Boundbrook, ii, 190, sent to the that Mr. J. Adams should be
northward to command the mili- ultimately directed and guided by
tia, 241, sends colonel Brown the sentiinents of the French
and others on an expedition to court, ib.
Lake George, 247, is sent to S.

Carolina, 412, establishes his head Main, the province of, set-
quarters at Purysburgh, 413, pur- tled, i. 36. the inhabitants sub-
sues gen. Prevost, 430, attacks mit to the Massachusetts and
the British at Stony ferry, 432, have greater privileges granted
marches for Savannah, iii. 30. is them than what the Massachu.

repulsed in a joint attack with setts people enjoy, 37.
. d'Estaing on the town, 32. de Manifesto, a, presented to

fends Charlestown, 44. surrenders the British minister by the Span-
the place, 51. receives the sub. ish ambassador, ii. 451.
mission of the royal army at York Manley, captain, takes British
Town, 260.

vessels, i. 416.
London,, the city of, approach- Marion, general, exerts hime
es the throne with an address, &c. self on the side of congress, üi.
i. 322. refuses in 1781 to pre. 112. 169. aided by lieut, colo.
sent their address, &c. at the le. nel Lee's partizan legion, redu-
vee, and orders its publication, ces fort Watson, 188. fort Motte,
iii. 273.

194. fort Granby, ib.
Long Island fortified by the A. Maryland settled, i. 53the
-mericans, ii. 97. general Sullivan convention resolve on an associa.

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