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P. 97. Additions to the List of Periodical Publications : An exact Coranto, July 20, 1642. Mercurius Aquaticus *, 1643. Mercurius not Veridicus, nor yet Mutus; but Cambro, or honest

Britannus, No. I. February 6, 1644.
Mercurius Cælicus, by John Booker, 24 January 1644.
Mercurius Vapulans; or, Naworth stript and whipt, 4 Mar. 1644.
Mercurius Diutinus, No. II. February 10, 1646.
Packet of Letters, 26 June, 1646.
Mercurius Democritus t, No. I. April 21–28, 1659.
Another No. I. May 3—10, 1659.
The Man in the Moone, No. I. April 29, 1663.
Poetical Observator, 1702.
The Review, by De Foe, Feb. 19, 1704 ; ended in May 1713.
The British Apollo, Feb. 13, 1707-8; ended in March 1711.
The Re-Tatler, 1709.
The Condoler, 1709.
The Tory-Tatler, 1709.
The Tell-Tale, 1709.
The Tatling Harlot, Aug. 22, 1709.
The Whisperer, by Mrs. Jenney Bickerstaff, 1709.
The Monthly Amusement, by Hughes, November 1709.
Tit for Tat, by John Partridge, esq. March 2, 1709-10.
The Tatler, Anonymous, 1710.
Annotations on the Tatler, by W. Wagstaff [Oldisworth], 1710.
Harrison's Tatler, Jan. 13, 1710-11-May 19, 1711.
Tatler by Baker, Jan. 13, 1710-11.
The Tatler, published at Edinburgh, 1711. -
The Rambler, 1712.
Mercator ; or, Commerce Retrieved, 1713.
The Rhapsody, 1713.
The Historian, 1713.
Eighth Volume of Spectator ended Dec. 20, 1714.
The Spectator 1, by W. Bond and Dr. George Sewel, No. I. Ja-

nuary 3, 1714-15; ended August 3, 1715.
The Miscellany, 1715.
The Hermit, 1715.
The Surprize, 1715.
The Silent Monitor, 1715.
The Inquisitor, 1715.
The Pilgrim, 1715.
The Restorer, 1715.

* This formed « The Water-Poet's Answer to all that hatb or shall be writ by Mercvrivs Britannicvs:” and intended as a partial reply to No. 16 of that work. The same Writer in the following year printed “ No Mercvrivs Avlicvs,” in reply to John Booker. See Brit. Bibliographer, I. 520.

+ This title was used at different periods; and it seems doubtful if several of the other Mercurius's had not temporary revival, and recommenced the numerical number for each volume.

I A Fifth Edition of this spurions Spectator, with an engraved Title: page, appeared in 1726, as a Ninth Volume of the Spectator.


The Instructor, 1715.
Chit-Chat, 1716.
The Moderator, April 4, 1719.
The British Harlequin, Jan. 5, 1719-20.
The Muses' Gazette, No. I. March 12, 1719-20.
Mist's Journal, Selection from, 1722.
Pasquin, January 1723.
The Humourist, 1724.
The London Journal, 1726.
Essays on the Vices and Follies of the Times, 1726.
The Occasional Paper, No. II. February 1726.
The Craftsman, Dec. 5, 1726.
The Weekly Miscellany *, No. I. July 1727.
The Intelligencer, by Dr. Thomas Sheridan, 1728.
The Literary Journal, 1728.
The Touchstone, 1728.
The Weekly Medley, 1728.
Memoirs of the Society of Grub-Street, Jan. 8, 1729-30–1732.
The Speculatist, by Matthew Concanen, 1730.
The British Journal, 1731.
The Correspondent, 1731.
The Weekly Register, 1731.
Fog's Journal, Selections from, 1732.
The Comedian ; or, Philosophical Enquiries, by T. Carte, 1732.
The Bee, by Eustace Budgell, 1733—1735.
Read's Journal, 1736.
The Weekly Miscellany, 1736.
The British Libraria:, from January to June 1737 [by W. Oldss);

published by T. Osborne, 1738.
The Citizen, No. XVII. 1 June, 1739.
The Westminster Journal; or, New Weekly Miscellany, by Tho.

Touchit, of Spring-gardens, Esq. No. XVII. 20 March, 1741-9. The Coventry Mercury, published by Jopson, July 20, 1741. The Meddler, No. I. January 1743-4. The Female Spectator, by Eliza Haywood, April 1744–1746. The Remembrancer, by James Ralph, 1745. The Jacobite's Journal, by H. Fielding, Nov. 5, 1745. Museum ; or, Literary and Historical Register ; No. I. 1746. The Fool, July 20, 1746; ended Feb. 25. 1747. The Parrot, by Mrs. Hayw.jod, August 2, 1746. The Ladies' Magazine, by Jasper Goodwill, of Oxford, 1749. The Westminster Magazine, by Launcelot Pooer-struck, an

Author, but no Esq. ; weekly, in quarto, 1750. The Tatler Revived, 1750. The Covent-Garden Journal Extraordinary, No. I. 20 Jan. 1752. The Public Advertiser, Deceinber 1, 1752. The Magazine of Magazines in which Gray's Elegy first ap

peared), about 1752. The Magazine of Magazines, about 1752. By R. Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridze, &c.



'The Protester, 1753.
The Dreamer, by Dr. William King, 1754.
Man, a Paper for ennobling the Species, Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 1755.
The Young Lady, No. I. January 1756.
The Prater, by Nicholas Babble, Esq. 1756.
The Centinel, by Dr. Franklin, about 30 numbers, 1757.
The Grand Magazine *, published by T. Kinnersly, Aug. 1, 1758.
The Royal Magazine; or, Gentleman's Monthly Companion,

No. I. August 1, 1759.
Historical and Political Mercury, September 1759.
The Comptroller, in French and English, published by Pridden,

No. I. September 20, 1759.
The Ladies' Magazine, published by Wilkie, No. I. October 1759,
The Bee, by Oliver Goldsmith, October 6, 1759.
The Impartial Review; or, Literary Journal, No. I. Nov. 1, 1759.
The Weekly Magazine ; or, Gentleman and Lady's Polite Com-

panion ; by a Society of Gentlemen ; No. I. Dec. 22, 1759. The British Magazine; or, Monthly Repository for Gentlemen

and Ladies, No. I. by T. Smollett, M.D. and others; Jan. 1, 1760.
The Public Ledger (News-paper) commenced about Jan. 12,1760.
The Public Magazine, every other week, No. I. 26 Jan. 1760.
The Imperial Magazine, January 1760.
The Royal Female Magazine, January 1760.
The Musical Magazine, No. I. February 1, 1760.
The Universal Review; or, a Critical Commentary on the Literary

Productions of these Kingdoms, No. I. March 1, 1760.
The Lady's Museum, consisting of a Course of Female Educa-

tion, and Variety of other Particulars for the Information and
Amusement of the Ladies; by the Author of “ The Female
Quixote” [Mrs. Lennox]; No. I. August 1, 1760.
The Friend, No. I. March 1760, twice a week.
The Monthly Melody, No. I. April 1, 1760.
The Christian's Magazine, edited by Dr. Dodd, June 1760.
The Visitor, by the Rev. Dr. Dodd, 1760.
The Citizen of the World, by Dr. Goldsmith, 1760.
The Gentleman's Journal, by Dr. Goldsmith, 1760.
The Protestant's Magazine, No. I. March 1, 1761.
The Lawyer's Magazine, No. I. April 1761.
The Mathematical Magazine, by G. Witchell, T. Moss; &c. No. I.

April 1761.
The Genius, by George Colman, Esq. June 11, 1761.
The Court Magazine, No. I. October 1, 1761.
The Reasoner and Free Enquirer, No. I. October 17, 1761,

once a week.
The Free Enquirer, No. I. October 17, 1761.
The Briton, May 29, 1762.
The North Briton, June 1762.

This immediately succeeded the “ Literary Magazine," which began in May 1756, and ended in July 1758; and which was avowedly supported by the pen of Dr. Johnson.


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Vol. VIII,


St. James's Magazine, by Robert Lloyd, A.M. No. I. Sept. 1762.
The Beauties of all the Magazines, 1762.
The Investigator, by Mr. Ramsey the Painter, 1762.
The Englishman, 1762.
The Moderator, 1762.
The Adviser, 1762,
The Contrast, 1762.
The Free Enquirer, 1762.
Terræ Filius, by George Colman, Esq. 1763.
The Scrutator, No. I. April 5, 1761.
The Court Miscellany, No. I. July 1765.
The Medley, 1766.
The Parliament Spy, No. I. November 1769.
The Freeholder, 1772.
The Batchelor, published at Dublin, 1773.
The Templar, by Mr. Samuel Paterson, 1773.
The Monthly Miscellany, 1773.
The Sentimental Magazine, 1773.
The Skeptic, or Unbeliever, No. I. October 1773.
The Lawyer's Magazine, 1773.
The Si. James's Magazine, No. I. March 1774.
The Medical Magazine, No. I. January 1774.
The Gentleman, by Mr. G. Coliman, July 10, 1775.
The Farmer's Magazine, 1776.
Essays Moral and literary, by the Rev. Vicesimus Knox, D.D. 1717.
The British Miscellany, No. I. January 1779.
The Literary Fly *, No. 1. 18 January 1779.
The Englishman, No. I. March 1779.
The Whig Magazine; or, Patriot Miscellany, No. I, May 1779.
The Foreign Medical Review, Part I. July 1779.
The Detector, 1780.
The Traiteur, No. I. November 1790.
Periodical Essays, by the Rev. Robert Nares (since Archdeacon of

Stafford), No. 1. December 2, 1780—No. X. February 3, 1:51.
The Reasoner, No. 1. January 1, 1784.
The New Spectator, with the sage Opinions of John Bullt,

No. I. February 3, 1784. The Miniature, April 23, 1784. The County Magazine, No. 1. quarto, January 1786. The Microcosm, November 6, 1786. Pharos, November 7, 1786. The Humourist's Magazine, No. I. January 1787. The Busy Body, January 2, 1787. The Trifler, by Timothy Touchstone, May 31, 1788. The Literary Magazine, and British Review, No. I. July 1 1788. Variety, (chiefly by Mr. Repton), 1799. Winter Evenings, by Dr. Vicesimus Knox, 1788.

* Edited by the Rev. Herbert Croft (now Sir Herbert Croft, bart.) of Probably edited by Mr. Horatio Robson. Concluded in June 1794, 12 vols.


The Loiterer, by the Rev. James Austin, January 31, 1789.
The Attic Miscellany, No. I. October 1799 *.
The Speculator, by Nathan Drake, M. D. March 27, 1790.
The Bee, by Dr. John Anderson, December 29, 1790.
The Lawyer's and Magistrate's Magazine, published by E Bent-

ley, begun 1791; discontinued 1794.
Monthly Extracts, No. 1. † September 1791.
The Grumbler, by Francis Grose, Esq. 1791.
The Patriot, Dublin, 1791.
The Patriot, London, 1792.
The Crisis, by Lord Mountmorres, 1792.
The Farrago, 1792.
The Country Spectator, by T. F. Middleton, October 9, 1792.
The Associator, No. ... 13 December 1792.
The Indian Observer, by Hugh Boyd, Esq. September 9, 1793.
The Fenale Mentor, 1793–1798.
The Ranger, by the Hon. Martin Hawke and Sir Robert Vincent,

Bart. January 1, 1794. The Cabinet, every fortnight, No. I. October 1794. The Sylph, September 22, 1795. The Trifler, published at Edinburgh, 1796. The Reaper, by Mr. Maude, of Wensley Dale, January 7, 1796. The Eugenian (in Monthly Magazine), February 1796. The Ghost, April 25—Nov. 16, 1796. The Peeper, by John Watkins, LL.D. 1796. The Lynx, 1796. The Watchman, by Mr. Coleridge, 1796. The Quiz, by a Society of Gentlemen, 1796. The Medical Spectator, began Oct. 1, 1791; ended 1793, Monthly Epitome, No. I. | January 1797. The Philanthropic, April 1797. The Medley, April 1797. The Repertory, 1797. The Friend, 1797. The Investigator, 1797. The Four Ages, by Mr. William Jackson, 1797. Literary Hours, by Dr. Drake, 1798. The Weekly Register, No. I. April 1799. The Anti-Jacobin Magazine and Review, No. I. July 1798. The Ladies' Monthly Museum, No. I. July 1798. The Philosophical Magazine, 1798. The Historical, Biographical, Literary, and Scientifical Maga-,

zine, No. I. March 1799. Literary Leisure, September 26, 1799 ; ended December 16, 1800. The British Magazine, No. I. February 1800 g.

# Concluded in two volumes.
+ Forms four volumes.
I Discontinued March 1806, nine volumes.
& Discontinued at the end of the year,
*** This List of Periodical Publications will be resumed

in the Ninth Volume,
KK 2

P. 98.

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