Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: Anecdotes


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Seite 172 - will you please to eat a piece of beef with me ? ' ' Mr. Lintot,' said he, ' I am very sorry you should be at the expense of this great book, I am really concerned on your account.
Seite 172 - ... to their correction : this has given some of them such an air, that in time they come to be consulted with, and dedicated to, as the top Critics of the town.
Seite 171 - I'll think as hard as I can. Silence ensued for a full hour ; after which Mr Lintot lugged the reins, stopped short, and broke out, " Well, Sir, how far have you gone ?" I answered, Seven miles. " Z ds, Sir," said Lintot, " I thought you had done seven stanzas.
Seite 172 - Pray tell me next how you deal with the critics?' 'Sir,' said he, 'nothing more easy. I can silence the most formidable of them: the rich ones for a sheet a-piece of the blotted manuscript, which...
Seite 172 - I can never be sure in these fellows, for I neither understand Greek, Latin, French, nor Italian myself. But this is my way : I agree with them for ten shillings per sheet, with a proviso that I will have their doings corrected...
Seite 171 - See here, what a mighty pretty Horace I have in my pocket ! what if you amused yourself in turning an ode, till we mount again? Lord! if you pleased, what a clever Miscellany might you make at leisure hours ?" Perhaps I may, said I, if we ride on; the motion is an aid to my fancy, a round trot very much awakens my spirits; then jog on apace, and I'll think as hard as I can.
Seite 441 - MD left a perpetual rent charge of £21. per annum, upon sundry estates, for founding a Scholarship, to be paid clear of taxes and disbursements, to the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the university. A candidate for this Scholarship must...
Seite 524 - England's ancient barons, clad in arms And stern witli conquest, from their tyrant king (Then render'd tame) did challenge and secure The charter of thy freedom.
Seite 138 - ORIGIN AND PROGRESS OF WRITING, as well Hieroglyphic as Elementary, Illustrated by Engravings taken from. Marbles, Manuscripts, and Charters, Ancient and Modern ; also Some Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing.
Seite 91 - I have sent you back Mr. Crabbe's Poem, which I read with great delight. It is original, vigorous, and elegant. The alterations which I have made I do not require him to adopt ; for my lines are, perhaps, not often better than his own ; but he may take mine and his together, and perhaps between them produce something better than either.