A System of Surgery: Pathological, Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Operative, Band 2

Blanchard and Lea, 1859

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Seite 275 - As seen in the mouth, the eruption at first consists of whitish or yellowish blisters varying in size from that of a mustard seed to that of a bean.
Seite 610 - The injuries done to sound parts I shall divide into two sorts according to the effects of the accident. The first kind consists of those in which the injured parts do not communicate externally...
Seite 370 - We are visited daily by considerable numbers of Chinook and Klikatat Indians, many of whom bring us provisions of various kinds, salmon, deer, ducks, &c., and receive in return powder and shot, knives, paint, and Indian rum, ie rum and water in the proportion of one part of the former to two of the latter. Some of these Indians would be handsome were it not for the abominable practice, which, as I have said, is almost universal amongst them, of destroying the form of the head. The features of many...
Seite 94 - ... not entirely arrest it, and thus weaken and prostrate the vital powers of the part. The joint agency of the nervous and vascular systems, in the production and maintenance of inflammation, has been happily illustrated by the researches of modern physiologists. It has been ascertained, for example, that, when the ophthalmic branch of the fifth pair of nerves is divided in the cranial cavity of a rabbit at the Varolian bridge, inflammation is speedily lighted up in the surface of the eye, eventuating...
Seite 610 - ... which form a large division. The second consists of those which have an external communication, comprehending wounds of all kinds, and compound fractures. Bruises which have destroyed the life of the part...
Seite 60 - You must not bow down to them in worship; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who reject me.
Seite v - How far this object has been accomplished, it is not for me to determine. It may safely be affirmed, however, that there is no topic, properly appertaining to surgery, that will not be found to be discussed, to a greater or less extent, in these volumes.
Seite 220 - Many persons believe that when small birds perch on the wires, they are likely to be killed by the shock when the Telegraph is worked, and a speculative man has calculated how long it will be before the thievish sparrows are cleared off by this dread means. That this is not the case, is proved by the fact that many scores of martins may be seen sitting together on the wires close to their nests, apparently not feeling the slightest inconvenience, nor will they be disturbed by the longest message.
Seite 668 - ... (Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia, 1846, p. 633.) The resulting perchloride of formyle consists of two atoms of carbon, one of hydrogen, and three of chlorine. Its specific gravity is much greater than that of water, being as high as 1.480.
Seite vi - The work should, therefore, be regarded as embodying the results of a large personal, if not of a ripe, experience, of extensive reading, and of much reflection ; in a word, as exhibiting surgery as I myself understand it, and as I have, for so many years, conscientiously taught it.

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