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Temporary suspension of Discussions in Parliament on the Negotiations rela-

tive to Spain-Questions put to the Ministers by Lord Lansdown and Mr.

Brougham-Removal of the Prohibition of the Exportation of Arms to

Spain-Papers relating to the Negotiations on the Spanish Question, laid

before Parliament-Ministerial exposition of the course of Policy which

the English Cabinet had followed : the first mention of diplomatic discus-

sion relative to Spain: Proceedings at Verona : Negotiations at Paris : our

communications with, and advice to the Spanish Government : our Pro-

ceedings subsequent to the publication of the Speech of the King of France

at the Opening of the Session of the Chainbers : justification of a Pacitic

Policy-Motion for the Repeal of the Foreign Enlistment Bill-Debate in

the House of Lords on the Negotiations relative to Spain: an Address,

disapproving of the Conduct of Ministers, moved by Lord Ellenborough :

grounds on which it was supported : amendment moved by Lord Granville:

arguments against the Address-Debate in the House of Commons, during

three nights, on the Spanish Negotiations : the Address moved by Mr.

Macdonald,' and an Amendment to it by Mr. S. Wortley: Speech of Mr.

Wilberforce; Speeches of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir James

Mackintosh, Mr. Peel, and Sir Francis Burdett: Mr. Canning's Speech ;

excellence of this Speech : Mr. Brougham's feeble Reply: manœuvre of the
Opposition to avoid a Division of the House : result of the Division-Sub-

sequent Motion of Lord Grey in the House of Lords-General state of

feeling with respect to Spain throughout the progress of the Spanish



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Spain-Delivery of the French, Russian, Austrian and Prussian Notes at

Madrid - Proceedings of the Cortes upon them—The Answers of the

Spanish Government–The Russian, Austrian, and Prussian Ministers

receive their passports-Address from the Cortes to the King-Proceedings

in the Cortes after the communication of the speech of the King of France

-Close of the Extraordinary Cortes–March of Bessieres and Ulman

upon Madrid ; their retreat; Ulman's inroad into Valencia-Ferdinand's

refusal to concur in the transference of the government from Madrid; the

Ministers removed and restored on the same Day — Another change of

Ministry-Opening of the Ordinary Cortes-Removal of the King and

Cortes to Seville-Military Preparations-Commencement of the Cam-

paign- French Refugees--St. Sebastian-March towards Madrid - Opera-

tions in Catalonia-Arrival of the French at Madrid-Convention with the

French-Attempt of Bessieres on the Capital-Establishment of a Re-

gency at Madrid - Treachery of Abisbal - Proceedings of the Cortes at

Seville—They appoint a Regency–The Removal of the King and Cortes

to Cadiz-March of the French Troops, from Madrid into Andalusia -

Cordova-Seville - Operations in the Asturias and Galicia: Defection of

Morillo-Corunna-Operations in Valencia and Murcia : Defection of

BallasterosRiego's expedition : his defeat, and capture-Operations in

Catalonia-Arrival of the Duke d’Angoulème before Cadiz: his corres-

pondence with Ferdinand : The Trocadero taken : Negotiation attempted

by the Cortes : Military operations : Ferdinand repairs to the head-quarters

of the French-Surrender of the Fortresses-'l'ermination of the Cam-

paign-Course of Administration pursued by Ferdinand-Change in the

Spanish Ministry.


PORTUGAL-Relations of Portugal with Great Britain and France-Ama-

rante's insurrection : his progress : Rego's operations: Insurrection sup-
pressed, and Amarante retreats into Spain-Arrests in Lisbon-Insurrec-

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