Paxton's Flower garden, by J. Lindley and J. Paxton


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Seite 78 - Hooker remarks, it is common in damp forests at the foot of the Eastern Himalaya, extending at least as far west as Kamaon, where Dr. Thomson found it at an elevation of about 2000 feet above the level of the sea. It is a very elegant Palm, and very beautiful when in fructification.
Seite 89 - The Vegetable Kingdom; or, the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants, Illustrated upon the Natural System.
Seite 54 - If you take the stone of the seed,' says Barham, ' and write upon a white wall, the letters will turn as red as blood, and never go out till the wall is white-washed again, and then with diffieulty."— Вot.
Seite 40 - Stringy-bark trees, taking their circumference at about 5 feet from the ground. One of these, which was rather hollow at the bottom, and broken at the top, was 49 feet round ; another that was solid, and supposed to be 200 feet high, was 41 feet round ; and a third, supposed to be 250 feet high, was 55 £ feet round.
Seite 108 - Who can imagine the gorgeousness of an equinoctial forest at midnight, with the veils thus lifted off myriads of flowers of every form and hue...
Seite 29 - Archipelago to another, and cured in salt when sent to Europe. " In the West Indies," says the lamented Dr. M'Fadyen, " the pulp is usually packed in small kegs between layers of sugar, and hot syrup is poured on the whole. In order to enable them to keep without fermentation for a length of time, the first syrup, which is very acid, is poured off, and a second is added. A very excellent preserve is imported from Curacoa, made from the unripe pods, preserved in sugar, with the addition of spices.
Seite 44 - The phyllodia are here of a very peculiar character, generally broad ovate, eubfalcate, almost spinescently acuminated, with longitudinal and transverse nerves, as in Smilax, whence the appropriate name of Mr. Fielding. The plant was raised from seeds, sent in 1 84 3, by Mr. Drummond, from the Swan River Colony. It flowers in January and February.
Seite 39 - In fact, we named it the Vale of Giants, for puny indeed did men appear alongside these vegetable wonders. The largest we measured was, at three feet from the ground( 1 02 feet in circumference, and at the ground 130 feet.
Seite 150 - Sutledge river at an elevation of 15,000 feet above the level of the sea; while, on Mont Blanc, the line of perpetual snow is marked by Saussure at 8640 feet.
Seite 112 - Reloncavi, and other places on the coast, frequently making excursions from the level of the sea to the line of perpetual snow. These bays generally run to the base of the central ridge of the Andes, and the rivers take their rise much further back in the interior.

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