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HE following charters are part of the collection formed by the

Abbé de la Rue, a well-known Norman scholar. It is per

haps better for the reputation of this learned man that we should not inquire how he became the owner of all these charters. He lived in the days when love of scholarship was great enough to obliterate the sense of property.

We are unable to say at what date they came into the hands of Thomas Stapleton, the editor of the Rotuli Scaccarii Normanniae, the young brother of the 8th Baron Beaumont, to whom they were very likely bequeathed at Thomas Stapleton's death.

They were for some time at Carlton Towers, Co. York, the family seat of the Beaumonts, where they were examined in 1881 by a French scholar M. Léon Maitre, who made a transcript of a certain number of the charters and summarised the others. This transcript is to-day preserved in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, where it bears the No. 1428 in the Fonds Latin : Nouvelles Acquisitions, being one of the manuscripts presented to the library by the Duke of La Tremoille.?

The collection was sold by auction in London, on the 22d of

See Biographie Universelle, supplément, t. LXX., pp. 309-12.

2 Cf. L. Delisle, Catalogue des Manuscrits du Fonds de la Tremoille Paris, 1889, in 8, pp. 19-24.


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ARDENNE (Calvados. Con Caen. Cne Saint-Germain-de-la-Blanche-Herbe).

ABBEY OF NOTRE DAME. Ord. Praem. Dioc. Bayeux.
[R. 48419] 1 [66].—Charter of Jean Count of Mortain to all his officers

in Normandy. For the weal of the soul of his father, King Henry,
and that of his brother, and those of all his predecessors, he gives to
the Abbey freedom to buy and sell, quit [of toll], in the chastelleny of
Evrecy (Calvados. Con Caen.). Witn. Roger de Mandeville dapi-

fero meo apud Lere." (1189-1199.)
[R. 48419] 2 [67].—Henri, son of Henri Fitz-Herbert grants to the Abbey

some rents in Caen. Witn. “Sansone, tunc abbate Cadomi, Ragin-
ardo Bonits, presbytero, Willelmo Poignart, tunc vicecomite Cadomi,
Willelmo Sachespée, Radulpho de Tribus Montibus, Odone, canonico

Ardene et pluribus aliis." (1197-1214.) [R. 48419] 3 [68].— Jean Poignart agrees to the grant made by his mother

Aelina to the Abbey of a piece of land " juxta Capellam sancti
Thome" and another"

que sita est supra chiminum de Lu(Luc s/mer?) n.d. (xiüith cent.). [R. 48419] 4 [69].-Geoffrey de Repton renounces all claims he may have

made to the houses and the oven, the property of the Abbey in Caen, rue Ecuyère, for the sum of 40 pounds (in Angevin money) and the prayers of the monks. Geoffrey de Repton is acting with the consent

of Aelis his wife, and Gilbert, his son-in-law. (1202.) [R. 48420] 5 [70].— Jean de Louviers grants to the Abbey the tithe of all

the rents and all the regards paid to him in Louvigny (Calvados. Con
Caen.). Witn.“ Roberto, tunc abbate de Ardena, Odone, canonico,
Magistro Ricardo de Perto, cantore Lexoviensi, Radulpho de Sancto
Martino, Unfrido de Sancto Laudo, Robino de Rosello, Henrico

Britone et pluribus aliis." (1198-1206.) (R. 48420] 6 [71-72].—Richard Fitz Henri confirms the grant made by

Aelis de Thaon, the widow of his brother Henri, and afterwards of
Raoul de Thaon, to the Abbey, of the lands she received as dowry
from the said Henri, her first husband, in Venoix (Calvados. Con
Caen.). On another piece of vellum : “Isti interfuerunt elemosine
Richardi filii Henrici : Walterus de Agnellis, Gillebertus Le
Sesne, Ricardus de Agnellis, milites, Willelmus filius Alani
de Tribus Montibus, Willelmus de Magnevilla, Ricardus Corbin,
Laurentius Repin, Raginaldus de Novilla, clericus, Thomas de
Sancto Laudo, Stephanus Blancmouton, Goscelinus de Buron,
, Tustinus de Mesnillo
, Ranulphus de Babevilla,

sancto Georgio, Rolinus de Brai, nepos Nicholai abbatis, Robertus
filius Durandi de Cusseio. Et hoc concosserunt (sic) Henricus .
et Radulphus etiam prior de Plesseiz et Thomas canonicus ejus,
Magister Ranulphus de Aetreio, hoc audierunt . . cartam sigil-
latam non viderunt. Et hoc fuit de terra de dote Aaliz de Thaon."

(ca. 1190.) {R. 48420] 7 [73].—Henri Fitz Herbert, Aelis his wife and their sons

grant to the Abbey the tithe of their fee in Venoix and Franqueville (Calvados. Con Caen. Con Authie), and two fields. The abbot and monks are to celebrate mass daily for the weal of the grantor's soul. n.d. Witn.“ Guillelmus diaconus de Girone et Guillelmus de Abbenese et Rogerus nepos suus, et Adam de Francavilla et Thomas filius suus et Vasal prepositus suus de Venoix et Radulpho de sancto Germano et Serlo filius suus.(ca. 1200.)

[R. 48420] 8 [74].-Exchange of lands in Anfreville (Calvados. Con Troarn)

between Gauthier and Henri d’Aigneaux. n.d. Witn. “Gaufridus de Bosvilla, Nicholas de Haia, Petrus de Lambertivilla, Radulphus de Plaiseiz, Petrus de Frausitio, Willelmus de Tracie et plures alii.

(Late xiïth cent.) [R. 48420] 9 (75).—An agreement between Gauthier d'Aigneaux and his

brother Thomas d'Aigneaux relating to their lands in Saint Contest (Calvados. Con Caen.). Hoc fuit factum apud Cadomum ad scaccarium in tempore quo Willelmus filius Radulphi erat senescallus

Normannie." (1170-1198.) [R. 48420] 1o [76]. — Gauthier d'Aigneaux grants to the Abbeys of

Notre Dame d'Ardenne and Notre Dame de Longues the piece of land in Saint Contest left to them in his brother's (Henri d'Aigneaux)

will. n.d. (early xiiith c.). [R. 48421] 11 [86].--For the weal of his soul and that of his brother

Roger, Thomas de Coisnières grants to the Abbey all the lands and rights which were accorded to it by the said Henri in Coulombs

(Calvados. Con Creully). n.d. (ca. 1200.) [R. 48421] 12 [87].-Guillaume de Coisnieres confirms to the Abbey the

patronage of the churches of Saint Contest in Athis (Calvados. Con Caen. Cne Louvigny) and of Saint Vigor in Coulombs, granted to

it by his predecessors. (July 19, 1264.) [R. 48421] 13 [89].—Henri, Bishop of Bayeux, grants to the Abbey the

church of Coulombs of which Guillaume " de Humeto" and Roger de Coisnieres are patrons. After the death, or the resignation, of the parson Roger Belet and his curate (vicarius) Alexandre, the Abbey will have the right to give the living to one of its own canons. Actum est apud Baiocum anno ab Incarnatione Domini MoCox Co

His presentibus: Bernardo, abbate de Valle, Henrico, precentore, Rogero Bovet, cancellario, Henrico et Willelmo, archidiaconis, Roberto de Parfouru, capellano Baiocensi, Roberto de Feugerollis et

aliis pluribus." (1199.) (R. 48421] 14 [90]. A judgment given in the assize of Caen by Samson,

abbot of Saint-Etienne de Caen, Pierre de Tellis," Raoul Labbé and Guillaume de Cellerier, for Nicolas, abbot, and the Abbey of Notre Dame d'Ardenne, against Guillaume Belet concerning the patronage of the Church of Saint Vigor in Coulombs. Both parties have produced charters establishing their rights; the Abbey a charter of Halenas de Sisrewast and Guillaume, constable of Normandy and another of Thomas and Roger de Coisnières ; Guillaume Belet, a charter of Halenas de Sisrewast“ antiquiorem." The Church is given to the Abbey which pays to Guillaume Belet 50 lib. tur. (December 17th, 1207.)


[R. 48421] 15 [91].--Robert Bordel, of Coulombs, grants to the Abbey a

piece of land in Coulombs. (1227.) [R. 48421] 16 [92].-Before the King's Assize in Caen, Raoul de Percy

knt., and Nicole, his wife, confess that the patronage of the Church of Saint Vigor in Coulombs is the property of the Abbey. The Abbey gives to the said Raoul 25 lib. tur. which his heirs are to give back to the monastery if, after the said Raoul's death, his wife raise

any claim to the said patronage. (May 11, 1227.) [R. 48421] 17 [93].— Nicolas de Combray, knt., quits Robert de Pont

of the various rightsmoutam siccam et aquariam" which he claimed from him for the half of his " fief de haubert" in Maiset (Calvados, Con Evrecy) and quits for ever of the said rights Richard de Pont, son of the said Robert, and his heirs, but only for the half of the half of the

said " fiet de haubert.” (1260.) [R. 48422] 18 [99].-Guillaume de Hermanville and his wife Lucie

grant to the Abbey, for the weal of their souls and that of Aceline, their daughter, and for an anniversary celebration of her death, a rent of 20 sol. tur, on their oven in Ducy-Sainte-Marguerite (Calvados, Con Tilly-sur-Seulles) and a piece of land in the same place. (Aug. 8,

1308.) [R. 48422] 19 [100].—Richard de Periers grants to the Abbey, for the

weal of his soul and that of his father, mother, and predecessors, a piece of land in Periers (Calvados, Con Douvres). n.d. Witn.

Roberto et Philippo presbiteris de Periers, Rogero Corbin, clerico,

Gaudefrido, nepote meo.n.d. (ca. 1200.) {R. 48422] 20 [101].-Sale by Alain, the son of Guillaume the son of

Honfroy, to Master Guillaume de Villon of a piece of land in Villonles-Buissons (Calvados, Con Creully). Hanc autem venditionem et concessionem firmiter tenendam et observandam, tactis sacrosanctis ewangeliis, juramus ego Alanus et P. uxor et L. mater mea, quae portionem dotaliciï sui quam in predicta terra esse asserebat prefato W. libere et spontanea voluntate concessit.n.d. (ca.

1200.) (R. 48422] 21 [102].- A XIV th cent. transcription of three deeds relat

ing to lands in Beuville (Calvados, Con Douvres) : (a) Grant by Godefroy de Beuville to the Abbey for the weal of his soul and that of his wife of a rent of six quarts of wheat. Actum est hoc apud Ardenam in die sepulture predicte uxoris mee, presentibus his : Roberto, abbate de Ardena, ejusdemque loci conventu, Petro de Cusseio, Ranulpho de Auteia, Ansquetillo le Quenceis, Dyonisio Depuis, presbyteris et pluribus aliis" n.d. (1198-1206). (6) Simon de Beuville grants to

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