The London Medical and Physical Journal, Band 8

J. Souter, 1802

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Seite 502 - An appendix to the first edition of the Morbid Anatomy of some of the most important parts of the human body, London: J.
Seite 151 - Justings of Axminster inoculated his wife and children with matter taken from the teats of a Cow that had the Cow-pox : in about a week after inoculation, their arms were very much inflamed, and the patients were so ill, that the medical assistance of Mr. Meach, of Cerne, was called for. The patients did well. They were afterwards inoculated ior the Small-pox by Mr. Trobridge, without effect.
Seite 226 - These several Lectures are so arranged, that no two of them interfere in the hours of attendance; and the whole is calculated to form a complete course of medical and chirurgical instruction.
Seite 510 - ... ball remain cold ; if the revolution be continued to about 202, the negative ball will be too hot for the hand to touch, while the other remains as cold as at the beginning..
Seite 19 - ... declaring his full and perfect confidence that it might be continued in perpetuity of inoculation from one human being to another, in the fame way with the fmall-pox, and in time fuperfede that difeafe.
Seite 151 - Pox is a prophylactick for the Small Pox. " I have not been able to discover that the human species get it from the cows in any other manner than by contact with the parts immediately infected, such as in milking ; neither do I apprehend that one of the human species can communicate it to another but by the same means, as I have known some of the inhabitants of a house where it was escaped, but none of those who lay in the same bed with the diseased person.
Seite 296 - ... prescribed, had never a regular fit, or any inflammation of the extremities, for the reft of their life. " In no inftance however that I have known, was the health of thefe perfons tolerably entire. Soon after...
Seite 21 - ... Stinchcomb, of Woodford, near Berkeley, was infected with the natural smallpox at Bristol, and came home to his father's cottage. Four days after the eruptions had appeared upon the boy, the family (none of which had ever had the smallpox) , consisting of the father, mother, and five children, was inoculated with vaccine virus. On the arm of the mother it failed to produce the least effect, and she, of course, had the...
Seite 2 - ... to the middle of this a semicircular piece of iron was fixed, which projected over the femoral artery, having a pad at its end moved by a screw, by turning which the artery was readily compressed, and the pulsation in the aneurism stopped, without any interruption to the circulation in the smaller vessels.
Seite 239 - Tho' mix'd with wheat I grow : Indulgent Ceres knew my worth, And to adorn the teeming earth, She bade the Poppy blow. Nor vainly gay the sight to please, But blest with power mankind to ease, The Goddess saw me rise : ' Thrive with the life-supporting grain,' She cried, ' the solace of the swain, The cordial of his eyes.

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