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XXVI. WHENEVER a bond is executed by an attorney in fact, the Clerk shall require the original power of attorney to be filed in his office, unless it shall appear that the power of attorney contains other powers than the mere power to execute the bond in question ; in which case, the original power of attorney shall be presented to the Clerk, and a true copy thereof filed, certified by the Clerk to be a true copy of the original.

XXVII. It having been suggested to the Court by the Clerk, that records of causes from the Circuit Courts, now pending in this Court, have by some casualty been lost, or are missing from the files in the office of the Clerk, it is, therefore, ORDERED, That, in such cases, either party in the cause may supply the loss of such record, by obtaining an exemplification or copy of such record, and filing the same with the Clerk of this Court, the cost of such copy to be taxed against the unsuccessful party in the cause.

XXVIII. It is further ORDERED, That on the filing of any paper with the Clerk, he shall thereupon, in addition to the endorsement made on the paper, of the day of filing, make an entry in a book to be kept for that purpose, of the title of the cause, of the nature of the paper filed, and of the day on which the same was filed.

XXIX. Hereafter, in all cases in which no counsel shall be entered on the Docket, or where they are entered, and do not appear, such causes will be dismissed on calling them, unless cause is shown for a continuance. This rule to take effect from and after this term. Adopted February 25, 1841.


XXX. HEREAFTER all applicants for examination for a license to practise law in the courts of this State, shall be required to present themselves in person for examination, in open court, at some term thereof, except in cases where the applicant shall have a license, or other satisfactory voucher, proving that he has been regularly admitted an Attorney at Law in some court of record within the United States.

XXXI, ORDERED, That the Saturday of the first and second weeks of each term of this Court, be the days appropriated for the examination of such applicants. Adopted March 1, 1841.

FORD, Justice, dissented from the last two rules.

For the preceding rules, see the first volume of these Reports.



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