J. Hughs, near Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, For J. Brindley, Bookseller to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, in New-Bond-Street; and C. Corbett, over-against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet-street., 1737
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Seite 118 - makes them to have been unleavened cakes : (/) And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough, 'which they brought forth out
Seite 78 - ftone ; each of thefe hath one foot, 717 of 1000 parts of a foot in breadth, and as much in depth. Upon the top of thefe benches, near the angle, where they clofe and join with the wall, are little fpaces cut in right-angled parallel figures, fet
Seite lxiii - and they ha've brought their flocks, and their herd^s, and all that they have. And it
Seite 78 - and ranging of the marbles in both the fidewalls, there is one piece of architecture, in my judgment, very graceful, and that is, that all the courfes or ranges, which are but feven (fo great are thofe
Seite 69 - [or vault] in which there were dead bodies wrapped up in linnen. They found towards the top of the Pyramid a chamber, in which there was an hollow
Seite 13 - in which there was a ftatue like a man, and within it a man, upon whom was a breaft-plate of gold
Seite 72 - level, not rifing with an acclivity, as doth the pavement below, and roof above, of both thefe galleries. At the end of it, on the right hand, is the well mentioned by Pliny ; the which is circular, and not
Seite 66 - part of Chronologers agree, that he which built the Pyramids was Saurid Ibn Salhouk, king of ./Egypt, who lived three hundred years before the
Seite 92 - or lake of Geneva, doth mix and incorporate with the water of the lake. For as for any tubuli to let out the fuliginous air at the top of the Pyramid, none could be
Seite 85 - foot. A narrow fpace, yet large enough to contain a moft potent and dreadful monarch being dead, to whom living all /Egypt was too ftreight and narrow a circuit. By thefe

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