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Congress of the United States,

BEGLX and had at the city of Washington, in the territory of Columbia, on Monday, the third of Décember, one thousand cizir: hundred and ten, being the Third Session of the ELETEXTH CON. GRESS, held under the constitution of government of he United Sintes.

On which dus, beirg the day appointed by the cons:iu:ion for the mictiig of Congress, the following members of the leise of Representatives appeared, and tcok their seats, to wit: New-HAUPSHIRE, 3 James Wilson.

Ezekiel Bacon,

Viliam Ely;

Joseph B. Varnum, (Speaker)

3 Samuel Shaw.
[Epaphroditus Champion,

John Davenport, junior,

Jonathan (). Moseley,
Timothy Pitkin, junior,

Benjamin Tallmadge.
James Emott,
Jonathan Fisk,
Robert Le Roy Livingston,

Erastus Root,
New York,

Thomas Samimons,
John Thompson,
L'ri Tracy,
Killian K. Van Rensselaer.

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Acam Pord, Jacob lluity, ilenry Southard. William Anderson, Darid Baid, Robert Brown, Wiam ( rawforit, lilliam iinuley, Danie! licister, Aaron Lyle, !!Bliain .:iloor, Jchu : tai, Matuljas i ic':ards, Adain eybert, John Snilie, vieorge Sorith, Samuel Smiths. Robert lihiel::l1. Charles Gold Loror;!.

Alexarder vi Kim,
Philip B. Fey,
Arcliibald Van Ilor),
Jolia Montenery,
Nicholas R. Vicore.
Jamus Breckenridge,
William A. Burwell,
Viatthew Clay,
folum Dalsin,
David S. Carland,
Thomas Gholso:1,
l'eterson Goodwyn,
Joseph Lewis. junior,
Ilomas Setion,
John Roone,
James Stephenson.
riilis Al·lon, junior,
James Cochran,
Jaines livland,
I loinas Kenan,
Sathaniel Slucan.

Archibald J. Bryde,
Joseph Pearsoni
Richard Stanford,
Joliu Stanley



Lemuel J. Alston,

William Buller,

Joseph Calhoun,
Thomas Moore,
John Tavlor,
Robert Witherspoon.

William W. Libb,

Howell Cobb,
Gcorge M. Troup.

Joseph Desha,

Richard Johnson,
Samuel Wäce.

Pleasant I. Miller,

Jolin Rhea,

Robert li cakley.

3 Jeremian Horrow. Several new members, to :it: ficm Cornecticut, Ebenezer Huntington, returned to serve in the place of Samue! 1. Dans, appointed a Suretor of the United Siulls; from New Jersey, John A. Scudder, in the place of Jaines Cox, duct.s.d, and from 1ry. land, Robert Wright, i! the place of John Brown, resigned, appeared, produced their credentials, and took their seats; the oth o support the constitution of the United Staies, being to them by Mr. Speaker, according to l...!'.

Ard a quorun, consis:ing of a majority of the whole House, being present,

Ordered, That the Clark of this House do acquaint the Senate therewith.

On mo:ion of Mir. D.:sor, Ordered, That a commi!lee Le appcinted, on the part of this House, join:ly with ihe commilice appointcd on the part of the Senate, to vui: on the President of the United Siates, ar.d irsorni that a quorum of the tho Houses is assembled and ready to receive any communications he may Le pleased io mike to them.

And a committee was appci:ited c Mr. Dawson and Mr. Shaw,

Ordered, That the Clerk of this House do acquaint the Senate therewiih.

On motion of Mr. Smilie, Ordered, That the Clerk of this House be directed to procure newspapers from any number of oiices that the members may elect: Provided, that the expense do not exceed ihe amount of three daily papers.

Ordered, That unless otherwise ordered, the daily hour to which the House shall stand adjourned, during the present session, be eleven o'clock in the forenoon.

And then the House adjourned until tomorrow morning, eli sen o'clock.

TUESDAY, December 4, 1810.

Several other members, to wit: From Vlassachusetts, Richard Cutts, Ebenezer Searer, and Charles Turner, junior; from Rhode Island, Elish: R. Potter; from New York, Thomas R. Gokl; from Pennsylvania, Robert Jenkins, and from Virginia, Burwell Bassett and John W. Eppes, appeared and took their seats in the House.

A new member, to wit: From New York, Samuel L. Mitshill, returned to serve in the place of William Denning, resigned, appeared, produced his credentials and took his seat in the House; the onth to support the constitution of the United States, being first ad. ministered to him by Mr. Speaker, accordirg to law.

Jonathan jennings, the delegate from the Indiana territory, and Julian Poy dras, the delegate from the territory of Orleans, appeared and took their seats.

A message from the Senate by Mr. Otis, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker.... I am directed to inform this House, that a quorum of the Senate is assembled and ready to proceed to business. They have appointed a com. mittee on their part, jointly with the committee appointed on the part of this House, to inform the Pre

sident of the United States that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled and ready to receive any communications that he may be pleased to make to them: Ard then he withdrew.

Mr. Dasson, from the joint committee appointed to wait on the President of the United States, reported that the commitice had performed the service assigned them, and that the President answer d, that he would make a communication to the two Houses of Congress to morrow at twelve o'clock.

And then the House adjourned until tomorroiv morning, eleven o'clock.

WEDNESDAY, December 5, 1810.

Several c:her members, to wit: From New Hain. shi:e, Daniel Blaisdell and John C. Chamberlain, from V:ssachusetts, Josial, Quincy, Samuel Taggart, and Laban Ilhaton; from Vermont, William, Martin Chittendon and Jonathan H. Halbard; from Connecticut, Lewis B. Sturges; frcin New York, Vincent Mat:hew's, Peter B. Por. ter and Ebenezer Sage, and from Rhode Island, Richard Jackson, jun. appeared and took their seats in the House.

A message, in writing, was received from the Pre. sident of the United States, by Mr. Edward Coles, his secretary, who delivered in the same, and withdrew'.

The said message was then read at the Clerk's table, and is as follows: " Fellow citizens of the Scnoic

and of ibe House of Representatites....

“ The embarrassments which have prevailed in our foreiz relations, and so much employed the de. liberations of Congress, make it a primary duty, in mzeting you, to communicate whatever may have occurred, ia that branch of our national affairs.

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