Suppliants. Iphigenia in Aulis. Iphigenia in Tauris. Rhesus. Trojan captives. Bacchanalians. Cyclops. Children of Hercules

J. Walker, 1809

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Seite 108 - Talk not of ruling in this dolorous gloom, Nor think vain words (he cried) can ease my doom. Rather I'd choose laboriously to bear A weight of woes, and breathe the vital air, A slave to some poor hind that toils for bread, Than reign the sceptred monarch of the dead.
Seite 292 - Bacchus!" thus began the song; And "Evoe!" answer'd all the female throng. "O virgin! worthy thee alone!" she cried; "O worthy thee alone!" the crew replied. "For thee she feeds her hair, she leads thy dance, And with thy winding ivy wreathes her lance.
Seite 11 - Enjoy the dear prerogative of life. Life is not to be bought with heaps of gold ; Not all Apollo's Pythian treasures hold, Or Troy once held, in peace and pride of sway, Can bribe the poor possession of a day ! Lost herds and treasures we by arms regain, And steeds unrival'd on the dusty plain : But from our lips the vital spirit fled, Returns no more to wake the silent dead.
Seite 295 - Nysa's top descending on the plains, With curling vines around his purple reins. And doubt we yet through dangers to pursue The paths of honour, and a crown in view?
Seite 355 - Was Troy By you subdued ? was Helen taken captive ? Ulysses. — And the whole house of Priam we laid waste. Chorus. — When ye had seized on that transcendent fair, Did ye then all enjoy her in your turn, Because she loves variety of husbands ? False to her vows, when she the painted greaves Around the legs of Paris, on his neck The golden chain, beheld, with love deep smitten From Menelaus, best of men, she fled. Ah ! would to Heaven no women had been born But such as were reserved for my embraces....
Seite 81 - Stretch'd in the dust the unhappy warrior lies, And sleep eternal seals his swimming eyes. Oh worthy better fate! oh early slain! Thy country's friend; and virtuous, though in vain! No more the youth shall join his consort's side, At once a virgin, and at once a bride! No more with presents her embraces meet, Or lay the spoils of conquest at her feet, On whom his passion, lavish of his store, Bestow'd so much, and vainly promised more!
Seite 45 - Euripides was thinking of a seal of wax on the outside of a letter, in the following passage in Iphigenia in Aulis : " Attendant. But how, if I speak thus, shall I find credit, Or with your daughter, or the royal dame ? " Agamemnon. The seal which on that letter I have stamped, Preserve
Seite 248 - And if the stranger wishes to behold That wretched woman, Hecuba lies stretched Before the gate, full many are her tears, And her afflictions many : at the tomb Of stern Achilles her unhappy daughter Polyxena died wretchedly, her lord The royal Priam, and her sons are slain, That spotless virgin too whom from his shrine Apollo with prophetic gifts inspired, Cassandra, spurning every sacred rite, Did Agamemnon violently drag To his adulterous bed. But, O farewell, Thou city prosperous once ; ye splendid...
Seite 358 - Ulysses. — If I have uttered an untruth. Silenus. — By Neptune Your sire, O Cyclops, by great Triton, Nereus, Calypso, Nereus' daughters, by the waves, And all the race of fishes, I protest,. Most beauteous Cyclops, my dear little lord, I sold not to the foreigners your goods ; May swift perdition, if I did, o'ertake These sinners here, my children, whom I love Beyond expression. Chorus. — Curb thy tongue : I saw thee Vending thy lord's possessions to the strangers : If I speak falsehood, may...
Seite 341 - The same high blood ye spring from with the best And chastest sister : hail then, for the sake Of Helen with a lofty soul endued, Such as in female bosoms seldom dwells. Chorus. A thousand shapes our varying fates assume The gods perform what least we could expect, And oft the things for which we fondly hoped Come not to pass ; but Heaven still finds a clue To guide our steps through life's perplexing maze, And thus doth this important business end.

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