Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences: Being Record of the Progress of Invention as Applied to the Arts...

William Newton, Charles Frederick Partington
W. Newton, 1831

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Seite 228 - All Merchants (if they were not openly prohibited before) shall have their safe and sure Conduct to depart out of England, to come into England, to tarry in, and go through England, as well by Land as by Water, to buy and sell without any manner of evil Tolts, by the old and rightful Customs, except in Time of War.
Seite 294 - God one thousand six hundred and ten, publish in print to the whole realm and to all posterity, that all grants of monopolies and of the benefit of any penal laws, or of power to...
Seite 351 - April, and no longer; and that the Author of any Book or Books already composed, and not printed and published, or that shall hereafter be composed, and his Assignee or Assigns, shall have the sole Liberty of printing and reprinting such Book and Books for the Term of fourteen Years, to commence from the Day of the first publishing the same, and no longer...
Seite 354 - Authority aforesaid, that from and after the twenty-fourth Day of June one thousand seven hundred and fifty, no Mill or other Engine for Slitting or Rolling of Iron, or any Plating forge to work with a Tilt Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel...
Seite 296 - Provided also, and be it declared and enacted, That any declaration before mentioned shall not extend to any letters patents and grants of privilege for the term of fourteen years or under, hereafter to be made, of the sole working or making of any manner of new manufactures within this realm, to the true and first inventor and inventors of such manufactures, which others at the time of making such letters patents and grants shall not use...
Seite 175 - Esq. in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain Foreigner residing abroad, for certain improvements in the preparing and spinning of cashmere wool.
Seite 295 - ... of or for the sole buying, selling, making, working or using of any thing, whereby any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, are sought to be restrained of any freedom or liberty that they had before, or hindered in their lawful trade.
Seite 239 - Middlesex, gentleman; in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad, for certain improvements in steam-engines.
Seite 332 - Middlesex, mathematical instrument maker, in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad, for an invention of an improved steam engine.
Seite 359 - Street, in the parish of Saint George, Hanover Square, in the county of Middlesex...

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