Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of William Penn

Gilpin, 1849 - 370 Seiten

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Seite 246 - His death and passion: and grant, that the grace of God, which bringeth salvation, may effectually teach and persuade me to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world...
Seite 29 - Till now I never understood the reason of the policy and prudence of the Spaniards in suffering the Inquisition among them; and certainly it will never be well with us till something like unto the Spanish Inquisition be in England.
Seite 125 - It was not their custom to use hostile weapons against their fellow-creatures, for which reason they had come unarmed. Their object was not to do injury, and thus provoke the Great Spirit, but to do good. ^They were...
Seite 112 - ... FRAME and LAWS of this government, to the great end of all government, viz : to support power in reverence with the people, and to secure the people from the abuse of power; that they may be free by their just obedience, and the magistrates honourable for their just administration : for liberty without obedience is confusion, and obedience without liberty is slavery. To carry this evenness is partly owing to the constitution, and partly to the magistracy ; where either of these fail, government...
Seite 106 - There is a great God and power that hath made the world and all things therein, to whom you and I and all people owe their being and well-being; and to whom you and I must one day give an account for all that we do in the world. This great God hath written His law in...
Seite 146 - I must needs commend their respect to authority, and kind behaviour to the English. They do not degenerate from the old friendship between both kingdoms. As they are people proper and strong of body, so they have fine children, and almost every house full : rare to find one of them without three or four boys and as many girls ; some six, seven, and eight sons. And I must do them that right, I see few young men more sober and laborious.
Seite 119 - Let justice have its impartial course, and the law free passage. Though to your loss, protect no man against it ; for you are not above the law, but the law above you. Live therefore the lives yourselves you would have the people live, and then you have right and boldness to punish the transgressor.
Seite 342 - Territories, who shall confess and acknowledge One Almighty God, the Creator, Upholder and Ruler of the World ; and profess him or themselves obliged to live quietly under the civil Government, shall be in any Case molested or prejudiced, in his or their Person or Estate, because of his or their conscientious Persuasion or Practice, nor be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious Worship, Place or Ministry, contrary to his or their Mind, or to do or suffer any other Act or Thing, contrary...
Seite xxi - The queen's maids of honor asked the royal permission to wring money out of the parents of the poor children ; and the permission was granted. An order was sent down to Taunton that all these little girls should be seized and imprisoned. Sir Francis Warre, of Hestercombe, the Tory member for Bridgewater, was requested to undertake the office of exacting the ransom. He was charged to declare in strong language that the maids of honor would not endure delay...
Seite 103 - Certain Conditions or Concessions, Agreed upon by William Penn, Proprietary and Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania and those who are the adventurers and purchasers in the same province the Eleventh of July, one thousand six hundred and eighty-one.

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