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Seite 173 - full power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and validity to bind the colonies and people of America, subjects of the crown of Great Britain, in all cases whatsoever "; but also that all resolutions or proceedings in the colonies denying such power are "utterly null and void." 2 1 Chatham Correspondence, II., 364, 365.
Seite 336 - author; Richard Price, Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty . . . and the Justice and Policy of the War with America (1776), being a plea for conciliation; J. Roebuck, Enquiry whether the Guilt of the Present Civil War in America Ought to be Imputed to Great Britain or
Seite 119 - They went to war against a preamble. They fought seven years against a declaration/' 1 This epigram of Webster, like most epigrams, is only true in part. The revolutionary debate did, indeed, turn mainly on constitutional principles; but below the question of constitutional right lay the economic grievance as a stern reality.
Seite 19 - On learning of the terms of the treaty of 1763, Vergennes, then French ambassador at Constantinople, said that "the consequences of the entire cession of Canada are obvious. I am persuaded England will ere long repent of having removed the only check that could keep her colonies in awe. They stand no longer in
Seite 302 - to cut the colonies adrift, and leave them to anarchy and repentance/' The idea was hateful to the king. "The New England governments are now in a state of rebellion/' he said to North; "blows must decide whether they are to be subject to this country or independent/
Seite 285 - to deliberate on those general measures which the united interests of America may from time to time require/' This was sent to the other assemblies asking their concurrence ; and a con1 Force, American Archives, 4th series, I., 350. vention of delegates from the several counties of the province was called to meet at Williamsburg on
Seite 206 - to arouse the attention, not only of the inquiring mind, but of the common people, and urge them to close thinking on the constitutional authority of parliament over Chamberlain, John Adams, 13, 17; Perry, Am. Episcopal Church, I., 394 et seq., 425. Cf. Brooks Adams, Emancipation of Mass., 314 et seq.
Seite 256 - this is the foulest, subtlest, and most venomous serpent ever issued from the egg of sedition. I saw the small seed when it was planted ; it was a grain of mustard. I have watched the plant until it has become a great tree.
Seite 294 - foes to the rights of British America may be "publicly known" and "universally contemned." The committees of correspondence in the respective colonies are charged frequently to " inspect the entries of their custom-houses/' and to keep each other informed regarding all matters touching the Association. 1 In the history of the American nation the
Seite 344 - JT Morse, Franklin (1892); Sir George Otto Trevelyan, American Revolution (3 vols., 1899-1903), I. ; John Bigelow, Life of Franklin (3 vols., 1874); and Copy of Letters sent to Great Britain, by his Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, the Hon. Andrew Oliver, and several other Persons, Born and Educated Among Us (Boston, 1773).

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