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the governments of several states in favour of a plan for effecting steam navigation on the western coast of America. Having obtained these, he came to England to form a British company sanctioned by a royal charter, and I have reason to believe that his project will be crowned with success.

His plans appeared to me ably and accurately stated, and are consistent with the impressions I received myself in those countries. Feeling the advantages which must accrue to the commercial world from the establishment of steamcommunication along the whole western coast of the Americas, particularly if it could, hereafter, be combined with railroads or canals across Central America or the Isthmus to unite the two seas, I determined, with Mr. Wheelwright's assistance, to bring his observations as well as my own on the same subject, more under public notice, The promotion of these views is, I am convinced, calculated to produce inestimable benefit to the general interests of trade, and will also have the effect, if adopted, of rin remote regions of the globe full of natural resources, more under the influence of a better social and political atmosphere.

Mr. Wheelwright's long experience of those countries entitles his opinions to considerable weight, and I may add, that the respect entertained for his character by all the British merchants in South America with whom he has been in the habit of frequent intercourse, and their attachment to him personally, founded on a knowledge of his integrity and prudence, and of his character for indefatigable zeal in whatever he undertakes, seem to render this gentleman a most efficient person for carrying so important a design into execution.

If I have yielded to the solicitation of others in mixing up with more worthy topics my own personal narrative, it was not from the desire of reputation as an author, to which I have


not the vanity to pretend, but with a hope that objects of immeasurable value, which so many are anxious to see realized, may find their way more readily to the attention of the public through such persons as are induced to read my book because they happen to take an interest personally in the author; and I am satisfied that I should do injustice to your feelings, as well as to my own, if I did not place you among that number.

Believe me, my dear Sir,

Very sincerely yours,

ILLUSTRATIONS, VOL. I. Lady of Buenos Ayres ·

FRONTISPIECE Gauchos lassoing cattle

to face page 107

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Map of route across the Pampas
Map of South America

page 145

end of Vol. I.


ERRATA, VOL. I. Page 23, last line, for “animalcula” read “ animalculæ."

33, heading over pages, instead of “Rio and Voyage to La Plata” read “ Rio de Janeiro."

74, line 11, after word “excite” omit “
99, 10, for “ Quattras” read “ Catres."
156, 5, for “ Pantano” read “ Pantana"
177 and 178, for “Biscachas” read “ Biscachos.”
198, line 6, for “ kancho” read “ rancho.”
202, 10, after word “friend” place a comma.

234, 3, remove asterisk from word “ fact" and place it at word “ Aconcagua” in line 7.

258, line 1, for “ Melchior” read “Melchor” (and the same throughout).

ERRATA IN MAPS, VOL. I. In map of route across the Pampas, for “ Novorra” read “ Navarro."

For “ Baranquitos” read “ Baranquita.”

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