South America and the Pacific: Comprising a Journey Across the Pampas and the Andes, from Buenos Ayres to Valparaiso, Lima, and Panama; with Remarks Upon the Isthmus, Band 1


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Seite 306 - Islands, lying within the said track, notwithstanding their having been first discovered and visited by British navigators, have never yet been so sufficiently surveyed, as that an accurate judgment may be formed of their coasts and...
Seite 306 - ... and product, his Majesty taking the premises into consideration, and conceiving no conjuncture so proper for an enterprise of this nature as a time of profound peace, which his kingdoms at present happily enjoy, has thought fit that it should now be undertaken.
Seite 311 - Majesty's rights of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. "These rights, founded upon the original discovery and subsequent occupation of the said islands, acquired an additional sanction from the restoration, by His Catholic Majesty, of the British settlement, in the year 1771, which, in the preceding year, had been attacked and occupied by a Spanish force, and which act of violence had led to much angry discussion between the Governments of the two countries.
Seite 95 - All' altro polo ; e vidi quattro stelle Non viste mai fuor ch
Seite 311 - Countries. The withdrawal of His Majesty's Forces from these Islands, in the year 1774, cannot be considered as invalidating His Majesty's just rights. That measure took place in pursuance of a system of retrenchment, adopted at that time by His Britannic Majesty's Government; but the marks and signals of possession and property were left upon the Islands: when the Governor took his departure, the British Flag remained flying, and all those formalities were observed which indicated the rights of...
Seite 293 - Republic can show conclusively that Spain was possessed of rights over the Falkland Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn, and the islands adjacent in the Atlantic Ocean of such a high and sovereign character as to justify the exclusion of the citizens of the United States of America from the fisheries there; if this Republic can...
Seite 289 - ... to know, distinctly, from this government, whether it claimed, on its part, any right or authority, to detain or capture, or in any way to molest, interrupt or impede, the vessels or the citizens of the United States of America, while engaged in fishing in the waters or on the shores of the Falkland Islands, and the other places included in the decree of June 10, 1829.
Seite 309 - With her rights again acknowledged, the emblems of sovereignty again reared, and possession resumed by a military and naval force, Great Britain voluntarily abandoned these distant dominions, taking every possible precaution, when she did so, to give evidence to the world, that though she abandoned, she did not relinquish them. It is true, that many years have elapsed since, under these circumstances, she ceased to occupy the Falkland Islands ; but the lapse of time cannot prevent her from resuming...
Seite 289 - The undersigned Minister of Grace and Justice, charged provisionally with the Department of Foreign Relations of the Argentine Republic, has the honour to address the Charge d' Affaires ad interim of his Britannic majesty in this city, to acquaint him, that the government has just learned that the commander of his Britannic majesty's sloop-of-war Clio has taken possession of the Island of La Soledad...
Seite 290 - Vol. 20, p. 338. wished to know distinctly from this Government whether it claimed on its part any right or authority to detain or capture or in any way to molest, interrupt, or impede the vessels or the citizens of the United States of America while engaged in fishing in the waters or on the shores of the Falkland Islands and the other places included in the decree of June 10, 1820.

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