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WHEN this Book was begun it was hoped that Messrs Jennings and Lowe would be able to divide the work between them, Mr Jennings being responsible for the evenly-numbered and Mr Lowe for the unevenly-numbered Psalms. It was soon found, however, that Mr Lowe's other engagements rendered this scheme impracticable, and Mr Jennings undertook the conduct and supervision of the whole Book.

Mr Lowe's contributions have been as follows:
The greater part of the general “ Introduction."

Large portions of the Commentary on fifty-one Psalms, viz. on most of the unevenly-numbered Psalms in the first four Books (1.-cvi.), and on cvii., cix., cxi., cxiii., cxxxix. of the fifth Book. A few of these Psalms were contributed as they stand in this Book, viz. with an Introduction prefixed. And a few others of the Introductions to these unevenly-numbered Psalms are the joint work of the two writers. But in the large majority of cases Mr Lowe contributed portions of Commentary only, in an unfinished form, and the task of revising and supplementing these, and writing the Introductions, fell on Mr Jennings. The references to Persian works in some of these Psalms are made by Mr Lowe.

The Appendix to Ps. cx. is the joint production of the two Authors.

In the Prolegomena and remaining ninety-nine Psalms Mr Jennings worked alone, and he was unaided in the work of correcting all proof-sheets and seeing the book through the Press.

A. C. J.
W. H. L.

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