Racing Calendar: Containing an Account of the Plates, Matches, and Sweepstakes, Run for in Great Britain and Ireland


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Seite xlii - Meeting in each year, and the acceptance must be signified, or the Whip resigned, before the end of the same Meeting. If challenged for and accepted in the Spring, to be run for on the Tuesday in the Second October Meeting following ; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the First Spring Meeting following, BC weight 10st, and to stake 200 sov.
Seite 214 - In matching (with relation to the battles) it is a rule always, in London, that, after the cocks of the main are weighed, the match bills are compared. That every pair of dead or equal weight are separated, and fight against others, provided that it appears that the main can be enlarged by adding thereto either one battle or more thereby.
Seite 213 - ... fight for two guineas each battle, to be as equally divided as can be, and added to each pit or day's play with the main of cocks ; and it is alfo agreed, that the balance of the battle money...
Seite 213 - ... play at the cockpit aforefaid ; and that the party's cocks that win the greateft number of battle-matches out of the number aforefaid...
Seite xxxvi - Club shall be appointed Stewards, and to commence their office on the fourth of June Annually. One new Steward to be appointed every year on the third day of June, by the Steward who quits on that day, subject to the approbation of i he members of the Jockey Club then present.
Seite xl - ... and the faid appointed perfon is to fign a certificate of fuch examination, and his opinion thereupon, which certificate is to be hung up before eight o'clock the evening of the faid day of running in the Coffee Room at Newmarket.
Seite xxvii - The horse, mare, or gelding, that winneth any two heats, winneth the Plate ; but if three several horses, mares, or geldings, win each of them a heat, then...
Seite 214 - ... fhall be paid at the end of each pit or day's play ; and to fight in fair reputed filver fpurs, and with fair hackles; and to be...
Seite xxvi - Hues and Profits of any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, or of or by the Intereft of any Sum or Sums of Money now chargeable with the fame, or appropriated for that Purpofe.
Seite xxxvii - Gentleman, fhalt be difcovered in watching trials himfelf, or procuring other perfons fo to do, or by any unfair means whatfoever, endeavouring to difcover trials ; on fuch complaint being carried to...

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