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Res. That will give an air of integrity.

very arts you have recommended so warmly. Bet Sir Rod. You seem to think, then, gentlemen, there the mischief shall end. Men may sube free that it is the duty of every honest merchant to my calamities, but they never shall by Diy CIS break once at least in his life, for the good of his

(The Bescnpl family!

NEWSPAPER EDITORSHIP. Res. Not the least question of that.

MARGIN with newspapers, account-books, 4 Pil. Every day's practice confirms it. Well, Sir September the 9th. Sold twelve tandred and Robert, when shall I provide you the tackle ? thirty. June the 20th. Two thousand and sir. Good Sir Rob. The tackle!

increase for the time, considering too that the wintes Pil. In about a month or six weeks, I think, you has been pretty pacińc: dabbled but little in treascas, may be made fit to appear in the papers.

and not remarkably scurrilous, unless, indeed a Sir Rob. In the Gazette, as a bankrupt?

few personal cases. We must season higher to any Res. Aye, but then no time must be lost.

up the demand.

Writers in Journals, like noge Pil. Not a moment, for should they smoke his dancers, to engage the public attention, must vestart design

their necks every step that they take. The pleasure Sir Rob. Gentlemen, I must decline your assist- people feel, arises from the risk thai were

what's the matter ! Pil. How?

Enter DINGEY. Sir Rob. For, without considering the private in Dingey. Mr. Hyson has left the answer to his is jury I may do to particular persons, this mischievous letter on East India affairs. incthod must soon affect the whole mercantile world. Margin. A lazy rascal, now his letter is forgot, be Pil. Why, what has that

comes with an answer. Besides, the subject as scale. Sir Rob. Mutual confidence is the very cement of Return it again. Are all our people in waiting! commerce. That weaken'd, the whole structure must Dingey. The attorney general to the paper, ta fall to the ground.

answers the law cases, is not come yet. Res. Hey!

Margin. Oh! that's Ben Bond'em the bads; Sir Rob. From the practice of these infamous arts, prudently done, perhaps be bas a writ against see as it is impossible they can be conceald, what suspi- our authors—Bid them enter, and call over ibo cions, what jealousies must every man in trade enter- names. tain !

Dingey. Walk in, gentlemen. Pil. How ?


PLAISTER, RUMOUR, roiosa, Sir Rob. What an injury besides, to those in my FIBBEE, COMMA, CAUSTIC, UTLAN, and ottecas. unbappy condition! The risks and losses unavoid Dingoy. Politicians, pro and con, Nessiewe i ably connected with commerce, procure the unsuc- per and Plaister. cessful trader generally the compassion, sometimes Pepper, Plaister. Here, the friendly aid, of those of his order.

Margin. Pepper and Plaister, as both the hose Res. We know that well enough.

are up, I shall adjourn your political warfaze Sir Rob. But when bankruptcy becomes a lucra- their meeting again. tive traffic, and men are found 10 fail with a view of Pepper. Don't you think the public would les making their fortunes, the unhappy and fraudulent one skirmish more before we close the campaign I ! will be confounded together, and punishment fall on have a trimmer here in my hand. bis bead who has a title to pity.

Plaister. To which I have as tart a refort. Pil. The man's mad.

Margin. No, no ; enough for the present. * Sir Rob, Perhaps I myself am a sacrifice to those Plaister the proper timing the subject, that

access to our labours. The conductor of a news Dingey. As you could not find them in constant aper, like a good cook, should always serve up things employment, they are engaged by the great, to do the o their season : who eats oysters in June ? Plays and articles in the Monthly Reviews. Parliament houses are winter provisions.

Margin. I thought they were done by doctor Pepper. Then half the satire and salt will be lost : Doubtful the Deist. Besides, if the great man should happen to die, or go Dingey. Formerly; but now he deals in manuscript

sermons, and writes religious essays for one of the Margin. Pshaw! it will do as well for the great Journals. an that comes in. Political papers should bear Margin. Then he will soon sink. I foresaw what amping ; like sermons, change but the application would come of his dramming. Go on. ad texi, and they will suit all persons and seasons. Dingey. Collectors of paragraphs, Roger Rumour,

Plaister. True enough; but meantime, what can and Phelim O'Flam. -e turn to; for we shall be quite out of work? Rumour, Flam. Here.

Margin. I warrant you, if you an't idle, there's Dingey. Fibber and Forge'em, composers and usiness enough, the press teems with fresh publica- makers of ditio. onshistories, translations, voyages

Fibber, Forge'em. Here. Pepper. That take up as much time to read as to Margin. Well, Rumour, what have you brought ake.

for the press ? Margin. And what with letters from Paris or Rumour. I have been able to bring you no posipa, inundations, elopements, dismal effects of tives, under and lightning, remarkable causes at country Margin. How! no positives ? sizes, and with changing the .ministry now and Rumour. Not one. I have a probability from the en, you will have employment enough for the court end of the town, and two good supposes out of Pluster. And so enter upon our old trade in the Margin. Hand them here-[reads.] “ It is pronater ?

bable, that if the king of Prussia should join the Vargin. Aye, or for variety, as it must be tiresome Czarina, France will send a fleet into the Meditertake always one side ; you, Pepper, may go over to ranean, which, by giving umbrage to the maritime ministration, and Plaister will join opposition. The powers, will involve Spain by its family compact. velty may perhaps give fresh spirits to both. To which if Austria should refuse to accede, there Pepper. With all my heart. A bold writer has may be a powerful diversion in Poland, made corr* no eucouragement to sharpen bis pen. I have junctly by Sweden and Denmark. And if Sardinia and own the day when there was no difficulty in get. Sicily abide by the treaties, the German Princes can ç a lodging in Newgate ; but now, all I can say never be neuter ; Italy will become the seat of war, n't procure me a warrant from a Westminster and all Europe soon set in a flame." Vastly well,

master Rumour, finely confused, and very alarming. Vargin. You say right, hard times, master Pep- Dingey, give him a shilling for this. I hope 80

for persecution is the very life and soul of our other paper has got it? le ; but don't despair, who knows how soon Rumour. On fie! did you ever now me guilty of ters may mend ! gentlemen, you may draw back. such a--d the next.

Margin. True, true, now let's see your supposes Pingey. Critics - Thomas Comma, and Christo- [Reads.) “ It is supposed, if Alderman Mango should Caustic

surrender his gown, he will be succeeded by Mr. largis Where are they

Deputy Drylips ; and if my Lord Mayor should con


the city.


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tinue ill of the gout, it is supposed the swan-hopping law has some punishment for suct. insolest rascal v
will cease for this season." -The last supposed is you.
fudged in: why would you cram these upon me for a Margin. Punishment! and for wbz:! Bet, after

all, what injury have you sustain'd! Rumour. As distinct as can be.

Sir Thomas. Infinite. All my agents de ante Margin. Fye, remember our bargain. You agreed post out of the country, my house is condes to do the court of aldermen always for sixpence. cousins to be present ai the opening of my vill,

Rumour. What, if a common bail should be called ? there has been (as it is known she has a 147 px

Margin. Oh! then you are to have threepence a jointure) no less than three proposals of TA? motion, I know that very well : I am sure no gentleman already made to my relict. can accuse me of being sneaking. Dingey, give him Deargin. Let me look at the paragraph. Ko sixpence for his supposes. Well, Phelim Ó Flam, any " Last night, after eating a hearts supper, der deaths in your district ?

denly, with his mouth full of custard, S: The O'Flam. The devil a one.

Tradewell, knight, an amiable companoa, 32 Margin. How! none ?

tionate relation, and a friend to the poor." 07:23 1 O'Flam. O yes, a parcel of nobodies, that died this is some blunder of yours; for, you see, lex the worth nothing at all. Fellows that can't pay for a gentleman is, and alive. funeral. Upon my conscience, I can't think what O'Flam. So he says, but the devil a obe it "s! becomes of the folks : for my part, I believe all the case would I believe but himself ; because *o?, people who live in town fall down dead in the was told it by Jeremy O Turlough, his OFE) country ; and then too, since doctor Dispatch is gone chairmau, my dear: by the same token, I treated at to the Bath, patients linger so long.

with a pint of porter for the good news Margin. Indeed!

Sir Thomas. Vastly oblig'd to you, V. OT:. O'Flam. To be sure they do. Why, I waited at but I have nothing to do with this wrecked to the Jolly Topers, a matter of two days and a half, it is you, Margin, shall answer for this for the last breath of Lady Dy Dropsy, for fear some Margin. Why, Sir Thomas, it is impers other collector sbould catch it.

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dow and then we must kill a mao by mistake. Margin. A long time, indeed.

in some measure to make anvends, you must OFlam. Wasn't it? considering that she had two good character the paper has given you. consultations, besides devilish tough. Mr. Margin, Sir Thomas. Character ! I shall quit the mortality walk, so provide yourself as Margir. Aye, sir, I can tell you I korekt: soon as you can.

crown for putting in many a worse. Margin. I hope not.

OʻFlam. Ave, Sir Thomas, consider of 42, O'Flam. Why, what will I do? I am sure the think what a comfort it is to live long ***** deaths won't keep me alive

; you see I am already you are dead, tu read such a good axonat din
stripp'd to my shroud; since November, that suicide in the papers.
season, I bave not got salt to my porridge.

Sir Thomas, Ha! ha! ha! what a niin

rascal! but I would advise you, gepflenzen:
Sir Thomas. Is your name Matthew Margin? take such liberties with me for the future.
Margin. It iş, and what then?

O‘Flam. Indeed and we won't; aná 1 bx;"
Sir Thomas. Then, pray what right had you to kiil Mr. Margin my word, that you sban': cir***
me in your last Saturday's paper ?
Margin. Kül you !

long as you live, unless, indeed, we çer utra

your own haod. Sir Thomas. Ay, sis, here the article is; surely the

in I

[The Beat


Besides, you have but a little time to consider ; in DEVIL, HARRIET, and in VOICE.

less than five minutes, you will have the consul and Devil [in a bottle.) Heigh-ho !

all his crew in the house. Har. Who is that?

Inv. Nay, then--Pray which is the bottle ? Inc. That! where?

Devil. That in the middle, right before you. Har. Did not you hear a voice ?

Inv. There it goes ! Inv. None. Fancy, my love ; only your fears. [He breaks the bottle and the Devil rises out of it. Devil. Heigh-ho!

Thunder. Har. There again!

Har. Oh, what aInv. I hear it now.-Who is there?

Devil. I am not surpris’d, miss, that you are a little Devil. Me.

shock'd at my figure : I could have assum'd a much Inv. Me! he speaks English ! Who and where are more agreeable form ; but as we are to be a little ou?

better acquainted, I thought it best to quit all disDevil. Here in this bottle ; where I have been guise and prelence; therefore, madam, you see me orked up for these six months.

just as I am. Inv. Cork'd up in a botile ! I never heard of such Har. I am sure, sir, you are ve-ve-very agreething in my life, unless, indeed, in the Hay-market able. ance.-Cork'd up in a bottle d'ye say?

Devil. Yo-yo---you are pleas’d to compliment, Devil. Ay; by the master of this house, a magi- madam.-Come, answer me sincerely; am I such a Gan.

being as you expected to see? Inv. A magician! Why then you are a spirit, I Har. Really, sir, I can hardly say what I expected - ppose. Devil. You are right ; I am the Devi).

Devil. I own it is a puzzling question ; at least, if Hnr. Mercy on us !

the world does us justice in the contradictory qualiDevil. Don't be terrified, miss : You remember ties they are pleas’d to afford us. e old proverb, “ The devil is not so black as he is

Inc. You will forgive me, if I don't understand ainted.

you. Inv. Well, but, sir

Devil. Why, for all their superlative epithets, you Devil. A truce to your questions, my good sir, cannot but see how much men are beholden to us ; the present !-Consider, rammed up in this narrow by our means it is that you measure the extent both mpass, I can't be much at my ease ; now if you of your virtues and vices. all but break the bottle before you on the floor Inv. As how ? Har. For beaven's sake, Mr. Invoice, take care Devil. As thus : In describing your friends, or your hat you do!

foes, they are devilish rich, devilish poor, devilish ugly, Devil. Whay, my pretty iniss, what risk do you run ? Cevilish 'handsome; now and then, indeed, to vary ur affairs can hardly be changed for the worse. the mode of conversing, you make a little free with Har. That's true, indeed!

our condition and country, as, hellish dull, damn'd Devil. Believe me, miss, as matters stand, we can clever, hellish cold; Psha! how damn'd hot it is! = of mutual use : Your lover may deliver me from Inv. True, sir ; but I consider this as a rhetorical ison, and I can prevent you both from going into figure, a manner of speaking devis’d and practis’d by onfinement.

dulness, to conceal the lack of ideas, and the want of Inc. What says my Harriet ? shall I rely on the expressions. entleman's word?

Devil. Partly that, I confess : Not but there is Devil. Da, madam! I am a devil of honour, I some truth in the case ; for at different times we have

to see.

the power, and do assure the various forms you I Deril. Oh, a paltry mechanic! the very precios de assign us.

jobbing! a mere bull and bear boobs, de tre of Inv. We? I observe you always make use of the lame ducks, brokers; and fraudulent bastru plural; is that, sir, by way of distinction, or, is your Inr. You amaze me! I vow I always to be family pretty large and extensive!

a principal agent. Devil, Multitudinous as the sands on the beach ; Derit. He ! Not at all. The fellow inde şase or the moats in a sun-beam: How the deuce else do himself some airs of importance, upon foilonie you think we could do all the business below? Why, fcamp, and having the contractors and I ihere's scarce an individual amongst you, at least of under his care ; but that affair you know closed any rank or importance, but has fire or six of us in the war. his train.

In. What, then, are they now entirely at cites Inv. Indeed!

hands? Devil

. A little before I got rammed in that phial, Devil. Yes ; quite out of his : He only sosteni I had been for some time on very hard duty in this their cent. per cent. squeezings, and propers tres part of the world,

various modes of extortion and rapine : 01 LE Inv. Of what kind ?

room, they have six or seven deiross 3-I, 29 Devil. The dæmon of power and I had long laid direct the dissipation of their ill-gotten reati. siege to a subject, the man a grandee; I was then a Inv. Indeed! popular spirit, and wore the mask of a patriot ; at Devil. Poor Lucifer, it is all over rith liv: Sifferent times, we possessed him by turns ; but, in were not for the fluctuation of Inga, 2003 the midst of a violent struggle, by which means I got lottery, or a contested election, the alley *** lame on this leg, and obtained the nick-name of the empty, and Lucifer have as lalile to do 25 Devil upon sticks,) the dæmon of vanity, a low under- pocket when the playhouses are shut. strapper amongst us, held over his head a circle Inv. Perhaps, sir, your name may de Bio gold, with five knobs ou the top, and, whew! few Devil. He! worse and worse! Siiderit away with our prize in an instant.

has the least regard to his character would che Inv. Under-strapper! what, are there different be seen in his company. Besiưes, it is the res! ranks and orders amongst you ?

lant, waspish, quarrelsome cer--BU DU Devil. Without doubt.

is the imp of chicane, and protect the (viluppo Inv. And pray, sir-I hope, no offence; but I the law. would not be wanting in proper respect are you,

Inv. Then be, at least, has employment when at home, of condition? or how must I

Devil. Yes, during the term, he lias a spod Devil. Yon mean, am I a devil of fashion, or one do : He is the parent of quibbles, the ato of the base born ?

pettifoggers, bad bail, and of bailails; live Ine. I do.

alibics, the source of sham pleas, the walgrat Devil. I have no reason to be asham'd of my family. of flaws, the patron of pecjury, and a spoof!

Iw. I don't doubt it. You will forgive me if I trials by jury? Not long ago, ilicust, as an make a mistake : Perhaps my lord Luciler. was put to his shifts. Devil, Who?

Inv. How was that? Inv. Lord Lucifer.

Derih The law had laid holi or SD old Devil, Lord Lucifer ? how little you know of our his, for being too positive as to a nallei of our folks Lucifer i lord! Wby, that's the meanest dence, evasion, protracian, plats, every nig Tascal amongst us.

employed :a acquit hin, ipar de most case Inu, Indeed!

skill could suggest; bus gali to no purpose

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