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A very pretty woman, who was tediously loquacious, complained one day to Madame de Sevigné, that she was sadly tormented by her lovers. “Oh, madam,” said Madame de Sevigné to her, with a smile, “it is very easy to get rid of them, you have only to speak.”

“sp I: ETA. INJU RIA For Mæ.”

It was mentioned one day to the duke de Roquelance, two ladies of the court had quarrelled, and loaded each other with abuse. “Isave they called each other ugly " said the duke. “No, sir.” “We good! then I will undertake to reconcile them.”

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*d of the first two perfect numbers, equal and *qual, 3 and 4; for the number 2, consisting of peated unity, which is no number, is not perfect: comprehends the primary numerical triangle or ne, and square or quartile, conjunction, considered the favourers of planetary influence as of the st benign aspect. In six days creation was comted, and the 7th was consecrated to rest. On the day of the 7th month, a holy observance was |ained to the children of Israel, who feasted 7 days, i remained 7 days in tents; the 7th year was octed to be a sabbath of rest for all things; and he end of 7 times 7 years commenced the grand lee. Every 7th year the land lay fallow ; every year there was a general release from all debts, all bondmen were set free. From this law may e originated the custom of our binding young to 7 years' apprenticeship, and punishing in. igible offenders by transportation for 7, twice 7, three times 7, years. Every 7 years the law to be recd to the people. Jacob served 7 years the possession of Rachael; and also other 7. h had 7 days' warning of the flood, and was comled to take the fowls of the air in by 7, and the beasts by 7. The ark touched ground on the month; and in 7 days the dove was sent out, again in 7 days after. The 7 years of plenty, years of fainine, were so in Pharaoh's a by the 7 fat and 7 lean beasts, and the 7 full he 7 Llasted ears of corn. Nebuchadnezzar years a beast; and the fiery furnace was 7 hotter to receive Shadrach, &c. A man dewas, by the Mosaic law, unclean 7 days; the of both animals was to remain with the dam l, and at the end of the 7th was to be taken By the old law, man was commanded to his offending brother 7 times; but the meekthe revealed law extended his humility to 70 7 : if Cain shall be avenged 7 times, truly h 70 times 7. In the destruction of Jericho, is bare 7 trumpets 7 days; on the 7th they ided the walls 7 times; after the 7th, the walls 3alaam prepared 7 rams for a sacrifice; and

7 of Saul's sons were hanged to stay a famine. Loban pursued Jacob 7 days' 3. Job's friends sat 7 days and 7 nights, and offered 7 bullocks and 7 rams as an atonement for their wickedness. In the 7th year of his reign, King Ahasuerus feasted 7 days, and on the 7th deputed his 7 chamberlains to find a queen, who was allowed 7 maidens to attend her. Miriam was cleansed of her leprosy by being shut up 7 days. Solomon was 7 years in building the temple, at the dedication of which he feasted 7 days; in the temple were 7 lamps; 7 days were appointed for an atonement upon the altar, and the priest's son was ordained to wear his father's garments 7 days. The children of Israel eat unleavened bread 7 days. Abraham gave 7 ewe-lambs to Abimelech, as a memorial for a well. Joseph mourned 7 days for Jacob. Naaman was cleansed of his leprosy by bathing 7 times in Jordan. The Rabbins say that God employed the power of this number to perfect the greatness of Samuel, his name answering the value of the letters in the Hebrew word, which signifies 7: whence Hannah his mother, in her thanksgiving, says the barren hath brought forth 7. In scripture are enumerated 7 resurrections: the widow's son, by Elias; the Shunamite's son, by Elisha; the soldier who touched the bones of the prophet; the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue; the widow's son of Nain; Lazarus; and our Lord. The Apostles chose 7 deacons. , Enoch, who was translated, was the 7th from Adam; and Jesus Christ was the 77th in a direct line. Our Lord spoke 7 times on the cross, on which he was 7 hours; he appeared 7 times; and after 7 times 7 days sent the Holy Ghost. In the Lord's Prayer are 7 petitions, contained in 7 times 7 words, omitting those of mere grammatical connection: within this number are concealed all the mysteries of apocalypse revealed to the 7 churches of Asia. There appeared 7 golden candlesticks and 7 stars in the hand of him that was in the midst; 7 lambs before the 7 spirits of God; the book with 7 seals; the lamb with 7 horns and 7 eyes; 7 angels with 7 trumpets; 7 kings; 7 thunders; 7,000 men slain. The dragon with 71.eads and 7 crowns; and the beast with 7 heads; 7 angels bearing 7 plagues, and 7 yials of wrath. The vision of Bio was of 70 weeks; and the elders of Israel were 70. There are also 7 heavens, 7 planets, (query ?) 7 stars, 7 wise men, 7 champions of Christendom, 7 notes in music, 7 primary colours, 7 deadly sins, and 7 sacraments in the catholic church. The 7th son was considered as endowed with preeminent wisdom; and the 7th son of a 7th son, is still thought to possess the wer of healing diseases spontaneously; Persection is likened to gold 7 times purified in the fire ; and we yet say you frightened me out of my, 7 senses. The opposite sides of the dice make 7, whence the players at hazard make 7 the main. Hippocrates says, that the septenary number, by its occult virtues, tends to the accomplishment of all things, to be the dispenser of life, and fountain of all its changes : . like Shakspeare, he divides the life of man into 7 ages; for as the moon changes her, phases, every 7 days, this number influences all sublunary beings, The teeth spring out on the 7th month, and are shed and renewed in the 7th year, when infancy is changed into childhood; at twice 7 years . begins ; at three times 7 the faculties are developed, and manhood commences, and we are become legally comtent to all civil acts; at four times seven man is in full possession of his strength ; at five times 7 he is fit for the business of the world; at six times 7 he becomes grave and wise, or never; at 7 times 7 he is in his apogee, and from that time decays; at eight times 7 he is in his first climacteric; at nine times 7, or 63, he is in his last or grand climacteric, or year of danger; and ten times 7, or three score years and ten, has, by the royal o been pronounced the natural period of human life.

Rubro, on the drunker captaIN

As the Caroline frigate was just setting sail,
Before a fine breeze, from the port of Kinsale,
As bold as a beggar, as drunk as a lord,
Old Bubro, the captain, came stagg'ring on board,
rry down, down, hey derry, &c.

He raged like a bear, fore and ań, through to *
Till over the cable his hap was to trip,
And his ballast being much over-light of tissil
Right over the bow in the ocean he fell,
Derry down, &c.
Now Rubro had got, as you may well suppo,
By drinking of brandy a very fine nate—
A nose such as rarely is seen between eyes.
A nose that resembled a trumpet in size.
Derry down, &c.
This nose being red, it so shone in the dart,
That it quickly attracted the eyes of a shit,
And the shark, being pretty weii up to his toe,
To make sure of the nose, he bit of the was or
Derry down, &c.
Just then father Neptune emerged from the so.
And, eyeing the i. thus gravely said be
“Ah, Rubro you've met with the punisoria --
For you drank all the grog and gave nonetto"
Derry down, &c.

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as to get his name up; for it appears that there ame éclat to be obtained in it in this age. There has been a benevolent practice, occasionally rted to by considerate and confederated seconds, ubstituting cork-bullets, exactly painted like lead, ead of the more deadly metal. Again, the friendly rference of a pair of Bow-street officers, in the ct nick of time, has warded off, most probably, a of odious bullets. The parties become cool, the inds interfere, and the magistrates hand the wele bond to the furious combatants to keep the re. If neither cork-bullets nor paper-pellets can obtained, nor the presence of peace officers, then pology may come hobbling up to close the scene, sh, by a masterly casuistry in the wording, leaves 3riginal honour of both parties in statu quo. It ld be unfair to deprive officers of the army, who o, it appears, wash out affronts given them in adversary's blood, of so great a luxury : still night venture to propose, that the chancellor of exchequer, for the time being, should be emred to expressly permit, nay, to encourage, ings at Chalk Farm, by allowing duellists to upon a stamped certificate being duly had and ... "... a stamp of 5001, affixed thereupon, or mall sum of 250l. for any printed apology, being Inly stamped and registered as aforesaid. Then, e parties dared, after this proclamation, to gle a duel, not having paid the fees, to be od guilty of murder, and hung upon the top of ose Hill, for the benefit of the rooks and crows. rtors and attornies, the former being privileged !, and the latter to take away, may, as they too novating upon the field of honour, be put upon with the military. In fact, getting their money ch easier, they perhaps ought to pay more to ote. Should i. clergy ever dare to fight the in this manner, which to their honour is rarely se, then their tenths should be commuted into elp., and they compelled to read the funeral over each departed duellist, and the offices ...e. sick who have been winged; express forms ach should be composed by the ecclesiastical

court. All tradesmen and mechanics should be allowed to fight secundum artem, or professionally, on paying their fees, which may be regulated by the lord mayor and corporation of the city of London, in cooperation with the chancellor; for a merchant, so much ; a banker, a bookseller, a baker, in due proportions: with authors it is difficult to determine how to act; for though their battles (and the fraternity are for ever fighting, like scorpions and spiders) are full of gall, being generally waged in liquid ink, yet having, of late, measured the field of honour, in ambition of their betters, or the Desaeuvres—the nothing-to-do gentlemen, what measure of money to rescribe for an author's license is rather difficult. heir poverty and their pride are well known: still the gareteer, who wages perpetual war in pamphlets and periodicals, should be allowed full credentials," if the money is even advanced by the literary fund. The law of honour is above all other laws, else why do barristers not only have verbal battles, but pistol rencontres; and even our senators, the makers of laws, become the breakers of laws in this respect. A prudential avoiding a causeless quarrel, is called cowardice; and to take an affront, baseness and meanness of spirit: to refuse fighting, and putting life on the chance of a bullet, a practice forbid by the law of God and all good governments, is still called cowardice; and a man is bound to die duelling, or live and be laughed at. This trumping up of imaginary things, called bravery, and gallantry, naming them virtue and honour, is beyond what we know of the jocose, seeing that such inconsistences, and such absurdities as the following reasoning, are made to go down with mankind; for example, A. is found in bed with B.'s wife; B. is the person injured, and therefore offended, and coming into the chamber with his pistol or sword in hand, A. loudly exclaims, “Why, sir, you wont murder me, will you ? As you are a man of honour, let me rise, and meet you.” B. therefore, being put in mind that he is a man of honour, starts back, and must act an honourable part ; so he lets A. get up, put on his clothes, take his sword or Pistols; then they fight, and B, is

killed for his honour; whereas, had the laws of God, Lips of the reddest therry's hue, of nature, and of reason, taken place, the adulterer! And laughing eyes of sparkling blue;

and adulteress should have been taken prisoners, and carried before the judge, and should have been immediately sentenced, he to the block, and she to the stake ; and the innocent-abused husband had no reason to have run any risk of his life for being cormuted. Defoe, who writes thus, goes on to say, that the aggrieved person, to be put on a par, Inight say, in order to render such reasoning on the law of honour consistent, “No, sir! say I, let me lay with your wife too, and then, if you desire it, I will fight Mou ; then I am upon even terms with you.” LIGHT PUN. Two gentlemen passing by some new houses, one of them observed that there were too few windows; but that circumstance, as it saved in part the tax, would be good for the liver. “True,” says the other, “...but d d bad for the lights.”

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Sterne says, the enjoyment of life is a tranquil acquiescence under an agreeable delusion, whence it has been said to be a jest, fut it is not so. He further says, that every animal in the creation as it grows older grows graver, except an old woman, and she grows frisky.—It has bcen somewhere observed, that when an old man has one foot in the grave, an old woman has a foot in the stars. Life has been compared to the running of tea, though the first and last decoction be equally weak, the one gives the flavour of the herb, the other but its foeces. Lord Chesterfield says, a man has but a bad bargain of it at the best; and the most natural conclusion is that it is the shadow of a shade.—To conclude: a man must laugh before he dies, or he must go out of the world without laughing ' ' '


Beauty, thou pretty pouting roguish jade,
With neck of snow, and cheeks of rosy red,
And teeth of iv'ry, smooth and neat,
And flowing locks, as black as jet;

The trimmest leg that e'er was seen,
The lightest foot that trips the green;
Two fair white globes heave on thy breas.
And “Oh, come clasp me !” cries the wist.
Beauty, thy form, iron toe to top,
Would tempt St. Peter's heir, the Pope.
Beauty, thou art a baited hook,
And man the tenant of the brook,
Who, wanting caution, swallows all be meets,
Till oft both bait and barbed hook he eats.
Thou art a leg of sheep, both fair and far,
Placed in the view of man, a hungry glution;
Thou art the verything he would be at—
How his mouth waters to enjoy the mutical
Thou art a magnet, man is steel,
Go where thou wilt, that follows at thy bee!,
Aye, should'st thou lead the wav to Nork,
Close and more close to thee he'll stick.
Beauty, to me what art thou not
My balm of life, my light of day—
Come, dearest maid! then, to my cot.
And chase the fiend, Disease, away.

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Where shall we go to enjoy ourselves to so dear? Shall we simplify it, and sentmental be Among the lakes and mountains in CarlorWestmoreland 2 Or shall we Byronize it upon the sea To Brighton and to Hastings the citizens are or . To Margate and to Ramsgate the prescoe - speed ; Cheltenham and Leamington, folks insides worrying, While Bath is full of tabbies, and is very & deed. Spoken.] “Lady Bab, I've uncommon go “What is it?” “To spend the summer E-Birmingham.” “What do you think of E-gate 1” “O, shocking! Last season I was -

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