Carlyles Faustabhandlung

G. Westermann, 1896 - 32 Seiten

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Seite 30 - Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight, And burned is Apollo's laurel bough, That sometime grew within this learned man.
Seite 30 - That sometime grew within this learned man. Faustus is gone ; regard his hellish fall, Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise, Only to wonder at unlawful things, Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits To practise more than heavenly power permits.
Seite 14 - Almain rutters with their horsemen's staves Or Lapland giants, trotting by our sides ; Sometimes like women or unwedded maids, Shadowing more beauty in their airy brows Than have the white breasts of the queen of love...
Seite 9 - Bin ich der Flüchtling nicht? der Unbehauste? Der Unmensch ohne Zweck und Ruh, Der wie ein Wassersturz von Fels zu Felsen brauste, Begierig wütend, nach dem Abgrund zu?
Seite 19 - Mit Anklang froher Zeit betrog, So fluch ich allem, was die Seele Mit Lock- und Gaukelwerk umspannt Und sie in diese Trauerhöhle Mit Blend- und Schmeichelkräften bannt!
Seite 5 - Buche mit besonderer Vorliebe alles berücksichtigt ist, was Carlyle zu Goethe hinzog und ihn zu einem Anhänger Goethescher Weltanschauung machte, so hat der Verfasser doch über dem, was diese beiden Geister verband, nicht versäumt, auch die tiefgehenden Gegensätze in Rechnung zu ziehen, die sie trennen.
Seite 30 - ... rise to so many varieties of moral disposition among men. It is not without reluctance, that in the play before us, we behold the inferior principle triumphant in the end. Faust's crimes are many, but his will seems to have had little share in them; even after his connection with the fiend, he feels virtuously, even nobly...
Seite 17 - ... sleepy juices, by which the pangs of humanity are to be quieted at once and for ever. The lofty hopes of another world dawn upon him, where the soul's ethereal essence shall no more be clogged and cramped by its bodily fetters, where its lordly feelings shall no more be blighted and confounded in the low turmoil of earth. The stream of life is carrying him nearer and nearer to the great ocean ; the mirror-wave is glancing at his feet ; new day beckons him to brighter shores. He knows the fearful...
Seite 9 - ... principles of profit and loss, and is accomplished quite as well as could have been expected. But we have felt mortified at seeing the bright aerial creations of Goethe metamorphosed into such a stagnant, vapid caput mortuum ; and we cannot forbear to caution our readers against forming any judgment of that great foreigner from his present representative, or imagining that Faustus affords even the faintest idea of the celebrated drama, the name of which it bears.
Seite 20 - How can a wretched fiend", he asks, " comprehend or find enjoyment for the lofty mind of man ?" " Yet if it could be so — if I shall ever lie at ease upon this bed of torture ; if thy delusions shall ever once cheat me into self-complacency, once betray me with enjoyment ; if I shall ever say to any moment, linger ! thou art sweet ! then cast me into fetters, then hurl me down to ruin, I shall not refuse to go. The great spirit of the earth has spurned me ; nature veils herself from my examination...

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