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16th. From the county of Muscatine-John H. Pigman.

17th. From the county of Desmoines—Joshua Tracy, John L. Corse, Geo. S. Albright, T. L. Sargent.

18th. From the county of Henry-Willet Dorland, Francis White.

19th. From the county of Lee-Robert P. Creel, George New


20th. From the county of Linn-John P. Conkey, Robert Holmes.

21st. From the county of Johnson—Samuel H. McCrory. 22nd. From the counties of Johnson and Iowa-Rolla John


23rd. From the counties of Poweshiek, Jasper, Tama and Benton-John Connell.

24th. From the county of Van Buren-Joseph Barker, Henry Weatherington.

25th. From the county of Jefferson-Robert Stephenson..
26th. From the county of Davis—0. D. Tisdall.
27th. From the county of Wapello—Samuel K. Creamer.

28th. From the counties of Wapello and Keokuk-Cyrus Franklin.

30th. From the county Appanoose-William Monroe. 31st. From the county of Monroe-Mathew A. Goodfellow.

33rd. From the county of Mahaska-Samuel Coffin, Micajah T. Williams.

34th. From the county of Marion-Green T. Clark.

35th. From the counties of Marion, Warren and MadisonJairius E. Neal, P. Gad Bryan.

36th. From the county of Polk-Alfred M. Lyon.

38th. From the counties of Boone, Webster, Story, Hardin and Marshall-Samuel B. McCall.

39th. From the counties of Fremont, Page, Taylor, etc.--William Dewey.

41st. From the county of Pottawattamie-John T. Baldwin.

42. From the counties of Harrison, Shelby, Woodbury, etc.Thomas B. Neely.

Upon motion of Mr. Corse, Mr. Bonson, of Dubuque, was elected Speaker pro tem of the House.

Upon motion of Mr. Samuels,
Mr. Nourse was elected Chief Clerk pro tem of the House.

Mr. Newsam, of Lee county, presented the credentials of S. J. Reid, as a member elect of this House from the 19th district, vice Josiah Hinkle, deceased;

Also, the credentials of W. F. B. Lynch, from the 19th district, vice Horace Dewey, removed from the State;

Also, the credentials of John S. Hamilton, vice William Damon, deceased;

Also, the credentials of J. M. Anderson, vice Samuel Boyles, elected County Judge.

Mr. Pigman presented the credentials of J. Scott Richman as member elect from the 16th district, vice Reasin Pritchard deceased.

Upon motion of Mr. Williams, of Mahaska county, Messrs. Williams, Corse and Samuels were appointed a committee on credentials, to report upon the qualification of members elect and others formerly members of the House.

Mr. Williams, chairman on the committee on credentials, submitted the following report:

That J. Scott Richman is duly elected to fill a vacancy in Muscatine county, caused by the decease of Reasin Pritchard.

The following named persons were duly elected from the county of Lee, to fill vacancies, to-wit: S. J. Reid, to supply vacancy occasioned by the death of Josiah Hinkle; W. F. B. Lynch in place of Horace Dewy, removed; John S. Hamilton, in place of Wm. Damon, deceased; J. M. Anderson, to fill vacancy by resignation of Samuel Boyles.


Chairman. Resolved, That Messrs. Yeoman, of Lucas, and Kinert of Jones, counties, are entitled to seats in this House.


Upon motion of Mr. Brown,
The report was received, and the committee discharged.

Upon motion of Mr. Tracy, The report of the committee relating to new members, was adopted.

Upon motion of Mr. Tracy, The report of the committee relating to the seats of Messrs. Yeo.. man and Kinert was adopted.

The oath required by the Constitution of the State of Iowa was duly administered to Messrs. Hamilton, Richman, Lynch, S. J. Reid and J. M. Anderson, by the Speaker pro tem, and was also by said members duly subscribed.

Mr. Turner offered a resolution, declaring Reuben Noble Speaker of the House.

Mr. Corse offered a substitute as follows: Resolved, That Reuben Noble be elected Speaker of the House by acclamation.

Mr. Turner withdrew his resolution. The question recurring upon the resolution of Mr. Corse, offered as a substitute, the same was adopted.

The Speaker pro tem appointed Messrs. Witter and Newsam to conduct Mr. Noble to the Chair.

Mr. Noble was conducted to the Chair, and addressed the House as follows: Gentlemen of the House of Representatives:

In accepting for the second time this station, I return you my sincere thanks for the honor you have again been pleased to confer upon me. I shall endeavor, Gentlemen, by the exercise of attention and impartiality to justify your choice, and to merit your continued confidence and respect, and so discharge the duties of the chair, as to insure to its decisions not merely a reluctant support, but a steady and cheerful acquiescence in their justice and propriety.

Upon motion of Mr. Turner, The rules of the last session of the House were adopted for the present ssesion.

Mr. Corse moved that Charles C. Nourse be elected by acclamation Chief Clerk of the House.

Which motion prevailed.

Mr. Creamer moved that A. R. Fulton, of Jefferson county, be elected by acclamation Assistant Clerk of the House. Which motion prevailed.

Upon motion of Mr. McCrory,

Silas Foster was, by acclamation elected Sergeant-at-Arms of the House.

On motion of Mr. McCrory,
A. P. Aylworth was elected Doorkeeper of the House.

Upon motion of Mr. Creamer,
R. B. Cochran was elected Messenger of the House.

Upon motion of Mr. Samuels,
James Hawkins was elected an Assistant Messenger of the

Mr. Newsam nominated Jackson D. Seamen, for an Assistant Messenger of the House.

Mr. Conkey nominated C. H. Woods as an Assistant Messenger.

C. H. Woods received thirty three votes for Messenger; Jackson D. Seamen received thirteen votes for the same office.

C. H. Woods.was declared duly elected.

The oath of office was administered by the Speaker to the Clerk and Assistant Clerk elect. The Messengers elect appeared and took the oath of office.

Upon motion of Mr. Neal, The Speaker appointed a committee of three to wait upon the Senate, and inform them of the organization of the House. Said committee consisting of Messrs. Neal, Conkey and Dorland.

Upon motion of Mr. Tracy, The Speaker appointed a committee of three to act in conjunction with a similar committee on the part of the Senate, to wait upon the Governor, and inform him that the House is now organized and ready to receive any communication he may have to make to them. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Tracy, Williams and Hyde.

Message from the Senate: Senators Thurston, Needham and Udell announced that the Senate was now organized and ready to proceed to business.

Upon motion of Mr. Homes, of Jones, The Clerk was directed to provide for Reporters of Newspapers within the bar of the House.

Mr. McKay offered the following resolution: Resolved, That each member of the House be supplied with twenty-five copies of daily papers during the session,such as he may select.

Mr. Bryan moved to amend by adding: Orịtheir equivalent in weeklies, semi or tri-weeklies.” Mr. McKay accepted the amendment, and the resolution as amended was adopted.

Upon motion of Mr. Neil it was Resolved, That the Clerk be directed to contract for the payment of the postage of members during the session.

Upon motion of Mr. Corse,
The House adjourned until 9 o'clock to-morrow morning.


House met pursuant to adjournment.

The Speaker in the Chair.
Upon motion of Mr. Bonson,

The Rev. Mr. Bowman offered prayer. The Speaker announced that the Standing Committees of the House would be continued, and appointed as during the last Session, and that vacancies which have occurred would be filled by appointment, in due time.

Mr. Greenleaf, of Davis county, and Mr. Meek, of Van Buren, appeared, and were admitted to their seats, as members of the House.

Mr. Dorland offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That all subjects of general legislation, except such as shall be recommended by the Governor, be excluded from this Session of the General Assembly; which was, Upon motion of Mr. Hamilton,

Laid upon the table.
Mr. Newsam offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That each member of the House be furnished with a copy of the Acts of the last Session of the Legislature, and a copy of the Code of Iowa.

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