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MATT. X. 8.

Freely ye have received, freely give.

I NEED not, inform this learned audi:

ence, that these words, in their original application, relate to the dispensation of those miraculous gifts, which our Saviour bestowed upon his twelve Disciples, ". when he first sent them forth to preach “ the word to the lost sheep of the house so of Israel.” They may, however, without impropriety, now, when the power of working miracles no longer exists, be taken in a more enlarged sense, as an exa hortation : to every man to cultivate and VOL. IV.


apply apply to the best advantage those several faculties and abilities, which he has received from the bounty of Divine Providence. And in this view, whether we consider them as applicable to the business of the present life, or the concerns of the next, they contain a lesson of the utmost use and importance, and seem to speak to every man in some such language

as this:

“ Freely thou hast received, at the 6 hand of God, a variety of blessings and “ talents, to which thou hadst no claim * from any merit of thy ówn, but which

were the spontaneous gift of his divine 56 benevolence. Let this consideration, " therefore, stimulate thee to give, as

freely as thou hast received: Suffer 6 not life to glide away insensibly in tor" pidity or indifference; but, whatever be

thy province or station in it, call forth $6 all thy powers to their proper use. 6. Lay hold on every occasion, which pre

66 sents

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