The Cultivator: A Monthly Publication, Devoted to Agriculture, Band 5

L. Tucker, 1848

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Seite 325 - West pretend to give the very year when the honey-bee first crossed the Mississippi. The Indians with surprise found the mouldering trees of their forests suddenly teeming with ambrosial sweets, and nothing, I am told, can exceed the greedy relish with which they banquet for the first time upon this unbought luxury of the wilderness.
Seite 325 - It is surprising in what countless swarms the bees have overspread the far west, within but a moderate number of years. The Indians consider them the harbinger of the white man, as the buffalo is of the red man, and say that, in proportion as the bee advances, the Indian and buffalo retire.
Seite 120 - ... or peculiarity of habit may be, we consider them all as having originated from a few accidental varieties of the common pigeon, and not from any cross of that bird with other species, no signs or marks whatever of such being apparent in any of the numerous varieties known to us. In fact, the greater part of them owe their existence to the interference and the art of man ; for by separating from the parent stock such accidental varieties as have occasionally occurred, by subjecting these to captivity...
Seite 222 - A husbandman's wish would not lay the farms more level than they are; and yet some of the fields, but in no great degree, are washed into gullies, from which all of them have not as yet been recovered.
Seite 222 - ... from the Federal City, Alexandria, and Georgetown ; distant from the first, twelve, from the second, nine, and from the last, sixteen miles. The Federal City, in the year 1800, will become the seat of the general government of the United States. It is increasing fast in buildings, and rising into consequence ; and will, I have no doubt, from the advantages given to it by nature, and its proximity to a rich interior country, and the Western territory, become the emporium of the United States.
Seite 31 - Fremont would not put him to the trial, and, shifting the saddle to the younger brother, the elder was turned loose to run the remaining thirty miles without a rider. He did so, immediately taking the lead and keeping it all the way, and entering San Luis in a sweeping gallop, nostrils distended, snuffing the air, and neighing with exultation...
Seite 222 - No estate in United America is more pleasantly situated than this. It lies in a high, dry, and healthy country, three hundred miles by water from the sea, and, as you will see by the plan, on one of the finest rivers in the world. Its margin is washed by more than ten miles of...
Seite 222 - ... fund of rich mud may be drawn, as a manure, either to be used separately, or in a compost, according to the judgment of the farmer. It is situated in a latitude between the extremes of heat and cold, and is the same distance by land and water, with good roads, and the best navigation (to and) from the Federal City, Alexandria, and Georgetown ; distant from the first, twelve, from the second, nine, and from the last sixteen miles.
Seite 222 - The soil of the tract, of which I am speaking, is a good loam, more inclined however to clay than sand. From use, and I might add, abuse, it is become more and more consolidated, and of course heavier to work. The greater part is a greyish clay ; some part is a dark mould ; a very little is inclined to sand ; and scarcely any to stone.
Seite 289 - ... for a minute or two, is strained through a towel from the coagulated albumen and the fibrine, now become hard and horny, we obtain an equal weight of the most aromatic soup, of such strength as cannot be obtained, even by boiling for hours, from a piece of flesh. When mixed with salt and the other usual additions, by which soup is usually seasoned, and tinged somewhat darker by means of roasted onions or burnt sugar, it forms the very best soup which can in any way be obtained from 1 Ib. of flesh.

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