A Pleasing Companion for Little Girls and Boys: Blending Instruction with Amusement: Being a Selection of Interesting Stories, Dialogues, Fables and Poetry ...

I.T. Hopper, 1830 - 135 Seiten
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Seite 111 - As I had some opinion of my son's prudence, I was willing enough to entrust him with this commission ; and the next morning I perceived his sisters mighty busy in fitting out Moses for the fair ; trimming his hair, brushing his buckles, and cocking his hat with pins. The business of the toilet being over, we had at last the satisfaction of seeing him mounted upon the colt, with a deal box before him to bring home groceries in. He had on a coat made of that cloth they call thunder and lightning, which,...
Seite 112 - why won't you listen to reason? I had them a dead bargain, or I should not have bought them. The silver rims alone will sell for double the money.' 'A fig for the silver rims!' cried my wife in a passion: 'I dare swear they won't sell for above half the money at the rate of broken silver, five shillings an ounce.
Seite 112 - A fig for the silver rims," cried my wife, in a passion ; "I dare swear they wont sell for above half the money at the rate of broken silver, five shillings an ounce." "You need be under no uneasiness," cried I, " about selling the rims, for they are not worth sixpence, for I perceive they are only copper, varnished over." " What !" cried my wife, " not silver ! the rims not silver !" " No," cried I ; "no more silver than your saucepan.
Seite 101 - I saved my money. As I grew up, came into the world, and observed the actions of men, I thought I met with many, very many, who gave too much for the whistle.
Seite 101 - I, he has paid dear, very dear, for his whistle. When I see a beautiful, sweet-tempered girl, married to an ill-natured brute of a husband, What a pity it is, says I, that she has paid so much for aa/histle!
Seite 7 - He had took better care for improving his mind: He told me his dreams, talk'd of eating and drinking ; But he scarce reads his Bible, and never loves thinking. Said I then to my heart," Here's a lesson for me." That man's but a picture of what I might be ; But thanks to my friends for their care in my breeding; Who taught me betimes to love working and reading.
Seite 105 - As soon as he had made the necessary discovery, he kicked the rope as a signal for pulling him out. The people at the mouth of the den, who had listened with painful anxiety, hearing the growling of the wolf, and supposing their friend to be in the most imminent danger, drew him forth with such celerity, that his shirt was stripped over his head and his skin severely lacerated. After he had adjusted his clothes and...
Seite 100 - I then came home, and went whistling all over the house, much pleased with my whistle, but disturbing all the family. My brothers, and sisters, and cousins, understanding the bargain...
Seite 101 - I saw one too ambitious of court favor, sacrificing his time in attendance on levees, his repose, his liberty, his virtue, and perhaps his friends, to attain it, I have said to myself, This man gives too much for his whistle.

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