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The Hiverside Literature Series - Continued

137. Homer's Iliad. Books I., VI., XXII., and XXIV. Translated by Bryant. 138. Hawthorne's The Custom House, and Main Street. 139. Howells's Doorstep Acquaintance, and Other Sketches. 140. Thackeray's Henry Esmond. (Quintuple No.) Pa., 60 cts.; linen, 75 cts. 141. Three Outdoor Papers, by T. W. HIGGINSON. 142. Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies: 1. Of Kings' Treasuries; 2. Of Queens'

Gardens.* 143

Plutarch's Life of Alexander the Great North's Translation. 144. Scudder's Book of Legends.* 145. Hawthorne's Gentle Boy, and Other Tales. 146. Longfellow's Giles Corey of the Salem Farms. 147. Pope's Rape of the Lock, and Other Poems. Henry W. BOYNTON. 148. Hawthorne's Marble Faun. ANNIE RUSSELL Marble.SSS 149. Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. R. G. WHITE and HELEN GRAY CONE.* 150. Ouida's A Dog of Flanders, and The Nürnberg Stove.* 151.

Mrs. Ewing's Jackanapes, and The Brownies.* H. W. BOYNTON. 152. Martineau's Peasant and Prince. $ H. W. Boynton. 153. Shakespeare's Midsummer-Night's Dream. Laura E. LOCKWOOD. 154. Shakespeare's Tempest. R. G. White and E. E. HALB, JR. * 155. Irving's Life of Goldsmith. Willis Boughton.$$ 156. Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette, Lancelot and Elaine, The Passing of

Arthur.* 157. The Song of Roland. Translated by ISABEL BUTLER. 158. Merlin, and Sir Balin. Books I. and II. From Malory's King Arthur.

C. G. Child.*
159. Beowulf. C. G. Child.*

A American Authors and their Birthdays. By A. S. Roe.
B Portraits and Biographies of Twenty American Authors.
C A Longfellow Night. For Catholic Schools and Societies.
D Literature in School. Essays by HORACE E. SCUDDER.
E Harriet Beecher Stowe. Dialogues and Scenes.
F Longfellow Leaflets.
G Whittier Leaflets. Each a Double Number, 30 cents; linen, 40 cents,
H Holmes Leaflets. Poems and Prose Passages for Reading and Reci
O Lowell Leaflets.
1 The Riverside Primary Reading Manual for Teachers. By
K The Riverside Primer and Reader. 25 cents; linen, 30 cents,
L The Riverside Song Book. 120 Classic American Poems

Music. (Double Number, 30 cents ; boards, 40 cents.)
M Lowell's Fable for Critics. (Double Number, 30 cents,
N Selections from the Writings of Eleven America
P The Hiawatha Primer. (Special Number.) A Fi

FLORENCE HOLBROOK. Cloth only, 40 cents,
V The Book of Nature Myths. (Special Number

to follow the Hiawatha Primer. By FLO

45 cents. Q Selections from the Writings of Eley Ř Hawthorne's Selected Twice-Told

Paper, 20 cents; linen, 30 cents S Irving's Selected Essays from

(Double Number, T Emerson's Nature ; Lowell

U A Dramatization of Lo


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