The Philosophical Magazine, Band 36

Taylor & Francis., 1810

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Seite 9 - ... led him to consider, that the generality of calculous complaints might possibly be prevented, by introducing into the stomach, such substances as are capable of preventing the formation of uric acid, and that this mode of treatment would have many advantages over the usual method, which consists in attempting to dissolve the uric acid after it is formed. He consulted Mr. HATCHETT on the substance most likely...
Seite 110 - The bitter liquor from the pits is boiled for some hours in the pans, which are used in summer to prepare common salt; and the impurities, which rise to the surface, are removed by skimming. - During the evaporation, a portion of common salt 'separates; and this, as it is too impure for use, is reserved for the purpose of concentrating the brine in summer. The evaporated bitter liquor is then removed into wooden coolers eight feet long, five feet wide, and one foot deep.
Seite 363 - Most of the bogs which lie to the eastward of the Shannon and which occupy a considerable portion of the King's County and the county of Kildare, are generally known by the name of the Bog of Allen.
Seite 352 - M. Berthollet,* a few years after the discovery of Scheele,' made a number of important and curious experiments on this body ; from which he concluded, that it was composed of muriatic acid gas and oxygen ; and this idea for nearly twenty years has been almost universally adopted.
Seite 360 - Few substances, perhaps, have less claim to be considered as acid than oxymuriatic acid. As yet we have no right to say that it has been decompounded ; and as its tendency of combination is with pure inflammable matters, it may possibly belong to the same class of bodies as oxygen.
Seite 362 - Ireland, with its narrowest end nearest to the capital, and gradually extending in breadth as it approaches to the western ocean. This great division of the island extending from east to west, is traversed by the Shannon from north to south, and is thus divided into two parts ; of these, the division to the westward of the river contains more than double the extent of the bogs which are to be found in the division to the eastward ; so that if we suppose the whole...
Seite 188 - Quantities, and the ratios of quantities, which in any finite time converge continually to equality, and before the end of that time approach nearer to each other than by any given difference, become ultimately equal.
Seite 270 - Pts& must appear; and the same difference will be found in any other place where lime and bricks bear the same price, and proper earth can be found at hand. But as attempting this sort of work, where it is not applicable, or improperly doing it, so as to lead to failure, may prevent its introduction where it would be useful, I shall endeavour to point out any precautions that have struck me, and every thing that has appeared to make against it. Many persons haVe supposed, and it has been asserted,...
Seite 361 - Commissioners appointed to inquire into the nature and extent of the several bogs in Ireland, and the practicability of draining and cultivating them : ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 28th April, 1814, p.
Seite 22 - The circumstance, that the ammonia ceases to be produced after a certain number of operations, and that the quantity is much greater when free nitrogen is present, are perhaps against the idea that nitrogen is composed in the process. But till the weights of the substances concerned and produced in these operations are compared, no correct decision on the question can be made. The experiments of Dr. Priestley upon the production of nitrogen, during the freezing of water, induced that philosopher...

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