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The English lessee of the shooting of Dreumah had arrived in the Highlands three days ere the 12th of August, accompanied by two friends. It was a shooting which in extent and wildness ranked as one of the best in the Highlands, being inhabited by every prized species, from the high-ranging Ptarmigan to the far-ranging Red Deer, and brought a rent commensurate with the sport it afforded, and with that wealth which only epicurean Englishmen are willing to lavish on this exciting enjoyment.

The wild country around was unmarked by the tread of human foot; the sportsmen and the shepherds tracked their way by nobler signs. There, on the blue horizon, stood the blasted trunks of a pine forest, looking on moonlight nights like a battle-field of gigantic skeletons, or a fearful group of elans,--Ossian's mighty men-arrested by one death stroke in their attitudes of strife. The father mountain of Dreumah

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