Tectonics of the Southern Central Andes: Structure and Evolution of an Active Continental Margin

Klaus-Joachim Reutter, Ekkehard Scheuber, Peter Wigger
Springer Science & Business Media, 06.12.2012 - 334 Seiten
together with contributions by invited geoscientists The Central Andes, whose orogenic activity is so impressively documented by recent volcanism and and counterparts from other countries, during a workshop held in Berlin, 23-25 May 1990. A great earthquakes, have always attracted the attention of geoscientists. This interest became even more accen number of the papers presented at this workshop are tuated since, a quarter of a century ago, Plate included in this volume. While most of the chapters Tectonics became the basis for the New Global refer regionally to the segment of the southern Andes Tectonics concept, in which this huge mountain range mentioned above, others treat general aspects or deal was the most spectacular example of an active conti with Andean regions farther south, thus showing not only that the structures of this mountain range can be nental margin. Thus, in addition to the continuing research work by South American and foreign geo followed to more distant parts but also that there are scientists dedicated mostly to regional and economic significant structural variations along strike. problems, a great number of special research pro Like other books which originate from workshops grammes were initiated aiming at a better understand and are comprised of contributions from many ing of the processes acting at a convergent plate authors, also this one cannot give a complete and margin. well-balanced view of the scientific subject dealt In 1982, the earth science institutes of the Freie with, in this case the southern Central Andes.

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The Lithospheric Structure of the Central Andes 20 26S as Inferred from Interpretation
Variation in the Crustal Structure of the Southern Central Andes Deduced from Seismic
Crustal High Conductivity Zones in the Southern Central Andes
Geothermal Structure of the Central Andean Crust Implications for Heat Transport
New Constraints on Crustal Contamination Processes
Large Events Seismic Gaps and Stress Diffusion in Central Chile
KAr and Fission Track Mineral Age Determinations of Igneous Rocks Related to Multiple
Geothermal and Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Cordillera and the Subandean Ranges
Early Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Magmatism in the Coastal Cordillera and the Central
Sediment Accumulation and Subsidence History in the Mesozoic Marginal Basin of Northern Chile
Jurassic Cretaceous Palaeogeographic Evolution of the Chilean Andes at 2324S Latitude
Terranes of Southern Gondwanaland and Their Control in the Andean Structure 3033S Latitude
Some Isotopic and Géochemical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of the Central Andean
The Late Carboniferous to Triassic Volcanic Belt in Northern Chile
Geodynamic Evolution of the Early Palaeozoic Continental Margin of Gondwana in
Petrochemical Factors Governing the Metallogeny of the Bolivian Tin Belt

Sedimentary and Structural Evolution of the Salar de Atacama Depression
Boundary Between Arc and Backarc from Late

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