Cooper's Works, Band 13

James G. Gregory (successor to W.A. Townsend), 1859

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Seite 692 - He is again mistaken: there were two frigates (the Sabine and the Savannah) on the stocks there the whole of the year 1826. The Lexington and Vincennes sloops were launched in March and May of the same year. " Mr. de Roos next describes the Ohio, 74, which he terms a splendid ship. I am glad to hear that a professional gentleman has reason to be pleased with any of our vessels ; but I think he labours under some error when he adds, ' I afterwards learned that this vessel (the Ohio) was an instance...
Seite ii - Wilkins, of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book- the right whereof they claim as proprietors in the words following, to wi — pMvras A-óyet* fapttafiiottt lJtiXOÏf LböAEy^hV^j, ХЯ? ' In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States...
Seite 447 - I remember to have read one of his books (Wieland) when a boy, and I take it to be a never-failing evidence of genius, that, amid a thousand similar pictures which have succeeded, the images it has left, still stand distinct and prominent in my recollection.
Seite 112 - Pacific, at the close of the last, and at the commencement of the present century, as is known to-day.
Seite 448 - ... and uniform. All the attempts to blend history with romance in America, have been comparatively failures, (and perhaps fortunately,) since the subjects are too familiar to be treated with the freedom that the imagination absolutely requires.
Seite 478 - ... to you, and to your illustrious associates in the field and in the cabinet, for the multiplied blessings which surround us, and for the very privilege of addressing you which I now exercise.
Seite 477 - ... voluntarily encountered, and the signal services, in America and in Europe, which you performed for an infant, a distant and an alien people; and all feel and own the very great extent of the obligations under which you have placed our country. But the relations in which you have ever stood to the United States, interesting and important as they have been do not constitute the only motive of the respect and admiration which the house of representatives entertain for you.
Seite 479 - Well may I stand firm and erect, when in their names, and by you, Mr. Speaker, I am declared to have, in every instance, been faithful to those American principles of liberty, equality, and true social order, the devotion to which, as it has been from my earliest youth, so it shall continue to be a solemn duty to my latest breath.
Seite 477 - The vain wish has been sometimes indulged, that Providence would allow the patriot, after death, to return to his country, and to contemplate the intermediate changes which had taken place — to view the forests felled, the cities built, the mountains levelled, the canals cut, the highways constructed, the progress of the arts, the advancement of learning, and the increase of population.
Seite 149 - I have not been able to find a room to sleep in, that it is not fortified with a Brussels, or a double English ingrain. The perspiration stands on my forehead while I write of them! Another defect in the American establishments is the want of cabinets de toilette. They are certainly to be found in a few houses, but I have occupied a bed-room five and twenty feet square, in a house, otherwise convenient, that had not under its roof a single apartment of the sort.

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