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Skeat's "Works of Chaucer."
Morris's "Chaucer."


Lounsbury's "Studies in Chaucer."

Ward's "Life of Chaucer" (English Men of Letters).

Lowell's "My Study Windows."

Edinburgh Review, vol. 3: 437 (Sir Walter Scott).
Atlantic Monthly, 40: 270 (Lounsbury).
Littell's Living Age, 110:738 (Brooke).


Hillard's "Spenser's Works."

Todd's "Spenser's Works."

Church's "Life of Spenser" (English Men of Letters).
Whipple's "Literature of the Age of Elizabeth."

Lowell's "Among My Books."

Edinburgh Review, 7: 203 (Sir Walter Scott).

Littell's Living Age, 141:771 (Dowden). Also 145:814; 164:579;

209: 154.


Hudson's or Rolfe's "Shakespeare."

Wilder's "Life of Shakespeare."

Dowden's "Shakespeare, His Mind and Art."

Hudson's "Shakespeare, His Life, Art, and Characters."

Knight's "Life of Shakespeare."

Jameson's (Mrs.) "Characteristics of Women.”

Lewes's "Women of Shakespeare" (Translated from German).

Ulrici's "Shakespeare's Dramatic Art."

Winter's "Shakespeare's England."

Coleridge's "Lectures and Notes on Shakespeare.”

White's "Studies in Shakespeare."

Corson's "Introduction to the Study of Shakespeare."
Atlantic Monthly, 55: 387 (Clapp); 3: 111 (Lowell).

Century Magazine, 29: 780.

Littell's Living Age, 148: 792; 165: 405 (Dowden).


Montagu's "Works of Bacon."

Craik's "Bacon, His Writings and His Philosophy."

Nichol's "Francis Bacon: His Life and Philosophy."
Church's "Life of Bacon " (English Men of Letters).
Whately's "Bacon's Essays with Annotations."

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Macaulay's Essay on Bacon.”

Whipple's "Literature of the Age of Elizabeth."

North American Review, 56: 59 (Bowen); 93: 149 (Giles). Littell's Living Age, 69: 515; 78: 579; 139:91.


Masson's "Life and Times of Milton."

Pattison's "Life of Milton" (English Men of Letters).

Garnett's "Life of Milton" (Great Writers Series).

Matthew Arnold's "Mixed Essays."

Channing's "Character and Writings of Milton."

Johnson's "Lives of the Poets."

Macaulay's "Essay on Milton."

Lowell's "Among My Books."

Addison's "Spectator."

North American Review, 47: 56 (Emerson).

Littell's Living Age, 118: 643 (Bayne); 125: 323 (Pattison).

New Englander, 42: 196 (Himes).

Century Magazine, 14: 53 (M. Arnold).

Southey's "Life of Bunyan."


Brown's "John Bunyan: His Life, Times, and Work."
Froude's "Life of Bunyan " (English Men of Letters).
Venable's "Life of Bunyan" (Great Writers Series).
Cheever's "Lectures on the Life and Times of Bunyan.”

Macaulay's "Essay on Bunyan.”

North American Review, 36: 449.

Littell's Living Age, 33: 153; 171: 276 (Goldwin Smith).

Mitford's "Dryden's Works."


Saintsbury's Life of Dryden" (English Men of Letters).

Johnson's "Lives of the Poets."

Macaulay's “Essay on Dryden.”

Lowell's “Among My Books."

Littell's Living Age, 45: 432; 139: 579; 185: 312 (Evans).


Courthope's "Life of Addison" (English Men of Letters).
Carruthers's "Pope's Life and Letters."
Johnson's "Lives of the Poets."

Dobson's "Life of Steele."

De Quincey's "Literary Reminiscences."
Thackeray's" English Humorists."

Macaulay's "Essays."

North American Review, 79: 90 (Tuckerman); 64: 314 (Peabody).
Century Magazine, 26: 703 (Oliphant).
Littell's Living Age, 105: 819; 170:776.


Carruthers's "Pope's Life and Letters."

Stephen's "Life of Pope” (English Men of Letters).

Johnson's "Lives of the Poets."

Thackeray's "English Humorists."

Lowell's "My Study Windows."

Scribner's Magazine, 3: 533 (Dobson).

Littell's Living Age, 65: 330; 98: 643 (Oliphant); 163: 515, 613; 184:

195 (Traill).


Orrery's "Life and Writings of Swift."

Craik's "Life of Swift."

Scott's "Life of Swift."

Stephen's "Life of Swift" (English Men of Letters).

Johnson's "Lives of the Poets."

Thackeray's "English Humorists."

Macaulay's "Essays."

North American Review, 106: 68; 123: 170 (Hill).

Littell's Living Age, 45: 303 (Masson); 128:515; 104: 707; 95: 369.


Boswell's "Life of Johnson."

Stephen's "Life of Johnson" (English Men of Letters).
Grant's "Samuel Johnson" (Great Writers Series).

Carlyle's "Boswell's Life of Johnson."

Macaulay's "Essay on Johnson."

Harper's Magazine, 14: 483 (Macaulay); 82: 927 (Besant).

Edinburgh Review, 7: 436 (Jeffrey).

Littell's Living Age, 138:86 (M. Arnold); 138: 541 (Cyples); 121: 91 (Stephen); 164: 425 (Birrell); 163: 803 (Gosse).


Forster's "Life and Times of Goldsmith."

Irving's "Life of Goldsmith."

Black's "Life of Goldsmith" (English Men of Letters).

Dobson's "Life of Goldsmith" (Great Writers Series).

Macaulay's "Essays."

Thackeray's "English Humorists."

North American Review, 45: 91 (Channing); 8: 309 (Dana).
Littell's Living Age, 18: 345 (Lytton); 43: 531.


Morison's "Life of Gibbon" (English Men of Letters).

Gibbon's "Autobiography."

Atlantic Monthly, 41: 99 (Howells).

19th Century, 36: 146 (F. Harrison).

Littell's Living Age, 53: 449 (Rogers); 35: 417; 203: 669; 210:416.

Taylor's "Life of Cowper."


Wright's "Life of William Cowper."

Smith's "Life of Cowper" (English Men of Letters).

North American Review, 38: 1 (Peabody); 44: 29 (Channing); 2: 233 (W. Phillips); 19:435 (Ware).

Littell's Living Age, 110: 67 (Forrest); 110: 376; 127: 323; 86:563; 72: 259; 182:659 (Bailey); 189: 546 (Rae); 191: 815 (Bailey); 204: 195 (Alice Law).


Lockhart's "Life of Robert Burns."

Chambers's "Life and Works of Robert Burns."

Shairp's "Life of Burns" (English Men of Letters).

Blackie's "Life of Robert Burns" (Great Writers Series).

Carlyle's "Essay on Burns."

North American Review, 42: 66 (Peabody); 143: 427 (W. Whitman).

Littell's Living Age, 113: 3; 206: 515 (Price).

Atlantic Monthly, 44: 502 (Shairp); 6: 385 (N. Hawthorne).


Lockhart's "Life of Scott."

Hutton's "Life of Scott" (English Men of Letters).

Yonge's "Life of Scott" (Great Writers Series).

Carlyle's "Essay on Scott."

Irving's "Abbotsford."

Hunnewell's "Lands of Scott."

Lang's "Letters to Dead Authors."

North American Review, 32: 386 (Peabody); 46: 431 (Prescott); 87: 293 (Brown); 99: 580 (H. James, Jr.).

19th Century, 7:941 (Ruskin).

Littell's Living Age, 110: 579 (Stephen); 139: 298 (Wedgewood):
96: 541; 188: 177 (Rae); 205: 515.
Harper's Magazine, 44: 321 (Conway).
Atlantic Monthly, 60: 134; 69: 139.

Moore's "Life of Byron."


Nichol's "Life of Byron " (English Men of Letters).

Noel's "Life of Lord Byron" (Great Writers Series).
Arnold's (Matthew) "Essays in Criticism."

Macaulay's "Essays."

Bayne's "Essays in Biography and Criticism."

Dowden's "Studies in Literature."

Scott's "Critical and Miscellaneous Essays."

Lowell's "Among My Books.”

North American Review, 31: 167 (Peabody); 5: 98 (Phillips).

Edinburgh Review, 27: 277 (Jeffrey).

Littell's Living Age, 149: 131; 114:387.


Knight's "Life of Wordsworth" (3 vols.).

Symington's "Wordsworth, His Life and Works."

Myers's "Life of Wordsworth" (English Men of Letters).
Coleridge's "Works."

De Quincey's "Literary Reminiscences."

Hutton's "Essays in Literary Criticism."

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