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to furnish his pupils with examples to be worked at home or otherwise. They have given a collection of short rules and definitions in order that the pupil may be enabled to refresh his memory, if necessary, as to the various processes which have been taught in class. In order that the pupil may be enabled to read the lessons with appreciation, the most difficult words and forms of expression in each extract are explained, as far as possible, in the sense in which they are used. These definitions are prefixed to the lesson, and may be advantageously committed to memory by the pupil before he reads it.

The Editors issue the book in the earnest hope that they may become, through it, humble co-workers with those who are engaged in the noble task of opening up the fountains of knowledge to that class of youths and young men who are destined to play so important a part in the future of this country.

They gladly avail themselves of this opportunity of expressing their grateful acknowledgments to tue following authors and publishers for their kindness in permitting the use of extracts from the works named below : viz. to

Charles Dickens, Esq. for extracts from the ' Pickwick Papers,'' Our Mutual Friend,' and 'All the Year Round ;' Messrs. Sampson Low, Son, & Marston, for extracts from Captain Maury's “ Physical Geography of the Sea and its Meteorology ;' Messrs. Smith, Elder, & Co. for an extract from Mr. Ruskin's · Stones of Venice;' Messrs. A. & C. Black, for extracts from Sir J. Herschel's “ Physical Geography ;' John Murray, Esq. for extracts from the · Naturalist on the Amazons,' by H. W. Bates, Esq.,' Industrial Biography,' by S. Smiles, Esq., Sinai and Palestine,' by Dean Stanley, History of England,' by Lord Mahon, · Battles of the Peninsula,' by Sir W. Napier, 'Letters from High Latitudes,' by Lord Dufferin, · Physical Geography,' by Mrs. Somerville; Messrs. Lockwood & Co. for extracts from 'Curiosities of Science,' by John Timbs, Esq.: Messrs. Blackie & Son, for extracts from the Comprehensive History of England,' by C. Macfarlane, Esq. and Rev. T. Thomson ; Messrs. Griffin & Co. for extracts from ‘History of England,' by G. Craik, Esq.; R. Hardwicke, Esq. for extract from 'Lectures on Food,' by Dr. Lankester ; Messrs. Blackwood & Co. for extracts from “ Chemistry of Common Life,' by Professor Johnston, Journal of the Discovery of the Sources of the Nile,' by Captain Speke, 'The War in the Crimea,' by A. Kinglake, Esq.; Messrs. Allen & Co. for extract from the · Russians at Home,' by Sutherland Edwards, Esq.; Messrs. Walton & Maberly, for extracts from · Familiar Lectures on Chemistry,' by Dr. Liebig, and the

Museum of Science of Art,' by Dr. Lardner ; Messrs. Bradbury & Evans, for extracts from the · Popular History of England,' by C. Knight, Esq.; and Messrs. Longmans & Co., and the authors and proprietors, for extracts from "The History of Civilisation in England,' by H. T. Buckle, Esq.; "The History of England,' by J. A. Froude, Esq., The Tropical World,' by Dr. Hartwig, · The Habits and Instincts of Animals,' by W. Swainson, Esq., “The Sandwich Islands,' by Manley Hopkins, Esq., “The Laboratory of Chemical Wonders,' by Dr. Piesse, and “The Recreations of a Country Parson,' by A. K. H. B.


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