Heath's Book of Beauty: With Beautifully Finished Engravings, from Drawings by the First Artists

Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1848
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Seite 279 - Nor e'en thy virtues, tyrant, shall avail To save thy secret soul from nightly fears, From Cambria's curse, from Cambria's tears...
Seite 45 - God or you may determine of me, your Grace may be freed from an open censure, and mine offence being so lawfully proved, your Grace is at liberty, both before God and man, not only to execute worthy punishment on me, as an unlawful wife, but to follow your affection, already settled on that party...
Seite 44 - Boleyn ; with which name and place I could willingly have contented myself, if God and your grace's pleasure had been so pleased. Neither did I at any time so...
Seite 45 - You have chosen me, from a low estate, to be your queen and companion, far beyond my desert and desire. If then you found me worthy of such honour, good your grace let not any light fancy, or bad counsel of mine enemies, withdraw...
Seite 138 - Compton's designation, and not its evaporation, being known, could not make her way between the scornful backs and elbows of her late devotees, nor could approach nearer to the Queen than the third or fourth row ; but no sooner was she descried by her Majesty than the Queen said aloud, " There, I am sure, I see a friend !" The torrent divided and shrunk to either side ; " and as I came away," said my mother, " I might have walked over their heads if I had pleased.
Seite 45 - God, that he will pardon your great sin therein, and likewise mine enemies, the instruments thereof; and that he will not call you to a strict account for your unprincely and cruel usage of me, at his general...
Seite 105 - English subjects; and, at the distance of sixty years, it was celebrated in proverbial sayings by the grandsons of the Turks and Saracens, against whom he had fought: his tremendous name was employed by the Syrian mothers to silence their infants; and if a horse suddenly started from the way, his rider was wont to exclaim, "Dost thou think King Richard is in that bush?
Seite 46 - ... souls of those poor gentlemen, who (as I understand) are likewise in strait imprisonment for my sake. If ever I have found favour in your sight, if ever the name of...
Seite 251 - I witnessed there an instance of great boldness, not to say impudence, of the Duke of Buckingham, which was, that when he saw us the most warmed he ran up suddenly and threw himself between the King and me, saying, " I am come to keep the peace between you two.
Seite 282 - The loss of infants," said Edward, " may be repaired by the same God that gave them ; but when a man has lost a good father, it is not in the course of nature for God to send him another.

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