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Crown, and Mr CATHCART for the pannel, in search of smuggled whisky, part of which severally addressed the jury. The LORD they seized ; that he commanded his party JUSTICE CLERK summed up the whole in to fire upon the people, who assembled on an impartial address to the jury, who, with that occasion, by which William M.Kinout quitting the box, unanimously found non, Daniel or Donald M‘Kinnon, and the pannel Guilty.

Isobel Nicol, were mortally wounded, and The LORD JUSTICE CLERK (after hear- died soon after. The pannel pleaded Not ing the opinions of Lords Pitmilly and Suc- guilty. coth) addressed the prisoner in a most im- It appeared, from the evidence, that the pressive manner, in which he pointed out smugglers, joined by a large party of counthe enormity of the crime she had commit-try people, had followed close upon Mr ted, and sentenced her to suffer the punish- Jeffrey and his party; had evidently shewn ment of death, in this city, on Wednesday, that they were determined to retake the whisthe 15th day of October next.

ky, and actually made several attacks upon The prisoner is a young woman, appar. them. The Solicitor-General admitted that ently about 20 years of age. The father of the jury must find the pannel not guilty, the child was in Court when the Lord Jus- even of culpable homicide. Mr Jeffrey, one tice Clerk pronounced sentence, and seemed of the counsel for the prisoner, said, that very much affected—indeed much more so after the clear, decided, and strong testi. than the pannel.

mony in his favour by the whole of the evi. The Court next proceeded to the trial of dence, and the cordial acquiescence of the Robert Reid, chimney-sweeper, accused of Solicitor-General in their views of it, his the murder of John Fraser, alias Thomson, counsel declined adducing any more eviwho, having stuck fast in a vent in Albany dence in his favour, as they thought it only Street chapel, was by him and Joseph trespassing upon the time of the Court to Rae pulled by the legs, by a rope fastened

no purpose. to them, until he died. The facts of this LORD JUSTICE CLERK.--I have no case were fully before our readers in the hesitation in saying, that the conduct of the trial of Rae, the principal culprit, who was learned gentleman, who has just now adsentenced to 14 years' transportation. The dressed you on the part of the gentleman at pannel, Rae, pleaded guilty to the extent the bar, meets my full and entire approof culpable homicide, and to the facts stated bation. For, after the very fair, open, and in his declaration before the Sheriff.

candid manner in which his Majesty's Soli. The SOLICITOR-GENERAL stated, that citor-General has disclaimed even a concepas the case of this pannel was not of so tion of any thing like guilt attachable to the atrocious a nature as that of his associate prisoner under this indictment, but, on the Rae, he would restrict the libel to the charge contrary, having borne his testimony to his of culpable homicide, and adduce no proof conduct upon this unfortunate occasion, it but the pannel's own judicial confession. would be an useless waste of your time, and

Mr HUNTER addressed the Court in tending to throw distrust on the opinion you mitigation of punishment. All that the must have formed upon this case, to have pannel admitted was, that he pulled the detained you by any evidence in exculparope, and the principal atrocity of the case tion. I have no difficulty in stating to you, lay in Rae fastening the iron crow to the from the evidence disclosed, not only by the rope twice ; that the boy was alive after he persons belonging to the revenue vessel, but had pulled the rope. The pannel is a man from that drawn, some part of it with reof humane habits, and very kind to the luctance, from persons who took a considerboys in his employment; and he humbly able concern in the transaction, there is no submitted to the Court, that this was a case ground for a verdict in terms of this indict. in which a far more lenient sentence should ment. Throughout this unfortunate day the be inflicted than in the case of Rae.

conduct of the pannel was most distin. Their Lordships were of opinion, that guished for moderation, propriety, and dethere certainly was a marked difference be. termination to do the duty incumbent upon twixt the case of the pannel and that of Rae. him by the office he held under GovernThe latter had been far more active; and a ment for his country. Therefore, I have no charge also lay against him, and which had doubt it is your duty, and will give you sabeen proved, of malice against the boy, and tisfaction, to find he is not guilty of the extreme cruelty and ill treatment on former charge in the indictment. occasions, amounting even to the atrocity of The jury, without leaving the box, immaking him eat his own excrement. mediately returned an unanimous verdict of

The LORD JUSTICE CLERK, after a Not guilty. suitable admonition, sentenced the pannel LORD JUSTICE CLERK.-John Jeffrey, to seven years transportation beyond seas. I have now the satisfaction of announcing to

Tuesday, John Jeffrey, or Jeffreys, mate you, that, after a full investigation of the of the Prince Edward revenue cutter, was whole circumstances as to your conduct upon brought to the bar, accused of murder. The the unfortunate day charged in the indictindictment charged him with landing a par- ment, a most respectable jury of your county of the crew of the Prince Edward on the try have pronounced you not guilty of the

land of Arran, on the 25th of March last, crime with which you are charged. After

that evidence, which has been publicly given PING, should offer no evidence.” The de. in this Court, it is unnecessary for me to fendants were accordingly acquitted. add, that the conduct which you exhibited Inverness, Sept. 12.-We were visited by on the occasion in question, was that which another smart shock of an earthquake, about was to be expected of an officer who had fill- half-past three on Sunday morning. This ed an honourable situation in his Majesty's is the fifth shock since August last year. navy. I have only to say, that while you Trial of a Life-Boat. On the 4th inst. conduct yourself, as you appear to have Lieutenant E. Thrackston, R. N. exhibited, hitherto always done, according to the same before a number of merchants and shiprules of humanity, propriety, and proper owners of this city, the buoyant properties public spirit, there will be little probability of his newly invented life-boat, which we of a similar charge being ever preferred a- are happy to say, exceeded the most sangainst you in any criminal court.

guine expectations previously entertained. Mr Jeffrey was immediately dismissed The extreme length of the boat exhibited is from the bar

21 feet, beam 6 feet 6 inches, and is rowed Counsel for the Crown-The Solicitor with 10 oars, double backed. It is conGeneral, Samuel M.Cormick, and J. A. structed with canvass, in lieu of plank (which Maconochie, Esqs.__Agent, Mr Hugh War- possesses an advantage over plank, wants no render. For the pannel-George Cran- butt-ends to be stoved in case of accident), stoun, Francis Jeffrey, Alex. Wood, and and has cork bilge-floats, which may be apJohn Hope, Esqs.-Agent, Mr W. H. plied as life buoys, to throw out 'in cases Sands, W. S.

where men may be washed overboard from Lancaster Assizcs.-Friday, Sept. 5.- a wreck, with a large fender round the boat, This day W. Holden, and the three Ash- and which, from its elasticity, is capable of crofts, one of whom is the father, the other repelling any violent concussion. Without the brother, and the youngest the son, were having recourse to the precarious assistance tried for the murder of a Mrs Ramsden and of air-tubes, Mr Thrackston has succeeded Hannah Partington, the servants of Mr in gaining so much upon the water-line, Littlewood of Pendleton, near Manchester. that the boat, by the introduction of eight It was proved that they got into the house valves, discharges herself down to the thwarts, between three and four o'clock in the after- a space of nine inches. She has a canvass noon of April 26, and that, after robbing cover, contrived in such a way as to possess it, and carrying away some plate, linen, and the advantages of a deck, at the same time a considerable quantity of bank notes and keeping the men dry, without being an in. gold, they murdered (as it is supposed), with cumbrance to their rowing. The keel is the a butcher's cleaver and the kitchen poker, last thing that goes on the boat, and is so the unfortunate domestics above-named. A contrived, by the stem and stern parts workmurder of this kind seems unparalleled even ing together with the elasticity of the tim. in atrocity by the well known cases of Wilc bers, which are sawn out of a straight piece liamson and Marr. The robbery and mur- of oak, and moulded into form by steam, der were committed at mid-day, in a popu- that it is conceived impossible that the boat lous village, and within two miles of Man- can ever be stoved. She took on board 30 chester. The jury found them guilty without persons, when filled with water up to the even retiring from their box ; and the Lord valves, and had 28 standing on one gun. Chief Baron Richards instantly pronounced wale, without the least danger of upsetting. sentence of execution for Monday. They Upon an emergency, 60 persons might be loudly protested their innocence, and were stowed within her. She rows well and light taken from the bar making clamorous ap- on the oars when thus filled, and turns with peals to Heaven. The three Ashcrofts are great rapidity in her length. Boats may be creditable-looking men, apparently much built on a similar construction to any shape; above the ordinary condition.

and from the light but very efficient maOn Saturday a special jury was appointed terials of which they are composed, Lieut. at the Lancaster Assizes, to try the Blan. Thrackston is convinced, from the experiketeers, as they were called, from Manches- ments which he has made, that if generally

When the trial was called on, how. adopted, they would be found fully to anever, Mr TOPPING, the leading counsel for swer every common purpose of an appenthe Crown, rose and said, “ That it was not dage to a vessel, besides possessing the inhis intention to offer any evidence against valuable advantages of a life-boat. Bristol the defendants. At the time the charge was

Observer. preferred, Manchester was much agitated ; Some days ago, a subscription having but tranquillity now prevailed throughout been set on foot to release the debtors, when the county, and a new tone and order of the criminal prisoners were to be removed things had arisen. . That his Majesty's Gov- to the new jail, it was soon successful; and ernment, therefore, never desirous to prose- on Tuesday the door of the old jail was cute any of the King's subjects, but in thrown open, and every prisoner for debt cases where the public safety demanded it, liberated'; so much for the generosity of thought it unnecessary to press any thing our citizens, to whom no appeal for charity against the defendants under the present is ever made in vain. It is expected that a circumstances, and therefore he, Mr Top- little balance may be left, which will be


applied to aid the families of the most dis- vanished. It is impossible to calculate the tressed prisoners. Yesterday morning the point of elevation to which the manufactures workmen commenced their operations on and commerce of the empire will be carried, this ancient fabric, which will now speedily by that renewed activity and vigour which disappear. The old city-guard have of have already set every willing hand to work. course been obliged to relinquish their qaar. Leeds Intelligencer. ters, somewhat like rooks, when their old We hear with infinite pleasure of the al. firs have been sold by public roup to sup- most universal revival of trade in all parts ply the wants of the absent proprietor. At of the country. We are happy to say, that present they occupy the guard-room adjoin the town of Bolton and its neighbourhood ing the Police-office.

participate in the general revival ; so much Wilkie, our inimitable painter of native so, as to be enabled, some time ago, to al. manners and character, is now on a tour in low ls. per cut more for the work, and a Scotland. He has lately visited the High- farther advance is in contemplation.-Lanlands, for the purpose of being present at a

caster Gazette. Highland wedding, which is to form the We are informed, that the iron trade in subject of a picture bespoke by the Prince Staffordshire has so much revived, that all Regent He would there find ample scope hands are in employ ; and the demand for for his peculiar and extraordinary talent. iron was so very great, that it is now £5

The select committee on the education of per ton higher than last May, and a farther the lower orders in the metropolis, have advance expected to take place the next agreed upon the following report i

quarter day. “ Your committee have been prevented, Spittalfields. We are assured, and we feel by accidental circumstances, from making great pleasure in so stating, that this place, farther progress in the inquiry referred to which was the scene of more distress than them; but being impressed with a deep any other in the metropolis, is now so acsense of the importance of the subject, they tively employed, that there is hardly an recommend that it should be taken up at adequate supply of silk for the workmen. an early period of the next session.

Contrast. While we are applying to Par“ Your committee having considered the liament for laws prohibiting the exportation information communicated to them during of cotton yarns, or laying an export duty the last session, from various parts of the thereon, the French Government are giving country, touching the state of education, their spinners a bounty upon their yarns and more particularly the misapplication of upon exportation. The law of the 10th funds destined, by gift, bequest, or devise, September inst. gives the following bounty to that purpose, are of opinion, that it would on cotton yarns per 100 killogrammes, be expedient to extend the instructions un

about 220 lb.: der which they act, so as to embrace an

fr. C. inquiry into the education of the lower No 30, and under, Gray, 23 0 orders generally, throughout England and

Bleached, 20 50 Wales."

Dyed, Blue, 26 50 25.-We are happy to state, for the in.


28 75 formation and pleasure of our readers, that No 31, and upwards, Gray, 50 0 more than one million yards of cotton cloth

Bleached, 53 0 were shipped on board the Mars, lately

Dyed, Blue, 37 30 cleared out from the Clyde for St Thomas's.

Red, 62 30 Most likely a great proportion of these goods And by an ordinance of the same date, the will ultimately be destined for South Ame. French Government lowers the import duties rica, as it greatly exceeds the quantity re- on raw and thrown silks. quired for the consumption of the island of Curious Discovery. On the farm of Eas. St Thomas's.

ton, parish of Dunsyre, a tradition has been of the revival of the spirit of the country, handed down from father to son, in a famiand the improving state of our manufac- ly, who, as shepherds, have resided in the tures, we have gratifying proofs in the fol- place for many generations back, that a cer. lowing articles from Leeds, Lancaster, &c. tain rude stone set up in the adjoining moor,

So great has been the sudden revival of marked the grave of one of the Covenanters, trade, that several merchants here find it who, having been wounded at the battle impossible to procure pelisse cloths, shawls, fought at Pentland Hills, died of his wounds and stuff goods in general, for the execu- on his way home, and was buried by the tion of their orders. In woollen goods, great grandfather of the person from whom generally, a considerable rise has taken we have the tradition. Accordingly, a few place. We have sincere pride and pleasure days ago, several persons, desirous to ascerin communicating these facts, for the grati- tain the truth of this story, went to the fication of the remotest districts, that they place, and having dug about two feet below may participate with us in the exultation the surface, found the remains of a decayed and interest we feel for every thing that in- skeleton. A medical gentleman who was dicates the returning prosperity and happi- on the spot could distinguish one of the ness of the country. The gloomy predic- thigh bones, which was almost entire in tions of the timorous and discontented have shape, though reduced nearly to the con

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Prince Regent.

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sistence of the mossy soil which surrounded the time of his death. The history of this it. The scalp was found complete, covered fatal ring is curious :-It descended from with very long hair, of a whitish colour, Mary to her grandson Charles I., who gave nearly as fresh and strong as in life, Seve- it, on the scaffold, to Archbishop Juxon ral fragments of clothes were also found, for his son Charles II., who in his troubles among which some leather buttons were pawned it in Holland for £300, where it plainly discernible.

was bought by Governor Yale, and sold at In addition to the above, were found two his sale for £320, supposed for the Presilver coins, weighing about an ounce each, tender. Afterwards it came into possession bearing the date of 1620, and having on of the Earl of Isla, Duke of Argyll, and one side the following inscription :-BELG; probably from him to the family of Mr IRI : MOARG : ERO : CONGOE, with the Blanchford. At the late sale of his effects following sentence on the other, “ Concordia it was said to have been purchased for the res Parvæ Crescunt." From the state of Prince Regent. the coins, there was reason to believe they A pike was lately caught by Pryse Pryse, had been sewed or tied up closely in some Esq. in the lake at Buscot Park, Oxen, part of the wearer's clothes. It must be which measured three feet seven inches upwards of 138 years since the body of this in length, and in girth one foot nine inches poor Covenanter was committed to his lonely and a half, and weighed 30lb. after it was grave.

gutted. This Leviathan of the Lake was On the 21st ult. there came ashore be- sent as a present to his Royal Highness the tween Staxigo and Wick, near the Boathaven, a whale measuring 66 feet 5 inches in It was intended in October last year, to length; he was first observed by the Buckey bring nine feet of water from Lochness into fishermen who were at the herring fishery, the Caledonian Canal, in order to facilitate who immediately went up to him, and after the conveyance of materials from Clachnaattacking him with a sword and scythe, harry, towards building the locks at the which made no impression on him, they west end; but on trial the banks were found got an axe, which they sunk in his head. to be leaky in many places, and the project After various attempts with boat-hooks, was for the present abandoned ; meantime oars, &c. they succeeded in killing him. a number of men were set to work in lining They were engaged in this operation nearly the bottom and sides with several feet of 25 hours. The carcass was claimed by Sir clay well wrought; this operation has been Benjamin Dunbar, as lord of the manor, completed on eight feet high of the bank, and by the Provost of Wick, on the part of and some weeks ago six feet water was adthe Crown. Owing to this dispute, and the mitted, and the barges and lighters are roughness of the weather, the sale could not now conveying clay for finishing the retake place before the Tuesday, and was ad- mainder of the bank; a sloop, with 300 barvertised to take place at two o'clock. But rels of coal, has been dragged by a pair of early on the Tuesday morning, owing to a horses from Clachnaharry to Lochness. heavy gale of wind and a tremendous sea, Christophe, the Chieftain of Hayti, is which broke him to pieces, no sale could wisely providing for the future civilization take place. The entrails, blubber, &c. and moral improvement of his country. were driven ashore, and great part of the He has appropriated an immense sum to carcass was floating near the spot where he the building and endowing a college, in was killed, and his tail, and about 14 feet of which professors of every branch of learn. the carcass, were seen at sea.

ing and science are to be established and The number of criminals tried at the liberally rewarded. It is no small advandifferent Circuit towns in Scotland has this tage to England, that they will be nearly year been uncommonly great. A number all chosen from this country, and that we have received sentence of imprisonment; shall thus have an increased probability of several are to be banished Scotland ; others standing upon a favourable footing with a are outlawed for not appearing; and some Sovereign, whose friendship is highly bedifficult cases have been remitted for trial to neficial to us in commercial respects. In the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh. the establishment of this college, as well as No less than 13 persons (two of whom are in some other matters, Christophe, we unfemales) are at present under sentence of derstand, has had the good sense to solicit death in Scotland, viz. three at Glasgow, the advice of Mr Wilberforce. four in Edinburgh (three whom are to be The following is an extract of a letter adexecuted at Greenock) four in Ayr, and two dressed from the Horse-Guards, some time in Perth.

since, to the Colonels of the army, and The original diamond ring of Mary Queen which, although marked " Confidential,” of Scots, upon which are engraved the arms we can see no impropriety in giving to the of England, Scotland, and Ireland, quarter- public, recomn:ending, as it does, a line of ed, and which was produced in evidence at conduct so agreeable to humanity and judgthe trial of the unfortunate Mary, as a proof ment: of her prccasions to the Crown of England, The Commander-in-Chief is confident was in the possession of the late Mr Blanch- that the Officers of the Army are universalford, one of the Lords of the Admiralty, at ly actuated by a spirit of justice, and imVOL. II.



pressed with those sentiments of kindness was given at Oman's by the Town Council, and regard towards their men, which they at which the Earl of Glasgow, Lord Vison so many occasions have proved them- count Melville, the Lord Justice Clerk, the selves to deserve; but his Royal Highness Lord Advocate, Sir William Forbes, Sir has reason to apprehend, that in many in- John Hay, Sir William Rae, Sir John stances sufficient attention has not been paid Marjoribanks, Sir Patrick Walker, Sir to the PREVENTION OF CRIMES. The Gregory Way, Sir James Douglas, Major timely interference of the Officer, his per- General Hope, Major General T. Trotter, sonal intercourse and acquaintance with his the Officers of the North British Staff, men (which attention is sure to be repaid several other naval and military Officers, by the soldier's confidence and attachment), a number of bankers, merchants, and many and, above all, his personal example, are of the most respectable inhabitants, were the only efficacious means of preventing present. military offences; and the Commander-in- The Provostship of Mr Arbuthnot has Chief has no hesitation in declaring, that been singularly marked with numerous the maintenance of strict discipline, without works, both of utility and ornament, in the severity of punishment, and the support and city and its environs, some of which, it is encouragement of an ardent military spirit true, were projected before he entered on in a corps, without licentiousness, are the the duties of the Chief Magistracy. Under criteria by which his Royal Highness will his auspices, in times of peculiar distress, be very much guided in forming an opinion the city of Edinburgh was among the first of the talents, abilities, and merit of the Of- places that adopted plans of improvement ficers to whom the command of the different in the public walks, &c. which were carried regiments and corps of the army are confid- into effect by a liberal subscription, thereed.

(Signed) H. CALVERT. by affording relief to many hundreds of the Magistrates of Edinburgh.---Tuesday, industrious in the working class of the comSept. 30.- The Magistrates and Council munity, otherwise totally destitute,—while walked in procession to the High Church, the astonishing spirit and extent of public where an excellent sermon was preached by and private undertakings have produced full the Rev. Thomas Macknight, D. D. one of employment to those connected with build. the ministers of the Old Church, from 2ding. These works, when completed, will Peter, chap. iii. verse 17.-“ Beware lest ye prove highly useful and ornamental, and also, being led away with the error of the consist, among others, of the following: wicked, fall from your stedfastness.” After The Regent Bridge-new prison, road, walks, divine service, they returned to the Coun. and shrubberies, on the Calton Hill the cil-Chamber, and proceeded to the election County Hall the revival of the works at of Magistrates for the ensuing year. The the College-the New Merchants’ Maiden Council was filled up next day, and the Hospital, near the Meadows the Corngovernment of the city vested in the follow. market, west end of the Grassmarket-the ing gentlemen :

improvements on the west side of the North The Right Hon. Kincaid Mackenzie, Lord Bridge, next Prince's Street--the Gas Light Provost. George White, Neil Ryrie, John Company's works, on the north side of the Anderson, Robert Anderson, Esqs. Bailies. Canongate-additional wet dock at LeithAlexander Henderson, Esq. Dean of Guild. commodious access to the markets from the John Manderson, Esq. Treasurer. Wil. New Town-the parapet and iron railing liana Arbuthnot, Esq. Old Provost. Arch. in Prince's Street, west of the Great Mound Mackinlay, Thomas Scott, Walter Brown, a similar improvement at the Bank of William Sibbald, Esqs. Old Bailies. Rob. Scotland—the laying down side-pavement ert Johnston, Esq. Old Dean of Guild. in the narrow streets of the Old Town—the John Waugh, Esq. Old Treasurer. Wil. removal of the jail and other obstructions liam Pattison, Thomas Brown, William in the High Street-Mr Henderson's ornaDunlop, Esqs. Merchant Councillors. Messrs mental ground between the North Bridge Thomas Miller, John James, Trades Coun- and Trinity Hospital, before little better cillors. Messrs James Thomson, Conveen. than a waste-and, though last, not least er ; James Bryce, John Laing, Alexander in the enumeration, those fine specimens of Lyall, James Anderson, James Denholm, architecture, the two Episcopal Churches at Ordinary Council Deacons. Messrs John the east and west ends of the New Town; the S. Simpson, Alexander Ritchie, Thomas whole of which having been in progress at Kennedy, David Tough, Arthur Knox, the same time, has given employment to John Yule, Andrew Wilson, Andrew Law- immense numbers, (besides those engaged rie, Extraordinary Council Deacons. Wm in works entirely of a private nature) and Pattison, Esq. Captain of Orange Colours. will render the last two years an important

In the afternoon an elegant entertainment era in the city annals.

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