The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Containing Several Political and Historical Tracts Not Included in Any Former Edition, and Many Letters Official and Private Not Hitherto Published : with Notes and a Life of the Author, Band 10


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Seite 79 - to Pennsylvania. He received me in his library, and on my taking leave showed me a shorter way out of the house through a narrow passage, which was crossed by a beam over head. We were still talking as I withdrew, he accompanying me behind, and I turning partly towards him, when he said hastily,
Seite 80 - head, has frequently been of use to me; and I often think of it, when I see pride mortified, and misfortunes brought upon people by their carrying their heads too high. I long much to see again my native place, and to
Seite 79 - I did not understand him, till I felt my head hit against the beam. He was a man that never missed any occasion of giving instruction, and upon this he said to me, " You are young, and have the world before you; STOOP
Seite 145 - what they will; Whatever an heir, or a friend in his stead, Or any good creature, shall lay o'er my head, Lies one who ne'er cared, and still cares not a pin What they said, or may say, of the mortal within ; But who, living and dying, serene, still, and free,
Seite 207 - France, and the particular esteem which his Majesty entertains for you. I pray you, Sir, to accept my regrets, and the renewed assurance of the most entire consideration, with which I have the honor to be, Sir, your very humble and very obedient servant, DE CASTRIES.*
Seite 11 - quit them to rejoice with you, in the peace God has blest us with, and in the prosperity it gives us a prospect of. The definitive treaty was signed the 3d instant. We are now friends with England and with all mankind. May we never see another war, for in my opinion there never
Seite 17 - care by Count de Vergennes, viz. one respecting a claim of Messieurs Fosters, of Bordeaux, one of M. Pequet, and one of M. Bayard. The Congress will take such notice of them as they shall think proper. With great esteem and respect, I have the honor to be, &-c. B. FRANKLIN. • See
Seite 416 - more respected and more observed; especially as I do not perceive, that the Supreme takes it amiss, by distinguishing the unbelievers in his government of the world with any peculiar marks of his displeasure. I shall only add, respecting myself, that, having
Seite 106 - hundred years hence, when people are more enlightened, it will be wondered at, that men in America, qualified by their learning and piety to pray for and instruct their neighbours, should not be permitted to do it till they had made a voyage of six thousand miles out and home, to ask leave of a cross old
Seite 246 - of mankind, who created it, and who has so graciously protected and prospered me from my birth to the present hour. Wherever I am, I hope always to retain the pleasing remembrance of your friendship, being with sincere and great esteem, my dear friend, yours most affectionately, B.

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