Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London from the Roman Invasion to the Year 1700: Including the Origin of British Society, Customs and Manners, with a General Sketch of the State of Religion, Superstition, Dresses, and Amusements of the Citizens of London, During that Period; to which are Added, Illustrations of the Changes in Our Language, Literary Customs, and Gradual Improvement in Style and Versification, and Various Particulars Concerning Public and Private Libraries, Illustrated by Eighteen Engravings, Band 2

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811

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Seite 256 - Sathan are most certainly practised, and that the instruments thereof merits most severely to be punished : against the damnable opinions of two principally in our age, whereof the one called Scot, an Englishman, is not ashamed in public print to deny that there can be such a thing as witchcraft ; and so maintains the old error of the Sadducees in denying of spirits.
Seite 275 - ... take a row of pins and pull out every one, one after another, saying a...
Seite 328 - Among other affected habits, few of the Puritans, what degree soever they were of, wore their hair long enough to cover their ears, and the ministers and many others cut it close round their heads, with so many little peaks, as was something ridiculous to behold ; whereupon Cleaveland, in his Hue and Cry after them, begins, " With hair in Characters and lugs in Text,
Seite 80 - ... that if any person of the age of sixteen years or upwards, being a subject of this realm, at any time after the tenth day of May next,1 shall be present at any assembly, conventicle or meeting under colour or pretence of any exercise of religion in other manner than according to the liturgy and practice of the Church of England...
Seite 93 - It is expedient that they who enter on the work of preaching the Gospel, be not only qualified for communion of saints,* but also that, except in cases extraordinary, they give proof of their gifts and fitness for the said work unto the pastors of churches of known abilities, to discern and judge of their qualifications^ that they may be sent forth with solemn approbation and prayer ; which we judge needful, that no doubt may remain concerning their being called to the work, and for preventing (as...
Seite 42 - It is a wonder to me, how men can preach so little and so long; so long, a time and so little matter ; as if they thought to please by the inculcation of their vain tautologies. I see no reason, that so high a princess as divinity is should be presented to the people in the sordid rags of the tongue ; nor that he, which speaks from the Father of languages, should deliver his embassage in an ill one.
Seite 241 - Judicials of Astrologie, or any other kinde of pretended Knowledge whatsoever, De futuris contingentibus, have been causes of great disorder in the Commonwealth, especially among the simple and unlearned people, very needfull to be published, which grew by most palpable and grosse errors in Astrologie.
Seite 60 - That all crucifixes, scandalous pictures of any one or more persons of the Trinity, and all images of the Virgin Mary...
Seite 275 - You must lie in another county, and knit the left garter about the right legged stocking (let the other garter and stocking alone) and as you rehearse these following verses, at every comma, knit a knot. This knot I knit, To know the thing, I know not yet, That I may see, The man (woman) that shall my husband (wife) be, How he goes, and what he wears, And what he does, all days, and years.
Seite 256 - The fearful abounding, at this time, in this country, of these detestable slaves of the devil, the witches or enchanters, hath moved me (beloved reader) to dispatch, in post, this following Treatise of mine...

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