The Paris Estafette; Or, Pilferings from the Paris and Dover Post-Bag ... Embellished with Portraits and Wood Cuts. [Dedication Signed: F. L., I.e. F. Lloyd?]

G. Biggs, 1842 - 430 Seiten
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Seite 157 - portas, strepitumque, et strata viarum ; Instant ardentes Tyrii : pars ducere muros, Molirique arcem, et manibus subvolvere saxa : Pars optare locum tecto, et concludere sulco, Jura magistratusque legunt, sanctumque senatum Hie portus alii effodiunt; hie alta
Seite 51 - It has never lived in a conclusion, it has ever been a message, a history, or a vision. Moses was instructed, not to reason from the creation, but to work miracles. Christianity is a history, supernatural, and almost scenic ; it tells us what its author is, by telling us what he has done. I have no
Seite 118 - And to those graves, looking habitually In kindred quiet, I repose my trust; Death to the innocent is more than just, And to the sinner mercifully bent; So may I hope, if truly I repent, And meekly bear the ills
Seite 270 - orders :" Some pigeons, Davy; a couple of short-legged hens ; a joint of mutton ; and any pretty little tiny kickshaws, tell William, cook.
Seite 127 - I represent before you a principle, a cause, and a defeat. The principle is the sovereignty of the people. The cause is that of the empire. The defeat is that of Waterloo ! The principle you have
Seite 104 - on which he is employed, his back is turned towards the model, to which he occasionally refers, in order to compare the colour of his yarn with that part of the picture he is copying. The object of the process being to present as smooth and delicate a surface as possible,
Seite 203 - Like Wilkes he was hideously ugly, like Wilkes he made a jest of his own ugliness, and like Wilkes he was, in spite of his ugliness, very attentive to his dress, and very successful in affairs of gallantry ; and
Seite 49 - power ; persons influence us, voices melt us, looks subdue us, deeds inflame us. Many a man will live and die upon a dogma, no
Seite 202 - la ligue, la coalition de ceux qui veulent consommer sans produire, vivre sans travailler, occuper toutes les places sans être en état de les remplir, envahir tous les honneurs sans les avoir mérités—voilà l'aristocratie
Seite 264 - Ciel glacé: soleil pur! oh! brille dans l'histoire Du funèbre triomphe impérial flambeau : Que le peuple à jamais te garde en sa mémoire ! Jour beau comme la gloire, Froid comme le tombeau

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