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ALv. Do, do make haste to crown him lords adieu: Here hell must be when the devil governs you. [Erit. ELEAz. By heaven's great star, which Indians do adore, But that I hate to hear the giddy world Shame that I waded to a crown through blood, I'd not digest his pills: but since, my lords, You have chosen Eleazar for your king, Invest me with a general applause. ALL. Live, Eleazar, Castile's royal king ! Rod. [Aside.] A villain, and a base born fugitive' CHR1sto. [Aside..] A bloody tyrant and usurping slave : Eleaz. Thanks to you all : 'Tis not the Spanish crown That Eleazar strives for, but Spain's peace; Amongst you I'll divide her empery. Christofero shall wear Granada's crown; To Roderigo, I'll give Arragon; Naples, Navarre, and fair Jerusalem, I'll give to other three; and then our viceroys Shall shine about our bright Castilian crown, As stars about the sun. Cry all, arm, arm; Prince Philip and the Cardinal do ride Like Jove in thunder; in a storm we'll meet them. Go, levy powers; if any man must fall, My death shall first begin the funeral. [Ereunt.

Enter ZARAck and BALTAzAR, with calicers.

BAL. Is thy cock ready, and thy powder dry 2 ZAR. My cock stands perching like a cock o' the game, with a red coal for his crest, instead of a comb; and for my powder, 'tis but touch and take. Balt. I have tickling geer too; anon I'll cry, here I have it, and yonder I see it. But, Zarack, is't policy for us to kill these bald-pates? ZAR. Is’t policy for us to save ourselves? If they live, we die. Is’t not wisdom then to send them to heaven, rather than be sent ourselves? Come, you black slave, be resolute. This way they come; here they will stand, and yonder will I stand. BALt. And in yonder hole, I. ZAR. Our amiable faces cannot be seen if we keep close; therefore hide your cock's head, lest his burning cocks-comb betray us. But soft; which of the two shall be thy white” BALt. That black villain, friar Cole. ZAR. I shall have a sharp piece of service; Friar Crab shall be my man; farewell, and be resolute. BALt. Zounds, Zarack I shall never have the heart to do it. ZAR. You rogue, think who comands; Eleazar. Who shall rise? Baltazar. Who shall die? A lousy friar. Who shall live? Our good lord and master, the negro king of Spain.

BAL.T. Cole, thou art but a dead man, and shalt

turn to ashes. [Erit. ZAR. Crab, here's that shall make vinegar of thy carcase. [Exit.

Enter CRAB and Cole, two Friars, with a Rout of St IN KA R Ds following them.

Crab. Ah, brother 'tis best so. Now we have drawn them to a head, we'll begin here i' the marketplace. Tut, so long as we be commanded by the Mother Queen, we'll say her son is a bastard, an he were ten Philips.

Cole. Take you one market form, I'll take another.

CRAB. No, godso, we must both keep one form.

Cole. Aye, in oration, but not in station. Mount, mount.

1St INKARD. Well, my masters, you know him not so well as I, on my word. Friar Crab is a sour fellow.

2 St INKARD. Yet he may utter sweet doctrine, by your leave. But what think you of friar Cole?

1 Sri N KA Rd. He, all fire: an he be kindled once, a hot catholic.

3.Sti N KARD. And you mark him, he has a zealous nose, and richly inflam'd.

1 STINKARD. Peace, you rogues! Now they begin.

CRAB. Incipe Frater.

Cole. Non ego Domine.

CRAB. Nec ego.

CoLE. Quare. CRAB. Quia, CoLE. Quaeso. ALL. Here's a queasy beginning methinks. Silence 1 silence CRAB. Brethren, citizens, and market folks of Seville. CoLE. Well beloved, and honoured Castilians. CRAB. It is not unknown to you. CoLE. I am sure you are not ignorant. CRAB. How villainous, and strong ! CoLE. How monstrous, and huge! CRAB. The faction of prince Philip is. Cole. Philip, that is a bastard. CRAB. Philip, that is a dastard. Cole. Philip, that kill'd your king. CRAB. Only to make himself king. CoLE. And, by Gad's blessed lady, you are all damn'd, an you suffer it. 1 Sti N KARD. Friar Cole says true, he speaks out to the heat of his zeal; look how he glows. 2STINKARD. Well, friar Crab, for my money; he has set my teeth on edge against this bastard. 1ST INKARD. Oh his words are like vergis, to whet a man's stomach. ALL. Silence 1 silence! CRAB. Now, contrarywise. Cole. Your noble king the Moor– CRAB. Is a valiant gentleman; Cole. A noble gentleman:

CRAB. An honourable gentleman; CoLE. A fair black gentleman. CRAB. A friend to Castilians; Cole A champion for Castilians; CRAB. A man fit to be a king, Cole. If he were not borne down by him that would be king; who (as I said before) is a bastard, and no king. 1St INKARD. What think you, my masters? Do you mark his words well ? CRAB. Further, compare them together. All. S'blood there's no comparison between them. Cole. Nay; but hear us, good countrymen. All. Hear friar Cole ! hear friar Cole ! Cole. See that bastard and Eleazar together. 1 Stin KARD. How 7 mean you by the ears? CRAB. No; but compare them. Cole. Do but compare them. 2 ST INKARD. Zounds! we say, again, comparisons are odious. 1 STINKARD. But say on, say on. [Pieces go off; Friars die. All. Treason 1 every man shift for himself. This is Philip's treason. Arm arm arm 1. [Ereunt.


Enter EleazAR, ZARAck, and BALTAzAR. ELEAz. Zarack and Baltazar, are they dispatch'd?

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