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His mother's hand shall stop thy breath,
Thinking her own son is done to death :
And she that takes away thy life,
Does it to be thy husband's wife:
Adieu, Maria! we must hence;
Embrace thine end with patience ;
Elves and fairies make no stand,
Till you come in fairy land.

[Ereunt dancing and singing. Maria. Fairies or devils, whatsoe'er you be, Thus will I hide me from your company.

[Offers to go. To her enter the Queen Mother suddenly with

ALVERO and RODERIGO, with rapiers. Q. Mo. Lay hold upon the strumpet! where's the

king? Fernando! son! ah, me! your king is dead ! Lay hands upon the murd'ress!

MARIA. Imperious queen, I am as free from murder as thyself! Which I will prove, if you will hear me speak. The king is living. Rod. If he liv'd his breath would beat within his

breast. Q. Mo. The life he leads, Maria, thou shalt soon

Maria. Oh, father! save me!

Alv. Thou’rt no child of mine.
Had'st thou been owner of Alvero's spirit,
Thy heart would not have entertain'd a thought

That had convers’d with murder: yet mine eyes,
(Howe'er my tongue wants words), brim-full with tears,
Intreat her further trial.

Q. Mo. To what end ?
Here lies her trial; from this royal breast
Hath she stolen all comfort; all the life
Of every bosom in the realm of Spain.

Rod. She's both a traitor and murd'ress.
Q. Mo. I'll have her forthwith strangled.
Alv. Hear her speak!
Q. Mo. To heaven let her complain if she have

I murder but the murd'ress of my son.
ALL. We murder the murdress of our king.

[They prepare to strangle her. Alv. Ah, me! my child! oh! oh, cease your tor

turing! MARIA. Heaven ope your windows, that my

spotless soul,
Riding upon the wings of innocence,
May enter Paradise! Fairies, farewell !
Fernando's death in mine you

did foretell.

[She dies : the King wakes. King. Who calls Fernando ? Lore! Maria, speak! O whither art thou fled? Whence flow these waters, That fall like wintưr storms from the drown'd eyes ?

Alv. From my Maria's death.

King, My Maria dead !
Damn'd be the soul to hell that stop'd her breath.
Maria ! oh, me! who durst murder her ?

Q. Mo. I thought my dear Fernando had been

dead, And in my indignation murder'd her.

King. I was not dead until you murder'd me, By killing fair Maria.

Q. Mo. Gentle son

King. Ungentle mother, you a deed have done
Of so much ruth, that no succeeding age
Can ever clear you of. Oh! my dear love!
Yet heavens can witness thou wert never mine.
Spain's wonder was Maria.

Q. Mo. Sweet, have done!
KING. Have done! for what? For shedding zea-

lous tears
Over the tomb of virtuous chastity ?
You cry have done, now I am doing good;
But cry'd do on, when you were shedding blood.
Have you done, mother? Yes, yes, you have done
That which will undo your unhappy son.

Rod. These words become you not, my gracious lord. King. These words become not me! no more it

did Become

you lords to be mute standers by, When Instful fury ravish'd chastity : It ill becomes me to lament her death; But it became you well to stop her breath. Had she been fair, and not so virtuous, This deed had not been half so impious. Alv. But she was fair in virtue, virtuous fair.

Oh, me!

King. Oh, me! she was true honour's heir. Hence, beldams, from my presence ! all Ay hence; You are all murderers. Come poor innocent, Clasp thy cold hand in mine; for here I'll lie, And since I liv'd for her, for her I'll die.


Enter ELF.azar with a torch; his rapier drawn. ELEAZ. Bar up my castle gates! fire and con

Shall girt these Spanish curs. Was I for this
Sent to raise power against a fugitive?
To have my wife deflower'd ? Zounds! where's my

My slaves cry out she's dallying with the king:
Stand by! where is your king? Eleazar's bed
Sball scorn to be an emperor's brothelry.

Q. Mo. Be patient, Eleazar; here's the king.
Eleaz. Patience and I am foes; where's my

Maria ?
Alv. Here is her hapless corse, that was Maria.

King. Here lies Maria's body, here her grave; Her dead heart in my breast a tomb shall have. ELEAZ. Now, by the proud complexion of my

cheeks, Ta'en from the kisses of the amorous sun, Were he ten thousand kings that slew my love, Thus should my hand, plum'd with revenge's wings, Requite mine own dishonour and her death.

(Stabs the king.

Q. Mo. Ah, me! my son.
All. The king is murder'd! lay hold on the

damn'd traitor.
Eleaz. In his breast,
That dares but dart a finger at the Moor,
I'll bury this sharp steel, yet reeking warm
With the unchaste blood of that letcher king,
That threw my wife in an untimely grave.
Alv. She was my daughter, and her timeless

grave Did swallow down my joys as deep as yours. But thus

Eleaz. But what? Bear injuries that can, I'll wear no forked crest. Rod. Damn this black fiend ! cry treason through

the court, The king is murder'd! Eleaz. He that first opes his lips, I'll drive his

Down his wide throat upon my rapier's point.
The king is murder'd, and I'll answer it;
I am dishonour'd, and I will revenge it.
Bend not your dangerous weapons at my breast;
Think where you are; this castle is the Moor's;
You are environ'd with a wall of flint,
The gates are lock'd, portcullises let down;
If Eleazar spend one drop of blood,

[Zarack and Baltazar above with calivers". On those high turret tops my slaves stand arm'd,

Caliver, a musket.

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