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The statutes decretal have thus decreed :
He shall be straight condemnd of heresy,
And on a pile of faggots burnt to death.

Pope. It is enough: here, take him to your charge,
And bear him straight to Ponto Angelo,
And in the strongest tower inclose him fast:
To-morrow, sitting in our consistory,
With all our college of grave cardinals,
We will determine of his life and death.
Here take this triple crown along with you,
And leave it in the church's treasury.
Make haste, again, my good lord cardinals,
And take our blessing apostolical.

Meph. So, so; was never devil thus bless'd before.

Faust. Away, sweet Mephostophilis, begone; The cardinals will be plagu'd for this anon.

[Ereunt Faustus and Mephostophilis. Pope. Go presently and bring a banquet forth, That we may solemnize St. Peter's feast, And with Lord Raymond, king of Hungary, Drink to our late and happy victory. [Ereunt.


A senet while the banquet is brought in; and then

enter Faustus and Mephostophilis, in their own shapes. Meph. Now, Faustus, come, prepare thyself for

mirth; The sleepy cardinals are hard at hand, To censure Bruno, that is posted hence,

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And on a proud pac'd steed, as swift as thought,
Flies o'er the Alps to fruitful Germany,
There to salute the woeful emperor.
Faust. The Pope will curse them for their sloth

That slept both Bruno and his crown away.
But now, that Faustus may delight his mind,
And by their folly make some merriment,
Sweet Mephostophilis, so charm me here,
That I may walk invisible to all,
And do whate'er I please unseen of any.
Meph. Faustus, thou shalt; then kneel down

presently, Whilst on thy head I lay my hand, And charm thee with this magic wand : First, wear this girdle, then appear Invisible to all are here; The planets seven, the gloomy air, Hell, and the furies' forked hair; Pluto's blue fire, and Hecat's tree, With magic spells so compass thee, That no eye may thy body see. So, Faustus, now for all their holiness, Do what thou wilt, thou shalt not be discern’d. Faust. Thanks, Mephostophilis ; now, friars, take

heed, Lest Faustus make your shaven crowns to bleed.

Meph. Faustus, no more: see where the cardinals


Enter the Pope and Lords; then the CARDINALS

with a book. Pope. Welcome, lord cardinals; come, sit down ; Lord Raymond, take your seat; friars, attend And see that all things be in readiness, As best beseems this solemn festival.

1 CARD. First, may it please your sacred holiness, To view the sentence of the reverend synod, Concerning Bruno and the emperor. Pore. What needs this question ? Did I not tell

To-morrow we would sit i'the consistory,
And there determine of his punishment?
You brought us word even now, it was decreed,
That Bruno, and the cursed emperor,
Were by the holy council both condemn'd.
For lothed Lollards, and base schismatics :
Then wherefore would you have me view that book?
1 Card. Your grace mistakes, you gave us no

such charge.
Ray. Deny it not: we all are witnesses
That Bruno here was late delivered you,
With his rich triple crown to be reserv'd,
And put into the church's treasury.

Both Card. By holy Paul we saw them not!

Pope. By Peter you shall die,
Unless you bring them forth immediately!
Hale them to prison, lade their limbs with gyves :
False prelates, for this hateful treachery,

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Curs'd be your souls to hellish misery!
Faust. So, they are safe; now, Faustus, to the

feast; The pope

had never such a frolic guest.
Pope. Lord Archbishop of Rheims, sit down with

Bish. I thank


holiness. Faust. Fall to, the devil choke you, an you spare.

Pope. Who's that spoke? Friars look about.
Lord Raymond pray fall to : I am beholden
To the bishop of Millaine for this so rare a present.

Faust. I thank you, sir.
Pope. How now! Who snatch'd the meat from

Villains ! why speak you not?
My good lord archbishop, here's a most dainty dish,
Was sent me from a cardinal in France.

Faust. I'll have that too.

Pope. What Lollards do attend our holiness,
That we receive such great indignity? fetch me some

Faust. Aye, pray do, for Faustus is a-dry.
Pope. Lord Raymond, I drink unto your grace.
Faust. I pledge your grace.

Pope. My wine gone too! Ye lubbers look about
And find the man that doth this villainy,
Or by our sanctitude you all shall die.
I pray, my lords, have patience at this troublesome

banquet. Bish. Please it, your holiness; I think it be some



ghost crept out of purgatory, and now is come unto your holiness for his pardon.

Pope. It may be so, Go then, command our priests to sing a dirge, To lay the fury of this same troublesome ghost. Faust. How now! must every bit be spiced with

a cross? Nay, then, take that.

Pope. 0 I am slain ! help me, my lords ! O come and help to bear my body hence! Damn'd be his soul for ever for this deed !

[Exeunt Pope and his train. Meph. Now, Faustus, what will you do now? For

I can tell you You'll be curs'd with bell, book, and candle. Faust. Bell, book, and candle; candle, book,

and bell, Forward and backward, to curse Faustus to hell. Enter the FRIARS with bell, book, and candle, for the

dirge. 1 Friar. Come, brethren, let's about our business

with good devotion. Cursed be he that stole his holiness' meat from the table.

Maledicat Dominus. Cursed be he that struck his holiness a blow on the face.

Maledicat Dominus. Cursed be he that struck friar Sandelo a blow on the


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