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And then beset his house, that not a man may live.
ANJ. That charge is mine. Switzers, keep you
the streets;
And at each corner shall the king's guard stand.
Gox. Come, sirs, follow me.
[Erit Gonzago, with others.
ANJ. Cousin, the captain of the Admiral's guard,
Plac'd by my brother, will betray his lord.
Now, Guise, shall Catholics flourish once again;
The head being off, the members cannot stand.
Retes. But look, my lord, there's some in the
Admiral's house.
[They enter into the house of the Admiral, who is in bed.


Enter GUIs E, ANJou, DUMAINE, Gonzago, RETEs,
Mou Norso RREL, and others, to the ADMIRAL.
ANJ. In lucky time; come, let us keep this lane,

And slay his servants that shall issue out.
Gox. Where is the Admiral 2
ADM. Oh! let me pray before I die.
Gox. Then pray unto our Lady; kiss this cross.

[Stabs him.

ADM. Oh! God, forgive my sins!
Guise. What, is he dead, Gonzago?
Gon. Aye, my lord.
GUIs E. Then throw him down.
ANJ. Now, cousin, view him well.

It may be 'tis some other, and he escap'd.
Gu isz. Cousin, 'tis he, I know him by his look;


See where my soldier shot him through the arm;
He miss'd him near, but we have struck him now.
Ah! base Chatellain, and degenerate, chief standard-
bearer to the Lutherans,
Thus, in despite of thy religion,
The duke of Guise stamps on thy lifeless bulk.
Away with him: cut off his head and hands,
And send them for a present to the pope;
And when this just revenge is finished,
Unto Montfaucon will we drag his corse;
And he, that living hated so the cross,
Shall, being dead, be hang'd thereon in chains.
Anjou, Gonzago, Retes, if that you three.
Will be as resolute as I and Dumaine,
There shall not a Hugonot breathe in France.
ANJ. I swear by this cross, we'll not be partial,
But slay as many as we can come near.
Guis E. Mountsorrell, go and shoot the ordnance
That they, which have already 'set the street,
May know their watchword; and then toll the bell,
And so let's forward to the massacre.

Mou NT. I will, my lord. {Erit. Guise. And now, my lords, let's closely to our business.

ANJ. Anjou will follow thee.

DUM. And so will Dumaine.
[The ordnance being shot off, the bell tolls.

GUIs E. Come then, let's away. | Ereunt.


Guise enters again, with all the rest, with their swords drawn, chasing the Protestants. Guise. Tue 1 tue 1 tue 1 let none escape, murder the Hugonots. ANJ. Kill them kill them [Ereunt. Enter Loker NE, running; Guis F and the rest pursuing him. Guise. Loreine ! Loreine ! follow Loreine!— Sirrah, Are you a preacher of these heresies? LoR. I am a preacher of the word of God; And thou a traitor to thy soul and him. Guise. “Dearly beloved brother"—thus 'tis written. [Stabs him. ANJ. Stay, my lord, let me begin the psalm. Guise. Come, drag him away, and throw him in a ditch. [Ereunt. Enter MoUNtsor Rel, and knocks at SERou Ne's door. SER. Wife. [Within..] Who is that which knocks there 2 Moux r. Mountsorrell, from the duke of Guise, Sea. WIFE. Husband, come down; here's ope would speak with you. From the duke of Guise. Enter Se:toun E. SER. To speak with me, from such a man as he?

Mount. Aye, aye, for this Seroune; and thou shalt ha't. [Shewing his dagger. SER. Oh! let me pray, before I take my death! Mount. Dispatch then quickly. Ser. Oh, Christ, my Saviour ! . MoUNT. Christ, villain Why, dar'st thou presume to call on Christ, Without the intercession of some saint? Sanctus Jacobus, he was my saint; pray to him. SER. Oh! let me pray unto my God! Mount. Then take this with you. [Stabs him and exit. Enter RAM Us, in his study. RAM Us. What fearful cries come from the river Seine That fright poor Ramus sitting at his book I fear the Guisians have pass'd the bridge, And mean once more to menace me. Enter TALEUs. TAL. Fly, Ramus, fly, if thou wilt save thy life RAM Us. Tell me, Taleus, wherefore should I fly? TAL. The Guisians are hard at thy door, and mean to murder us; Hark! hark, they come ! I'll leap out at the window. RAMUs. Sweet Taleus, stay. Enter Gonz AGo and Retes. Gon. Who goes there 2 Retes. It is Taleus, Ramus' bedfellow. Go N. What art thou?

TAL. I am, as Ramus is, a Christian. RETEs. Oh, let him go, he is a Catholic. [Exit Taleus. Gon. Come, Ranus, more gold, or thou shalt have the stab. RAMUs. Alas, I am a scholar ! how should I have gold * All that I have is but my stipend from the king. Which is no sooner receiv'd, but it is spent. Enter Guise, ANJou, and the rest. ANJ. Whom have you there? RETEs. 'Tis Ramus, the king's professor of logic. GUIs E. Stab him RAM us. Oh! good my lord, wherein hath Ramus been so offencious ! Guise. Marry, sir, in having a smack in all, And yet did'st never sound any thing to the depth. Was it not thou that scoff'dst the Organon, And said it was a heap of vanities? He that will be a flat dichotomist, And seen in nothing but epitomes, Is in your judgment thought a learned man. And he, forsooth, must go and preach in Germany; Excepting against doctors' actions, And ipse diri with this quiddity Argumentum testimonii est in arte partialis. To contradict which, I say Ramus shall die; How answer you that?—your nego argumentum Cannot serve.—Sirrah, kill him

RAMUs. Oh, my good lord, let me but speaka word.
WOL. I. 20

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