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Whence none can possibly escape alive:
Now as for Calymath and his consorts,
Here have I made dainty gallery,
The floor whereof, this cable being cut,
Doth fall asunder; so that it doth sink
Into a deep pit past recovery.
Here, hold that knife, and when thou seest he comes,
And with his bashaws shall be blithely set,
A warning-piece shall be shot off from the tower,
To give thee knowledge when to cut the cord,
And fire the house; say, will not this be brave?
Gov. Oh excellent here, hold thee, Barabas,
I trust thy word, take what I promis'd thee.
BAR. No, governor, I'll satisfy thee first,
Thou shalt not live in doubt of any thing.
Stand close, for here they come : why, is not this
A kingly kind of trade to purchase towns
By treachery, and sell'em by deceit *
Now tell me, worldlings, underneath the sun,
lf greater falsehood ever has been done,
Enter CALYMATH and BASH Aws.
CALY. Come, my companion bashaws, see I pray
How busy Barabas is there above
To entertain us in his gallery;
Let us salute him. Save thee, Barabas'
BAR. Welcome great Calymath
Gov. How the slave jeers at him 7
BAR. Will't please thee, mighty Selim Calymath,
To ascend our homely stairs?
CALY. Aye, Barabas, come bashaws, attend. '

Gov. Stay, Calymath ! For I will shew thee greater courtesy Than Barabas would have afforded thee. KNIGHT. Sound a charge there ! [A charge, the cable cut, a caldron discovered. CALY. How now, what means this! BAR. Help, help me, Christians, help. Gov. See Calymath, this was devis'd for thee. CALY. Treason treason bashaws, fly Gov. No, Selim, do not fly; See his end first, and fly then if thou canst. BAR. Oh help me, Selim, help me, Christians ! Governor, why stand you all so pitiless? Gov. Should I in pity of thy plaints or thee, Accursed Barabas, base, Jew, relent? No, thus I'll see thy treachery repaid, But wish thou hadst behav'd thee otherwise. BAR. You will not help me then 2 Gov. No, villain, no. BAR. And villains, know you cannot help me now. Then Barabas breathe forth thy latest fate, And in the fury of thy torments, strive To end thy life with resolution: Know, governor, 'twas I that slew thy son; I fram'd the challenge that did make them meet: Know, Calymath, I aim'd thy overthrow, And had I but escap'd this stratagem, I would have brought confusion on you all, Damn’d Christians, dogs, and Turkish infidels; But now begins the extremity of heat

To pinch me with intolerable pangs:
Dielife, fly soul, tongue curse thy fill, and die! [Dies.
CALY. Tell me, you Christians, what doth this
portend ?
Gov. This train he laid to have intrapp'd thy life;
Now Selim note the unhallowed deeds of Jews :
Thus he determin'd to have handled thee,
But I have rather chose to save thy life.
CALY. Was this the banquet he prepar'd for us?
Let's hence, lest further mischief be pretended.
Gov. Nay, Selim, stay, for since we have thee here,
We will not let thee part so suddenly:
Besides, if we should let thee go, all's one,
For with thy gallies couldst thou not get hence,
Without fresh men to rig and furnish them.
CALY. Tush, governor, take thou no care for that,
My men are all aboard,
And do attend my coming there by this.
Gov. Why heard'st thou not the trumpet sound a
charge 2
CALY. Yes, what of that ?
Gov. Why then the house was fir’d,
Blown up, and all thy soldiers massacred.
CALY. Oh monstrous treason
Gov. A Jew's courtesy:
For he that did by treason work our fall,
By treason hath delivered thee to us:
Know therefore, till thy father hath made good
The ruins done to Malta and to us,
Thou canst not part: for Malta shall be freed,
Or Selim ne'er return to Ottoman.

CALY. Nay rather, Christians, let me go to Turkey, In person there to mediate your peace; To keep me here will nought advantage you.

Gov. Content thee, Calymath, here thou must stay, And live in Malta prisoner; for come all the world To rescue thee, so will we guard us now, As sooner shall they drink the ocean dry, Than conquer Malta, or endanger us. So march away, and let due praise be given Neither to fate nor fortune, but to heaven. [Ereunt.

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