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I'll to her lodging; hereabouts she lies. [Exit.
Enter AB1GAIL.
2 FR1. What, all dead, save only Abigail?
AB1G. And I shall die too, for I feel death coming.
Where is the Friar that convers'd with me?
2 FRI. Oh, he is gone to see the other nuns.
ABIG. I sent for him, but seeing you are come,
Be you my ghostly father; and first know,
That in this house I liv'd religiously,
Chaste, and devout, much sorrowing for my sins,
But e'er I came
2 FR1. What then 7 -
Abig. I did offend high heaven so grievously,
As I am almost desperate for my sins:
And one offence torments me more than all.
You knew Mathias and Don Lodowick 2
2 FR I. Yes, what of them 2
Abig. My father did contract me to 'em both :
First to Don Lodowick, him I never lov'd;
Mathias was the man that I held dear,
And for his sake did I become a nun.
2 FR1. So, say how was their end ?
AB1G. Both jealous of my love, envied each other
And by my father's practice, which is there
Set down at large, the gallants were both slain.
2 FR1. Oh monstrous villainy!
A BIG. To work my peace, this I confess to thee;
Reveal it not, for then my father dies.
2 FR1. Know that confession must not be reveal’d,
The canon law forbids it, and the priest

That makes it known, being degraded first, Shall be condemn'd, and then sent to the fire. AB1G. So I have heard; pray therefore keep it close, Death seizeth on my heart, ah gentle Friar! Convert my father that he may be sav'd, And witness that I die a Christian. [Dies. 2 FR1. Aye, and a virgin too, that grieves me most: But I must to the Jew and exclaim on him, And make him stand in fear of me. Enter one FRIAR. I FR1. Oh, brother, all the nuns are dead, let's bury them. 2 FR 1. First help to bury this, then go with me And help me to exclaim against the Jew. 1 FR1. Why? what has he done? 2 Fr I. A thing that makes me tremble to unfold. 1 FR I. What has he crucified a child? 2 FR1. No, but a worse thing: 'twas told me in shrift, Thou know'st 'tis death, and if it be reveal’d. Come let's away. [Ereunt.

scENE I.

Enter BARABAs and It HAMoR.E. Bells within. BAR.There is no musick like" a Christian's knell : How sweet the bells ring now the nuns are dead That sound at other times like tinkers' pans? I was afraid the poison had not wrought; Or though it wrought, it would have done no good, For every year they swell, and yet they live; Now all are dead, not one remains alive. Itha. That's brave, master, but think you it will not be known 2 BAR. How can it, if we two be secret? ITHA. For my part fear you not. BAR. I'd cut thy throat if I did, Itha. And reason too; but here's a royal monastery hard by, good master let me poison all the Monks. BAR. Thou shalt not need, for now the nuns are dead, They'll die with grief. Ith A. Do younot sorrow for your daughter's death? BAR. No, but I grieve because she liv'd so long An Hebrew born, and would become a Christian. Catho diabolo. Enter the two FRIARs. ITHA. Look, look, master, here come two religious caterpillars.

* like is here substituted for to in the old edition.

BAR. I smelt 'em ere they came. ITH A. God-a-mercy nose; come let's begone. 2 FR1. Stay, wicked Jew, repent, I say, and stay. I FR1. Thou hast offended, therefore must be damn'd. Bak. I fear they know we sent the poison'd broth. IT HA. And so do I, master, therefore speak 'em fair. 2 FR1. Thou hast 1 FR1. Aye, that thou hast BAR. True, I have money, what though I have? 2 FBI. Thou art a 1 FR1. Aye, that thou art a BAR. What needs all this? I know I am a Jew. 2 FR1. Thy daughter— 1 FR1. Aye, thy daughter, BAR. Oh speak not of her, then I die with grief. 2 FR1. Remember that 1 FR1. Aye, remember that BAR. I must needs say that I have been a great usurer. 2 FR1. Thou hast committed BAR. Fornication, but that was in another country: And besides, the wench is dead. 2 FR1. Aye, but Barabas remember Mathias and Don Lodowick. Bah. Why, what of them? 2 FR1. I will not say that by a forged challenge they met. BAR. She has confest, and we are both undone; My bosom inmates! (but I must dissemble.) [Aside.

O holy Friars, the burthen of my sins
Lies heavy on my soul; then pray you, tell me,
Is’t not too late now to turn Christian 2
I have been zealous in the Jewish faith,
Hard hearted to the poor, a covetous wretch,
That would for lucre's sake have sold my soul.
A hundred for a hundred I have ta'en :
And now for store of wealth may I compare
With all the Jews in Malta; but what is wealth 2
I am a Jew, and therefore am I lost.
Would penance serve for this my sin,
I could afford to whip myself to death.
ITHA. And so could I ; but penance will not
BAR. To fast, to pray, and wear a shirt of hair,
And on my knees creep to Jerusalem,
Cellars of wine; and sollars full of wheat,
Warehouses stuft with spices and with drugs,
Whole chests of gold, in bullion, and in coin,
Besides I know not how much weight in pearl,
Orient and round, have I within my house;
At Alexandria, merchandize unsold :
But yesterday two ships went from this town,
Their voyage will be worth ten thousand crowns.
In Florence, Venice, Antwerp, London, Seville,
Frankfort, Lubeck, Moscow, and where not,
Have I debts owing; and in most of these,
Great sums of money lying in the banco;
All this I'll give to some religious house
So I may be baptiz'd, and live therein.

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