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Bar. Mathias, as thou lov'st me, not a word. Math. Well, let it pass, another time shall serve.

[Exit. Lod. Barabas, is not that the widow's son? Bar. Aye, and take heed, for he hath sworn your

death. Lod. My death? what is the base born peasant

mad ?
Bar. No, no, but hapily he stands in fear
Of that which you, I think, ne'er dream upon,
My daughter here, a paltry silly girl.

Lod. Why, loves she Don Mathias ?
BAR. Doth she not with her smiling answer you ?
ABIG. He has my heart, I smile against my will.
Lod. Barabas, thou know'st I have lov'd thy

daughter long
Bar. And so has she done you, even from a child.
LOD. And now I can no longer hold my mind.
Bar. Nor I the affection that I bear to you.
Lod. This is thy diamond, tell me, shall I have it?

BAR. Win it, and wear it, it is yet unsoil'd.
Oh! but I know your lordship would disdain
To marry with the daughter of a Jew:
And yet I'll give her many a golden cross
With christian posies round about the ring.

Lod. 'Tis not thy wealth, but her that I esteem, Yet crave I thy consent.

Bar. And mine you have, yet let me talk to her ; This offspring of Cain, this Jebusite, That never tasted of the Passover,

Nor e'er shall see the land of Canaan,
Nor our Messias that is yet to come, [Aside.
This gentle maggot, Lodowick, I mean,
Must be deluded: let him have thy hand,
But keep thy heart till Don Mathias comes.

Abig. What, shall I be betroth'd to Lodowick?

Bar. It's no sin to deceive a Christian ; For they themselves hold it a principle, Faith is not to be held with hereticks; But all are hereticks that are not Jews; This follows well, and therefore, daughter, fear not. I have intreated her, and she will grant.

[To Lodouick. Lod. Then, gentle Abigail, plight thy faith to me.

Abig. I cannot chuse, seeing my father bids : Nothing but death shall part my love and me. Lod. Now have I that for which my soul hath

long'd. BAR. So have not I, but yet I hope I shall.

[Aside. ABIG. Oh wretched Abigail, what hast thou

done ? Lod. Why on the sudden is your colour chang'd ? Abig. I know not, but farewell, I must be gone. BAR. Stay her, but let her not speak one word


Lod. Mute o' the sudden; here's a sudden

change. Bar. Oh, muse not at it, 'tis the Hebrew's guise, That maidens new betroth'd should


awhile :

Trouble her not, sweet Lodowick depart:
She is thy wife, and thou shalt be mine heir.

Lod. Oh, is’t the custom, then I am resolv'd:
But rather let the brightsome heavens be dim,
And nature's beauty choke with stifling clouds,
Than my fair Abigail should frown on me.
There comes the villain, now I'll be reveng'd.

Bar. Be quiet Lodowick, it is enough
That I have made thee sure to Abigail.
Lod. Well, let him go.

[Erit. Bar. Well, but for me, as you went in at doors You had been stabb’d, but not a word on't now; Here must no speeches pass, nor swords be drawn.

Math. Suffer me, Barabas, but to follow him.

Bar. No; so shall I, if any hurt be done,
Be made an accessory of your deeds ;
Revenge it on him when you meet him next.

MATH. For this I'll have his heart.
Bar. Do so; lo here I give thee Abigail.

Math. What greater gift can poor Mathias have ?
Shall Lodowick rob me of so fair love?
My life is not so dear as Abigail ?
Bar. My heart misgives me, that to cross your

He's with your mother, therefore after him.

Math. What, is he gone unto my mother?
Bar. Nay, if you will, stay till she comes herself.
Math. I cannot stay; for if my mother come,


She'll die with grief.

[Erit. Abig. I cannot take my leave of him for tears: Father, why have you thus incens'd them both ?

BAR. What's that to thee?
ABIG. I'll make 'em friends again.

Bar. You'll make 'em friends!
Are there not Jews enough in Malta.
But thou must doat upon a Christian?

Abig. I will have Don Mathias, he is my love.
Bar. Yes, you

shall have him: go, put her in.
ITHA. Aye, I'll put her in.
Bar. Now tell me, Ithamore, how lik'st thou

this? Itha. Faith, master, I think by this You purchase both their lives; is it not so?

Bar. True; and it shall be cunningly perform'd. Itha. Oh, master, that I might have a hand in

this. Bar. Aye, so thou shalt, 'tis thou must do the

deed : Take this, and bear it to Mathias straight, And tell him that it comes from Lodowick.

Itha. 'Tis poison'd, is it not?

Bar. No, no, and yet it might be done that way : It is a challenge feign d from Lodowick.

Itha. Fear not, I'll so set his heart a fire, that he Shall verily think it comes from him.

Bar. I cannot choose but like thy readiness : Yet be not rash, but do it cunningly.

ITHA. As I behave myself in this, employ me

hereafter. BAR. Away then.

[Erit. So, now will I go into Lodowick, And, like a cunning spirit, feign some lie, Till I have set them both at enmity.




Enter a COURTEZAN. Court. Since this town was besieg’d, my gain

grows cold:

The time has been, that but for one bare night
A hundred ducats have been freely given :
But now against my will I must be chaste;
And yet I know my beauty doth not fail.
From Venice, merchants, and from Padua
Were wont to come rare-witted gentlemen,
Scholars I mean, learned and liberal ;
And now, save Pilia-borza, comes there none,
And he is very seldom from my

house; And here he comes.

Pilia. Hold thee, wench, there's something for

thee to spend.
Court. 'Tis silver, I disdain it.

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