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MS. of, 409

Chrestolleros, seven books of epigrams,

by T. Bastard, an account of, 374
Churchill's Voyages, 120

Falkland, Lucius, Ld. 54
Churchyard, T. his Praise of Poetry, Fame Literary, a juftifiable ambios,
continued, 45, 157, 265, 365

Clapham, Henoch, his Brief of the Fanthaw, Sir Rd. his letters, 5

Bible's History, 258; fpecimen, 259 Farrer, Miss, notices of, 194
Clanrirkard, Marquis, his letters, 5 Flanders, Invasion of, 4
Clarendon, Ld. his characters, 54, 184 Forman, Dr. Simon, extract from a
Collier, Jeremy, his essays, 216
Collins, Wm. 70, 280

Fox, Charles, duly fenfible of the rales
Coleman, Mr. 62, 64

of literature, 202
Commines, Philip de, account of his Rd. bp. of Durham, 341

hiftory, trandated by Danett, 21; Free, Dr. his epitaph by himfelf, 205

various editions of the original, 22, 23 Freeman's Rub and a Great Caf, zo-
Content and competence the grand in- count of, 129; memoir of the autha,
gredients of happiness, 197

ib.; specimens, 130, 131, 136
Cope, Anthony, his Historie of Anni- Frezier's Voyage to the South Sea, a.
bal and Scipio, account of, 155

count of, 143
Cotton Cha. 238
Cowley's Davideis, 316
Cowper had paffing prejudices, 95; his

original style, 107
Cromwell, Oliver, his private ambition, Gabor Bethlem, 19

187; Richard, his character, 189 Gage, Tho. his Survey of the W, I
Cumberland's Calvary, 316

dies, 263
Cynthia, Ode to, 194

Gainsborough, painter, anecdotes of, big

Jackson, 304

Gardiner, Bp. 258

Gascoigne, Geo. Whetstone's Life of

Dalrymple, Alex. his Collection of Gilpin, Wm. 103
Voyages, 122

Glasse, Dr. 221
Dalzell, A. ob. 219

Goddard's Dialogue between Alexander
Dante, 89

and Diogenes, 216
Davies, John, of Hereford, 136

His Maftiff Whelp, code
Deal Castle, Kent, 191

taining epigrams, 216
Delany, Mary, her epitaph, 208

His Neaft of Wasps, 217
Dendrologia, by J. Howell, 213

Goldsmith, his poetical character, 921
Derby, Countess, epigram on her mar-


Godulphin, Sir Wm, his letters, 5
Douglas, Mrs. ob.

Gorges, Ferd. his Spanish Conquest of
Drant, translator of Horace, 227

the Indies, 22
Duck's Shunammite, 316

Graham, Simon, 4!
Dunfenye, Ld. dedication to, 226 Gray, Tho. 280
Dyer, L. 273

Green, Mr. John, compiler of Alley's
Dyfon, Jeremiah, 69

riage, 14

Voyages, 121
Grey, Dr. 369

Grymeston, Elizabeth, her Miscellane,

an account of, 39; and of the author,

her son Bernye, ib. 42
Eden, Rd. his Decades of the New

World, 22
Egerton, Ld. Chancellor, epigram on

his marriage, 14

Hall, Bp: 357
Ellis, Geo. his memoir of G. L. Way, Halley, Dr. his Poffcript to Fregier's

Voyage, 143, 145
Erroll, Ja. Earl of, 246

Hakluyt's Voyages, an account of, 113
Evans, Mrs. 193

character of, 115, 17accoans of
Evening, Ode to, by Mrs. Smith, 288 the author, 118




Larifla, 109

of, 292


Happiness, human, eslay on the fate Jones, Wm. F.R.S. 160
best adapted to, 195

Jonson, B. 128
Harrington, Sir J. his epigrams, an ac-

count of, and extracts from, 8; his

Nugæ Antiquæ, 8
Harris's Voyages, 120

Kiddington, Co, Oxf. 96
Harvey, Gabr. 226, 233, 234

epigram on, i 2
his character of Dr. Perne, 138

Hawes's Paftime of Pleasure, extracts Laconia, 108

from, 7
Hawkins, Sir Tho. his Translation of Law, study of, praised, 169

Horace's Odes, account of, 392 Lawyers live a disagreeable life, 200
Heptameron of Civil Discourses by Geo. Le Grand, his Fabliaux, tranflated, 310
Whetstone, 337

Letters by Sir W. Temple, account of, 1
Herbert's Travels, account of, 146, 150 Letters of Ld. Arlington, account of;

frontispiece to, 379 1, 2, 5
Hervey, Rev. James, 210

Lewknor, Mafter, epigram on, 14
Hesketh, Lady, Ob. 219

Lima, plan of, 144
Hindu and Mahommedan Laws, Digest | Literature, essay on, as the only perma.

nent vehicle of fame, 201
Holland, War with, 4

Lodge, Tho. notices of, 43
Holliband, Cl. his Italian Schoolmaster, Lorraine, seizure of, 4

Louis XIV. his plans of aggrandise-
Horace, essay on his taste for rural ment, 143

scenery, 106; one of his Odes imi- Love's Martyr, or Rosalin's Complaint,
tated, 110

by R. Chester, 127
Horne, Bp. 221

Lulington, Dr. Tho. a curious sermon
Howell, J. his Dendrologia, 213.

by, 16; account of him, ib.
Tho. his Arbor of Amitie, 217;
his Devises, ib.; his Fable of Ovid, 218
Hutchinson, Col. Memoirs of his Life,

by his Widow, 49; his character, 5o; Machiavel, 3.
an abridged account of, 181; death, Mackenzie, Sir Geo: his moral essays;

215; account of him, 216
Mrs. Lucy; her character Macmillan, John, lines on, 309
and history; 55, 56

Malone, Mr. 128
Sir Thomas, 181

Man, defined to be an animal capable of
Hyrde, Rd. his Instruction of Christen receiving pleasure from the beauties
Woman, account of, 348

of nature, 102

Mariana, his History of Spain, 6
1. J.

Marlow, C. notices of, 43

Marfton, J. 128
Ireland, Epigram on the Wars of, is Marvel, Andr. Works of, 309
Ireton, Hen. 183

Mason, Geo. Ob. 112
Jackson, Wm. of Exeter, memoir of, Wm. his Elegy, 86

Masson, Franc. Ob. 112
Jealoufy, the Blazon of, 403

Mayer, John, his Treasury of Ecclefiafo
Jerusalem, the Siege and Conquest of, tical Expositions, 213

by Caxton, account of, 124; a Mazarine, 3
favourite book with our old warriors, Medal of Mark Anthony, and Cleopatra,

attempt to explain, 326, 331
Joan of Arc, by Southey, 95

Mel Heliconium, by A. Rose, 342
Johnson, Dr. S. character of his taste, Memoirs and Letters, require the exer-

cise of judgment, 3
Jones, Sir Wm. Memoir of, abridged Mennes, Sir John, account of, 398

from Ld. Teignmouth, 161, 289; Michaelis, G. S. 171
Ballad by, 195; arrives at Calcutta, Middleton, Sir Hugh, his New River,
289 ; his death, 294 ; character,

299 ; lines on, 300

Milton, 89


89, 106

133, 191

Mincius, river, 107, 108

Perigrine Pickle, a novel, 81
Mirrour, or Glass of Health, by Moul- Perne, Dr. his character, by Dr. Gabr.
ton, 156

Harvey, 138
More, Sir Tho. 358, 361

Phaer, Mr. tranNator of Virgil, 227,
Morgan, Mjurice, character of, by Dr. 228

Symmons, 178; his Eluy on Shak. Phillips, Edw. 281
speare, it.

Pierrepoint, Col. 184
Moulton, Tho. his Mirrour, or Gliss of Pitt, Wm. too neglectful of the effects
Health, account of; 156 1

of literature, 201
Munfter, Bishop of, 4

Poem, on the figure of a Feudal War.
Mularum Deliciæ, poems, account of,

rior, 97
397; authors, Sir J. Mennes and Poets, modern, memoirs of, 84
Dr. Smith, ib.

Pope, Sir Tho. his life, 87

Alex. 280
Preston, Wm, ob. 336
Prideaux, Dr. epitaph on his son, 402

Prevoft, Abbe, 121
Narcissus, a poem by Ja. Shirley, 380 ; Proctor, Joh. his History of Wyat's
specimens of, 381

Rebellion, account of, 389
Nah, T. his ridicule of Stanyhurft, Promos and Caffandra, by Whetstone,

Newcalle, Earl of, his character, 54, Prynn, Wm. 142

Purchas's Pilgrimage, an account of,
Nix, Geo. 161

115; character of, 118; account of
Notices of Marlow, Lodge, and Peele,

the author, 119
by R. Greene, 43
Nottingham Caitle, 184
Novels of Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Rada

cliff, 104
Nugæ Antiquæ by Park, 11

Radcliffe, Mrs. 103
Rainsford, Mrs. 161
Rebellion against Charles I. reflections

on, 50, 51, 52

Recuyell of the Historys of Troy, by
Ol ham, Works of, 308

Caxton, account of, 122
Offalye, Baron of, 360

Reed, Ifaac, ob. 112
Orleans, Duke of, 144

Resurrection rescued from calumny, 18
Orme, Rob. letter to, 170

Reviczki, Imperial Minister; 165
Ormond, Ja. Earl of, 358

Reynolds, Sir Jof. 276, 277
Otterley, Co. Midd. 368

Richlieu, 3
Otway, Tho. 70, 76

Ridley, Dr. Glocefter, Memoir of, 192
Owthorpe, Co. Norts. 185

Riots, on the suppresiion of, 174
Robinson, Rd, his Reward of Wicked.

ness, &c. account of the contents of,


his Dial of Daily Con.
Palmer, Sam. his moral essays, on templation, 241
Proverbs, 215

Roffe, Alex. his Mel Heliconium, 2-
Paradise of Dainty Devises, extracts

count of, 342; titles of his works,
from, 26; character of that collec-

343; specimen, 344

Alex. of Lochlee, 253
Parker, Abp. his Bible, account of, 23, Rowe's, Mrs. Joseph, 316
Parnell, Sir J. 162

Rowleian controversy, 90
Paterfon, bibliographer, 369

Rub, and a great cast, by Freeman, 129
Paul's Churchyard, a scarce pamphlet, Ruminator, containing a series of moral
account of, 141

essays, 94, 195, 315, 418
Peasant, his infibility of the charms of Ruth, Friar, a scarce tract, 36

.e, 103
P, (eo. notices of, 44
Pencaston, Miss, notices of, 194


tion, ib.

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Ja. 358

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Spenser, Edm. 280

remarks on, 87; his wild
$t. Asaph, Bishop of, 177

fancy, 89
St. John, Sir John, 56

Ld. 165
Salisburie, Sir John, verses to the me- Stalbridge, Hen. his epiftle exhortatory,
mory of, 128

253 ; specimen of, 254
Sampson, Tho. his Fortune's Fashion, Stanyhurst, Rd. his Translation of Vir.
aceount of, 243; and specimens,

gil, account of, 225, 354, 385.

account of, 364
Sandwich, earl of, his letters, 5
Sandys's travels, account of, 146; and State mysteries, 3
of the author, 147

Stevens, Capt. his Translation of Ma-
Geo. MS. poem, annexed to his

riana's History of Spain, 6
travels, 376

Wm. memoir of, 219
Sandys, Sir Edwin, his Europæ Specu- Stevenson, M. his discourse on hura

lum, account of, 259; and of the bandry, gardening, &c. 211
author, 261

Stoke, co. Surry, 69
Scenery, rural, essay on the effects of, Stranyways, Tho. epigram to, 325

101 ; effay on the different taftes of Suckling, Sir John, ballad on, 401

Virgil and Horace on this point, 106 Sumner, Dr. 162, 167
Scott, Tho. his Four Paradoxes of Arte, Sunderland, Earl of, his letters, s
&c. extracts from, 32

Sussex, Earl of, 273
Scott's Day, an essay on the merits of, Sutton, Rd. 165

Symonds, John, LL.D. oba 336
Seneff, battle of, ;

Systema Agriculturæ, by J.W.211.
Shakespeare, W. 128

allufion to, by R. Greene,
eslay on, by Maurice Mor-

gan, 178
Shelford, co. Notts, 185
Shipley, Miss, 164

Talez, Merry, by Skelton, 125
Shirley, Ja. poems by, an account of, Taplin, Wm. ob. 335

380; specimens of, ib.; his Nar. Tarentum, 109
ciffus, ib.

Tasso, 316
Sidney, Sir P. 11

Temple, Sir W. his letters, 1 ; his cha-
Skelton, his Merry Tales, account of,

racter, 4; Arlington, Ld. his letters,
125; specimens of, ib. 126
Skialetheia, certain epigrams and fatires, Thackeray, Dr. 161

account and specimens of, 137 Thessaly, 108
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte, memoir and Thompson, Capt. Edw, memoir of,

character of, 69; her marriage, 72; 307.
her first publication, 74; her novels, Thomson, Ja. 280
77, 78; her death, 79 ; her charac. Thrace, 108
ter, 103, 105; her sonnets, 291 Thurlow, Secretary, 372

extracts from her post- Tibur, 109
humous poems, 284

Tisdale, Ro. h's Pax Vocis, 217
Smith, Dr. James, account of, 400

Tofte, R. his Blazon of Jealousy, 403
Smyth, Mr. Wm. 336

Tom Jones, a novel, 81
Solis, Antonio de, translated by Town- Tuwle, Tho. ob. 112
send, 22

Townsend, T. translator of A. de Solis,
Songs, Naval, of Capt. Thompson, com-
mended, 310

Turberville, Geo. 218
Sonnets, two, by the editor, 204, 205

mm, epitaph on, 12
Southey, Rt. 282

Turner, Nich, esq. 69
his Joan of Arc, 95
Spain, history of, by Mariana, 6; its

character, ib.
Spain and Portugal, peace between, 4;
treaties between, ;

1, 2


U. V.

Whetstone, Geo. his Hitory of Premos

and Cassandra, 269; account of the
Unwin, Rev. Wm. Cawthorne, his epi- author, 270
taph, 210

-, his Mirrour for Mae
Varchi, his Blazon of Jealousy, by giftrates of Cities, 371; his Enemy
Tofte, 403

to Unthriftiness, ib.; titles of his
Virgil, essay on his taste for rural scenery,

works, 273

his Life of G. Gal-
Vives Ludovicus, Hyrde's tran Nation

coigne, 218
from, 348 ; account of him, 349

his Heptameron of
Voyages, an account of Englida collec- Civil Discourses, accouat of, 337; 2
tions of, 120

specimen of, 339
Whitehead, Paul, works of, 309

- Wm. 91

Whitney, Joh. his Genteel Recreation,

account of, 344; specimen, 345
W. Rev. C. tribute to, 97

Wilford, Mr. his derivation of the same
Walton, Isaac, 222

of Mount Caucasus, 412
Warrior, Feudal, poem on, 97 Willes, Rd 22
War, essay on the consequences of, 94. William III. his letters, 5
Warton, Tho, memoir and character of, Wiverton, co. Notts, 185

85; of a different taste from Dr. Wolbeding, co. Sufl. 76
Johnson, 89; his death, 91; his Wynalade, co. Hants, 275
moral habits, 93 ; criticism, and spe-
cimens of his poems, 274

his Virgil, 248
Way, Gregory Lewis, memoir ofy 310 Yarranton, A. his England's Improve-
Weldon, Sir A. 374

ment, 214, 215
Weston, Jof. ob. 112

- Jof. 280


T. Bensley, Printer,
Bolt Court, Fleet Street, London.


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