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The address to the reader is followed by a deicatdion to King Edward the Sixth, dated " at London, the first of June, 1549."

66 The Canticles” are divided into eight chapters, each of which is separated into many distinct “ ballades." * These consist first of the text, then the argument of that portion which constitutes the Song, and lastly we have the Song itself. Of these we select one from chap. 4. no. 33.

« The Texte. “Ohowe fayer are thy brestes, my syster, my spouse? they are more pleasaunt then wine, and the smell of thyne oyntmentes passeth al the spices. Thy lippes, O my loue, are a dropping hony combe, milke and hony is vnder thy tongue," &c.t

• The Argument. “ After Christe hath praysed his Spouse for thone of her iyes, and for one of her chaynes, dispraysyng the other (for she hath yet one carnal iye, and doeth sum of her wurkes through hipocrisie) he prayseth the rest of her partes throwly, syngyng before the younglynges.”

“ Christe to hisSpouse. xxxiii.
“How fayre thy dugges, thy charitie is my Spouse,

My syster swete, more fayre they are than wyne;
Thy sauour eke of my gyftes glorious,

Do passe all odours, be they neuer so fine.

In all they amount to 71. + 1 omit transcribing the whole of the original text: it begins at verse 10g and continues to part of v. 16.

DD 4


Thy lyppes, my loue, the hunney combe are lyke,

From whiche my prayşe doeth drop al men among: My scriptures eke, that are not muche ynlyke

Hunney and mylke, doe vnder lye thy toung;
Thy garmentes gay, my merites, whiche thou hast,

Do sayour swete, lyke the mount Libanas.
My Spouse, thou art an orchard locked fast

Of pleasaunt trees, my elect most bounteous,

The planted trees and frutes whịche grow in thee,

Of pomegranates are lyke a paradise,
Beset about with fruites that pleasaunt bee,

Of cumly heygth that spryng in goodly wyse.

In thee doeth grow spykenarde and calamus,

With saffron, camphor, and swete cypres,
And all the trees that grow in Libanus:

$wete cynamome, strong myrrhe and aloca;

With all hote spices aromatical,

Those are the elect and faythfull that doc dwell
In thee my church, in office seueral :

Who all through fayth, excedyng swete do smd.

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And thoạ my Spouse of gardeyņs art a wel,

Thy dewie fayth doth moysten tuery coost:
Thou art also a poole the whiche doeth wel

Vp !yuely springes, from opt the holy goost.

With these thy streames, whiche calmly take their course

From Libanus, my wurde that mountayne clere, Thou wateiest the gardens fine or course

Of all good folke, that in thy waye appere.

A verse here onnitted.

Vp North Wynde vp, vp tribulacion,

Cum blast my gardeyn, that I may it trye: Cum south wynde eke, cum consolacion

And cherysh it, least sum part hap to dye. That whyle ye two vpon my churche do blow, The fragrant sinell of truth may from her flow."

The work concludes with one page containing “The interpretacion of the Hebrue wurdes.” And

“Blessyng, honor, glory, and power,
Be ynto God, for euer and euer.



ART. XIX, Extract from a Manuscript of Dr. Simon


The following transcript, which cannot but be allowed of a curious if not interesting nature, considering the publicity of the character from whom it proceeds, may not be unacceptable to the readers of CENSURA LiteRARIA. It is taken from a manuscript in the hand. writing of the celebrated doctor Simon Forman, whose base conduct with Mistress Turner in the affair relative to the depraved although beautiful Countess of Essex, is too well known to be here repeated. * The manuscript was discovered prefixed to a volume of very old and valuable tracts formerly in Dr. Forman's possession, to which he has added a vast number of notes :

• For a very satisfactory account of this shameful, or rather shameless transaction, sec Brydges': Memoirs of Peers, Vol. I. pp. 96, 97, et seg.


it is here copied literally, and should the perusal provę interesting, the trouble of deciphering will be amply repaid to the person who now communicates it.

Of Lucifer's creation, and of the wordle's creation.

“ Lucifer was the first angel that God created, and was created by the Father the first person in Trinity, and was an angel moste brighte, and gloriouse; and wente before all other, and was the greateste among them, and was created before this wordelie the termo of 5004 yers.

“ Lucifer staid in glory, before he fell, the space of 500 years.

“ He fell before the creation of this wordle 4504

yeres, and

“ He and his compani remayned in the darknes of chaos included in the mundo intelligibili 2004.

66 And after they had bin included in that perpetuall darknes of chaos aforsaid the space of 2004 yers, then the Lord created the celestialle wordle, and out of the besie and suprem matter of the chaos he drue out and made the prima mobile, the watri firmamente, the christallen hcauen, the

* and all the fixed stars, and orbes, and all the plannets in order as they

And included them into a leess rom for their prid and arrogancy. And ther they remained 1800 years more in that darknes, before the Lord created the bunn or mone, and made them to giue lighte over all


• Aster much trouble and fruitless endeavour, I am compelled to pass over two words he e, which I can by no means discoveri The whole is written very unintelligibly.


the wordle, or yt the Lord seperated the carth and the waters; for yt is said, that darknes was over the face of the whole earth, and this darknes remained after the heauens were created the space I say of 1800 yers. And the Lord made the sonn 10 governe the dai, and the mone and the stars to governe the night. And then the earth he saith was void and empty: That ther was nether tre nor herbe nor any thing ells theron; for yt was naked and bare, and the Lord bad the earth bring forth trees, herbes, and grasse, and all things necessary. And then he created beastes, fish, foulle, wormes, and divers other thinges, and put them on the earth, and in the ayer and waters.

And this was done 200 yers before Adam was created. For the bides, the beastes, the fish, the foulle, ye wormes and every thing on the earth, or in the earth necessary for man, were mad and created 200 yers before man was created, and the breath of lyfe put into him.

“ The beauens were created before Adam 2000 yeres.

“The beasts, birds, and all other things were created 200 yers

before Adam. “ Yt is from the tyme of the creation of Lucifer ynto the year of Christ 1593, the 4 of May 15541 yers.

« Lucifer staid in glory 500 yers.

" He fell before the creation of the heauens or prima mobile 4594 yers.

“The heauens, as the prima mobile, watri firmament and christalen beaue, were created before Adam 2000 yers

“ From the creation of Adam vnto this day, viz. the first of October, 1593, are 8537 years and almoste 6 months, for yt was created in Aprill as yt seams."


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