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By procuring for her
Many signal marks of grace and honour

From their Majesties. *

No. III.

Intended + Epitaph at Kingston, near Canterbury.

Rev. Gul. Dejovas Byrche, A.M.
Ævi, in quo vixit, decus et ornamentum; $
Suavitatis indolis, candoris, ac benevolentiæ,

omnibus exemplar.
Linguarum tam hodiernarum, quam anti-

quarum scientia,

paucis cessit,
rebus mathematicis, ac pietate non ficta,

Corporis infirmi diu incola,
carceris tandem impatiens,
Cælum versus avolavit

die Martis 70, ætatis 62,

Salutis 1792
Ad memoriam tam chari capitis conservandam,
Elizabetha-illius vidua mærens,


Gent. Mag. Vul. lxvi. p. 807. + This seems to me preferable to the epitaph which has since been placed on Ms. Byrche's monument in the above church.

1 Gent. Mag. Vol. lxii. p. 411. f These words are a little extravagant ; as Mr. Byrche, from diffidence, or some other cause, 'never exhibited either his learning or his talents to the public, which is much to be lamented, since they were undoubtedly of a very high kind: and nothing could exceed the goodness'of his heart and disposition. VOL. IV. 2


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Here lie the remains
of the Rev. James Hervey, A. M.
late rector of this parish;

that very pious man,
and much-admired author ! :

who died Dec. 25th, 1758,

in the 45th year of his age.
Reader, expect no more; to make him known
Vain the fond elegy and figur'd stone:
A name more lasting shall his writings give;
There view display'd his heavenly soul, and live. $

The husband of Cowper's Mary, and father to his correspondents the Rev. W. Unwin.

+ Gent. Mag. Vol. Ixiii. p. 217.
| Autbor of “Meditations among the Tombs," &c.
§ Gent. Mag. Vol. Ixvi. p. 488.


Art. XXVI. Billiographical Catalogue. List of Authors on Gardening, &c. By the Rev. J. S. Clarke.

[CONTINUED FROM VOL. 11t. P. 416.)

Art. 1. The twelve Moneths, or, a pleasant and profitalle discourse of every action, whether of labour or recreation, proper to each particular Moneth, branched into directions relating to Husbandry, as Plowing, Sowing, Gardening, Planting, Transplanting, Plashing of Fences, felling of Timter, ordering of Cattle and Bees, and of Malt, &c. As also of Recreations, as Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Fowling, Coursing, Cockfighting. To which likewise is added a necessary advice touching Physick, when it may, and when not be taken. Lastly, every Moneth is shut up with an Epigrame. With the Fairs of every Month. By M. Stevenson. inidia solstitia, atque hiemes orate serenas.Virg. (With Plates to each Month; small quarto.) London. Printed by M. S. for Thomas Jenner, and are to be sold at his shop, at the south entrance of the Royal Exchange, 1661.

" Hu

Art. 2. Systema Agriculture; the Mystery of Huslandry discovered. Treating of the several new and most advantageous Ways of Tilling, Planting, Sowing, Manuring, Ordering, Improving of all sorts of Gardens, Orchards, Meadou's, Pastures, Corn Lands, Woods and Coppices. As also of Fruits, Corn, Grain, Pulse, Neu Hays, Cattle, Fowl Beasts, Becs, Silk-Worms, Fish, &c. With an account of the seve. ral Instruments and Engines used in this Profession. To which is added Kalendarium Rusticum : or the Husland. man's Monthly Directions. Also the Prognosticks of Dearth, Scarcity, Plenty, Sickness, Heat, Cold, Trost, Snow, Rain, Hail, Thunder, &c. and Dictionarium Rusticum : or the Interpretation of Rustick Terms. The whole work leing of P 2


great use and advantage to all that delight in that most nolle Practise. The fourth Edition carefully corrected and amended, with one whole seclion added, and many large and useful additions throughout the whole work. By J. W. Gent.

"O fortunatos nimium, sua si bona norint, Agricolas." VIRGIL. London printed, and are to be sold by John Taylor, at the Ship in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1698.

(On the frontispiece,) Printed for Tho. Dring at the corner of Chancery Lane in Fleet Street, in 1681, folio.

Art. 3. An Appendix to the new Improvements of Planting and Gardening, illustrated with Copper Plates. By R. Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Carbridge, and F.R.S. London. Printed for W. Mears, at the Laml, without Temple Bar. 1726. Dedicated to Knot Ward, Esq. Clarencieux King at Arms.

Art. 4. The Riches of a Hop Garden erplained, by the Same. London. Printed for Charles Davis in Paternoster. Row, and Thomas Green at Charing Cross. 1729.

In this curious little pamphlet Mr. B. observes" I am of the opinion with a curious Kentish Gentleman, that if we were to prepare and order the hop-binds as we do bemp, they would make excellent cordage." (Page 92.)

Art. 5. The Compleat Seedsman's Monthly Calendar. Shewing the best and most easy method for raising and cultivating every sort of Seed belonging to a kitchen and Flower Garden. With necessary Instructions for sowing of terries, mast, and seeds, of Evergreens, Forest-Trees, and such as are proper for improving of Land. Written at the command of a person of Honour. By the Same. London. Printed for W. Mears, at his Warehouse at the Lamb on Ludgete Hill. 1738.




Art. 6. A Treasury of Ecclesiasticall Expositions, upon the difficult and doubtfull places of the Scriptures, collected out of the lest esteemed Interpreters, both auncient and moderne, together with the author's judgement, and various observations. Conteining 270 Texts, throughout the Gospels of Mathew, Marke, Luke, and John, and the Acts of the Apostles. The very pith, and choicest streines of many bookes in one, and a fully satisfying resolution of above a thousand Questions in solid Diuinitie. The next page sheweth the names of the Writers, whose erpositions follow in this Booke. By John Mayer, B.D. London. Printed ly J. D. for John Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shop at the Two Greyhounds in Corne-hill, neere the Royall Exchange. 1622.

Art. 7. AENAPOAOTIA. Dodona's Grove, or the Vocall Forest. The third Edition more exact and perfect than the former; with the addition of two other Tracts; viz. Parables reflecting upon the Times. And England's Tears for the present Warres. *

By J. H.7 Esquire. Printed in the Yeare 1645.

Some of the reflections in this little volume have considerable merit. For politicall bodies, as well as naturall, have their degrees of age, declinings, and periods; which I cannot so properly tearm periods, as successions, or vicissitudes. Commonweals have often turned to kingdomes, and realms have been cut out into republicks; the ruine of one, being still the raysing of the other; as one foot cannot be lifted up, till the other be down: witnesse those foure mighty monarchies, which were as spokes upon Fortune's

Sec before Vol. III. p. 65.

† viz. James Howell, Esq.


P 3

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