The Select Letters of Major Jack Downing [pseud.]: Of the Downingville Militia, Away Down East, in the State of Maine

publisher, 1834 - 212 Seiten

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Seite 3 - DEAR COUSIN EPHRAIM: — I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well, hoping these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing. When I come down to Portland I didn't think o' staying more than three or four days, if I could sell my load of ax handles, and mother's cheese, and cousin Nabby's bundle of footings; but when I got here I found Uncle Nat was gone a freighting down to Quoddy, and...
Seite 55 - That a tax on old bachelors' pates should be laid ; And, in order to make them all willing to marry, The tax was as large as a man could well carry. The bachelors grumbled, and said...
Seite 56 - In short, at a highly extravagant price, The bachelors all were sold off in a trice ; And forty old maidens, some younger, some older, Each lugged an old bachelor home on her shoulder.
Seite 5 - But, notwithstanding all this, when they came to vote, they got three or four majority that he should'nt have a seat. And I thought it a needless piece of cruelty, for they wan't crowded, and there was a number of seats empty. But they would have it so, and the poor man had to go and stand up in the lobby. Then they disputed awhile about a Mr. Fowler's having a seat. Some said he shouldn't...
Seite 127 - ... em as they come along. And at last he got so beat out, he couldn't only wrinkle his forward and wink. Then I kind of stood behind him and reached my arm round under his, and shook for him for about a half an hour as tight as I could spring. Then we concluded it was best to adjourn for to-day.
Seite 4 - I've been here now a whole fortnight, and if I could tell ye one half I've seen, I guess you'd stare worse than if you'd seen a catamount. I've been to meeting, and to the museum, and to both Legislaters, the one they call the House, and the one they call the Sinnet.
Seite 55 - And presently all the old maids in the town Each in her very best bonnet and gown, From thirty to sixty, fair, plain, red and pale, Of every description, all flocked to the sale. The auctioneer then in...
Seite 8 - I'll give you my watch and five dollars ; says I, it's done ! He gave me the five dollars, and I gave him my watch. Now, says I, give me your watch; and, says he, with a loud laugh, I han't got none, and that kind a turned the laugh on me.
Seite 8 - Boston with the ax handles, we all thought best to try our luck there. Nothing happened worth mentioning on the road, nor till next morning after I got here and put up in Elm street. I then got off my watch pretty curiously, as you shall be informed. I was down in the...
Seite 2 - He told me that he had so good spies, that he hath had the keys taken out of De Witt's pocket when he was a-bed, and his closet opened and papers brought to him and left in his hands for an hour, and carried back and laid in the place again, and keys put into his pocket again.

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