Year-book of Pharmacy

J. & A. Churchill, 1877
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

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Seite 547 - ... manufacture of it and the residual oil I have described, on a commercial scale, I have devoted a great deal of time to the study of those conditions which are calculated to lead to the most desirable results. In this attempt I have received much help from Mr. J. Brown, FCS, which 1 have the pleasure to acknowledge.
Seite 191 - When the fluid begins to drop from the percolator, close the lower orifice with a cork, and having closely covered the percolator to prevent evaporation, set it aside in a moderately warm place for four days. The cork is then to be removed...
Seite 157 - The whole plant, at this season, flowers and leaves, is resinous and viscid. When it grows in dry hills it is stiff and rigid, with narrow thin leaves ; but in damp localities it is more robust and succulent, with wide fleshy leaves. May and June are the months in which the grindelia should be gathered for use, as at that time the plant abounds most in the balsamic and resinous juice in which its medicinal properties reside...
Seite 515 - A large number of other derivatives from opianic acid have also been obtained ; some of these were previously known, and have been re-investigated for the purpose of establishing their " structural " relations to one another and to bodies well known as derived from other sources, but not hitherto recognized as being in any way connected with any of the natural alkaloids. (For the details of these experiments the reader is referred to the Ghem.
Seite 642 - With 154 Engravings, and Coloured Plate of Spectra. Crown 8vo, 8s. 6d. By the same A uthors.
Seite 273 - ... beyond them, and fixed by means of a bandage; catgut was used to tie any vessels requiring ligature. " In those cases where the edges of the wound could not be accurately brought together, Dr. Bose put in catgut sutures, and then filled the spaces between the edges with the salicylic solution, by means of a small syringe, and applied the wadding over all. The greater number of the cases thus treated healed by first intention, without the formation of a drop of pus. Dr. Bose concludes his paper...
Seite 363 - The mixture may be used at once, after the glue is melted and the glycerin and carbolic acid are added, but when time allows, it is advisable to get rid of a little more of the water, until the proper point is reached. On cooling, this mixture hardens to an elastic mass, covered with a shining parchment-like skin, and may be kept for any time. When using it, it is placed for a few minutes on the water-bath until sufficiently liquid for application (it should be quite fluid). Should it at any time...
Seite 31 - To 37 grams of carbonate of lithium suspended in 200 grams of distilled water 80 grams of bromine are added. A current of sulphuretted hydrogen is then passed through the mixture until the •whole of the bromine has disappeared. Hydro-bromic acid is thus formed, which decomposes the carbonate of lithium, bromide of lithium being produced and sulphur set free. The mixture is then gently heated to drive off the excess of sulphuretted hydrogen and to agglutinate the sulphur. After filtration the liquor...
Seite 234 - These are the following. The chewing of cuca removes extreme fatigue, and prevents it. Hunger and thirst are suspended ; but eventually appetite and digestion are unaffected. No injury whatever is sustained at the time or subsequently in occasional trials ; but I can say nothing of what may or may not happen if it be used habitually.
Seite 185 - The umbels are on short stalks, with ten to thirteen umbellules. The stem, on being wounded, exudes a milky sap, which at first has the exact flavour of angelica, afterwards leaving a bitter taste. The resin of the root does not fully develop its musky smell until after contact with water. It is hoped that seeds may be perfected, and a stock raised for distribution; therefore the treatment accorded to this plant may be of interest. The...

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